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My Jubilee Year
Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing holiday season. Whether you spent quality time with family, took a much needed vacation, or decided to go it alone, I pray you had a restful and satisfying holiday. 
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Last month I told you about my new Kindle Vella series, Jubilee. I didn't intentionally name the story Jubilee to coincide with this year, but as it turn out this is my personal Jubilee year.  

In the Bible, The year of Jubilee was every fifty years. Leviticus 25 tells us all about the year of Jubilee. Verse 10 reminds us to "Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there." If the Lord is willing, I'll turn 50 this year. Freedom!  

Having said that, my #oneword for this year is CHOICE. Let me tell you a story... 

When I was in my coaching certification program at ILCT, I told my professor that I value money. She immediately pushed back on me. Nobody who values money would have made some of the decisions I've made in my life. I took a $50,000 pay cut when I left pharmacy practice to work in the pharmaceutical industry. After years in the industry, I left a $200K position to write and tour with Par for the Curse. When I didn't become a literary rock star, I went back to work. A few years later I walked away from almost twice as much to pursue my purpose and start The Kamryn Adams Company. 

This is the benefit of personal coaching. It allows you to examine who you really are and helps you define yourself and your values. It was obvious to my instructor and everyone in my class that I did not value money. It was obvious to everyone but me. what did I value? I had to dig deeper. That's when I discovered a value buried inside of me. 

It wasn't the money. What I truly value is the choice that money often provides. It was an exciting revelation. Here's the problem... this is why I did not recognize the value I placed on my choices. Children who experience trauma at young ages often find themselves void of choice in their adult lives. As children life is thrust upon us. When that life presents inescapable pain, it often translates into an adult perception that you have few or no choices. This is just not true. 

Choice is powerful when it is born from inside of you...when it is born from the desires God has placed in your heart. We cannot make choices to simply avoid pain or to seek pleasure. That is not true choice. The choices we make must be spirit-led, faith-filled, and strong enough to overcome our fear. God has given us the entire world to experience, and we limit our choices to the people and places right in front of us. 

I plan to make active choices this year. It will take courage and bravery. It will take prayer and meditation. I will ask myself over and over again "What do you want?" without writing a dissertation to defend my choice. It's my choice. By definition, it does not require defending.

I'm grateful that you are with me on this journey. Some of you have been here since my year of "Courage" back in 2016. Others joined in my 2020 year of "Release"  or last years's "Grace." I appreciate you. Thank you for hanging with me as I walk this thing out for the glory of God and the good of others. 

So, let me tell you about my first big choice of the year...

 While I love coaching people to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, I have chosen not to take individual coaching clients in 2022. Instead, I am partnering with the powerful, dynamic, execution strategist, Reverend Kimberly L. Williams of FLOW Coaching. 

While I focus more on content creation and touring events, you are in great hands with Coach Kimberly. This woman of God is everything Shine TYC. She is authentic, smart, bold, and courageous. She will help you reach your goals this year. I know how good she is because she is my personal coach. That's right! Every great coach has a coach. The Illustrious KLW is mine...and now she can be yours, too. 

Click the link or logo to visit her site and book your session today. 

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