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"When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things." - 1 Corinthians 13:11
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"I'm grown!"

Just as winter and summer present as unique seasons, I had a deep desire for my new season, the one I call "midlife," to look drastically different than the previous season. I've traded in carpools and brunch with friends for red-eye flights and breakfast with producers and directors. It looks different. Days like today, I get to slap on my sunscreen and work from the beach boardwalk. Life has changed. So have I.

Just as my relationship with my sons has changed, my relationship with God has changed as well. I'm learning to love and respect my children as adults. I'm flexing and growing as a mother. Likewise, I'm a different daughter to God in this season. "I'm grown." 

While being "grown" comes with more perks and privileges, it also comes with more responsibility. It means getting rid of the excuses of old. No more "the dog at my homework". It's time to be accountable for my actions. How I honor my Father and my family (the body of Christ) in this season demands something different than before.  

I'm the Praying Gogo Now. While I've lived a lot of my life by the prayers of generations before me, it's my turn to pray the future. The future of my great-grandchildren rests in my morning prayer. The future of this nation rests in my afternoon time with God. "I'm grown" and the future is being shaped by how much wisdom, love, clarity, and kindness I can give to the next generation. 

It doesn't just happen. Embracing the new season of my life was an active choice. It's took focus, clarity, discipline, AND ACTION.  I was intentional about changing the people, places, and things around me. I spent a ton of time with God asking "What next?" and then moving on His command. #thatpart So in addition to praying about things, I act in ways that align with the future I want for myself, my family, and the world. I'm burdened by the homeless crisis in Los Angeles county so I pray and partner with Everyone In LA to do something about it.  I want y'all to #readyourbible so I resource THE BIBLE PROJECT in addition to posting lashes and love on my IG feed. 

I spend my money differently. I spend my time differently. I use my voice differently. I'm grown! 
SALT AND LIGHT in Kentucky

In the spirit of new things, I'm doing "in-person" events again.  As the keynote speaker, I'll be talking about my book TOYI ELIZABETH in the context of being salt and light in the world.  It's a one-day event  with fantastic workshops and worship. 

We're going to shake it out and light it up. I hope to see you there! 

Click here to register.

Welcome to Midlife!

I recently sat down with award-winning producer, Lisa Steadman to discuss how I'm navigating my new season. It was fun. Click to listen. 
Former pharmacist-turned-screenwriter Toyi Elizabeth is chasing big dreams at 50 with no signs of stopping. Find out how she's navigating midlife as an empty nester, soon-to-be grandma, and passionate bicoastal storyteller. Her vision and purpose are infectious... and I hope you leave the conversation feeling more on fire and deeply inspired. 
Have you read TOYI ELIZABETH? 

TOYI ELIZABETH is the story I was born to write. Now that I've written it, I get to create stories I live to write. But, without question, it was the most difficult story I've ever written. It's a fictional memoir based on my life story. The people are characters and the details are creatively woven to protect the privacy of people I love, but the events are true. The pain is real and so is the grace and forgiveness. 

If you've read it, please leave a rating or review on Amazon because it helps others find the story. If you haven't read it, I pray it brings peace, restoration, reconciliation, and healing into your life. 

Buy it on Amazon.
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