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My People Problems
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It's February, the month for love. Without a doubt the command to "love everyone" is tough. When we say "I love you" what we often mean is "I love how you make me feel."  When that feeling goes away, many relationships fail. The world would be full of love except...people. Everything I need to know about people (and myself) I learned from Genesis 3.  That's the focus of this month's newsletter. 
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Thank you to everyone who participated in the VISIONING KICK-OFF.  The 90-minute group coaching sessions were fun for me and helped over fifty attendees develop clarity, focus, and understanding around their 2022 goals. I'm delighted to coach visioning and purpose. If you need a little help creating a vision, vision board, or accountability for achieving your goals, BOOK A SESSION when you're ready.
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What Genesis 3 Taught Me about People
The 3rd chapter of Genesis details the "fall of man" — the situation that put us in the current situation. As I read through the chapter I was amazed at how much of Adam's and Eve's behavior mimics so much of my own human tendency.  #dontjudgeme  I learned a lot about people in Genesis 3. Here are just a few things: 

1. We talk too much to prove ourselves 
Satan approaches and asks Eve a question. It's a "yes" or "no" question. Instead of her just answering "No" she blabs about what God has instructed, giving the serpent the ammunition to continue the conversation. Sometimes, you just need to let people (and snakes) be wrong about what they believe. Particularly when it involves the vision and instruction God has given you for your life. Resist the need to prove what you know. 

2. We lack confidence in God when we don't hear Him for ourselves 
Eve blabs on to Satan about God's instruction regarding the trees. Because God gave the instruction to Adam (Genesis 2) who apparently told Eve, she wasn't completely confident in what was said. Know what God said and what He didn't say. The more you spent time getting to know God, the more you'll be confident in his great plan for your life. Did God really say he had a plan to prosper and not harm you? YES! That's Jeremiah 29:11. Did God say treat people how they treat you? Nope! That's not in the Bible. 

3. We listen to people who don't know anything 
"The woman was convinced."  (v.6) What?!! How?!!! The serpent convinced Eve that God was wrong...which is ridiculous. Satan wasn't even cool with God. He wasn't there when God gave the instruction for the tree. Why do we listen to people who don't know God and/or are not part of the purpose God has for us? Everybody doesn't get equal say in your life. Some people get no say at all. If what you say to me is not aligned with me...I'm not listening to you...even if I smile and nod. (See point #1) 

4. We believe anything that supports our desire
There's no deception like self-deception. Satan told Eve that if she ate the fruit she would be like God. Guess what? Deception only works if it plays to your desires. If the serpent had said, "Eat the fruit and you'll gain thirty pounds," you think she would have done it? Of course not! People can deceive us when they appeal to our egos, insecurity, and hidden desires. It's important to know what you want AND WHY you want it.

5. We blame others for our failure
When God confronts Adam, he blames Eve. When God addresses Eve, she blames the serpent. Nobody is to blame for our choices. Adam chose to eat the fruit and so did Eve. They could have chosen to obey God...instead, we all need a job and an epidural because they made a bad choice. Who am I to judge? I've made some terrible choices in my life. We always have a choice that leads to something good. Sometimes, we lack the courage to make that tough choice. Oh God! Give us the courage to make the right choice, the tough choice that leads to your very best for us. 

6. We might regret getting what we want
Eve wanted the wisdom that the fruit would give her. She got what she wanted. Yet, she regretted it almost immediately. Has that ever happened to you? Did you pursue something (or someone) that you desperately wanted and then it turned out to be a serious regret in your life. We've all done it. This is the primary reason why I help people understand why they want what they want. Eve wanted wisdom from a place of inadequacy and brokenness. That's never a good place to start. We must examine our desires and line them up with what God desires for us. Otherwise, getting what we want may make things worse.

7.  We hide from God when we mess up
In their shame for disobeying God, Adam and Eve hid from God. But guess what? God comes looking for them. You don't have to hide your stuff from God. He loves you...and he already knows you messed up. That's the time to lean into God, not hide from him. We all make mistakes. 

The Good News is that God had a plan to help people overcome our imperfection, insecurity, and broken desires. That plan was Jesus. That's right! You may have been tricked into making some bad choices, but Jesus has given you the right to be whole and the power to make better choices in the future.

To God be the glory! 
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