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Have you ever been so driven that you didn't stop for air?  For a week?  How about a month?  Well, for Zen we have been burning the midnight oil for a few months now.  And we have loved every minute of it!  Heck, we even have our own Zen and Indigo Moon t-shirts now.  Wait... What is Indigo Moon?  Read on dear friend and learn about all those minutes, hours, days, weeks and months we spent developing the shop based on your feedback and direction!  We love each of you.  Come by the new expanded Zen/Moon shop and we are sure you will see what we mean! 

How we grew.

Well, we seized the opportunity to grow beyond the little sunroom of Mineral Springs.  Knocked out the wall between our old shop and the storefront on Broadway.  About tripled our size.  And the growth let us really expand our inventory.  If you have been following us on Facebook, you have seen all the new items we stock.  If not, click on that button just below here and check it out!

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What is next for Zen?
Donna named the clothing shop Indigo Moon.  The vibe in the shop is totally bohemian.  You are going to find long flowing dresses, tie-dye everything, hemp clothing and accessories, and t-shirts.  Tons of t-shirts.  Nothing touristy though... our t-shirts all reflect our consciousness of the environment, respect for others, and our deeply held pursuit of the tenets of coexist.  Sounds like a Coke commercial, huh?  Well, come see for yourself... we promise you won't be disappointed.

Oh... one other thing.  When you come into the shop, even if it is just to take in the amazing aroma of incense, be star-struck by all the bright colors, window shop the jewelry or intuitive devices, or just groove in the Zen vibe we enjoy everyday in this historic building... say hello.  Introduce yourself.  We want to listen and learn from you.  We would love to post information about your business on our community board!  And the Zen crew -- Donna, Dave, Karly, Rachel and Willie Nelson -- want to get to know you!  Namaste!
Our Partners and Friends.
We learned a long time ago that any success we might enjoy in life comes as much from lifting others up as it does from your own hard work.  It is a balance.  And we are really happy to share that balance comes from the support of amazing partners:  Janet from Mineral Springs Haunted Tours who initiated us with the spirits of Mineral Springs, Coyote Chris Sutton for just always being there to support us, Janet #2 from River Bend Yoga who sponsors Full Moon Yoga with Sam, Wayne from the In-Zone Barber Shop for just being an awesome neighbor, and George from Spirits of Rhythm who helps us keep the beat going at every drum circle.  And a special thank you to all the artists whose work we humbly host in Zen... look for a special ad in the Alton Telegraph soon showcasing all our artists.  And then there is Dan.  The Mayor of Mineral Springs.  Thanks for everything you have done to support and encourage our growth!
For September, we are offering eight different events -- some old and some new.  New offerings, such as Painting, Herbalism 101, Casting Runes and Fairy school, match up nicely to our old standards of Tarot class, drum circles, and Full Moon Yoga.  We will always strive to offer you fresh concepts for learning and personal growth!  And we will always have the largest selection of merchandise in the Metro East!
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