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Dear colleagues, partners & friends, welcome to the Gustolab International newsletter. We would like to share news from the 2017-2018 academic year & updates for the 2018-2019 academic year. If you have questions or want to get involved, get in touch with us.


We are accepting applications for our open enrollment study abroad programs:

SPRING 2019 SEMESTER FOOD CULTURE AND FOOD MEDIA IN ITALY. This four-month full-immersion experience introduces participants to the on-site exploration of the interdisciplinary field of food studies. While staying in nearby apartments, students can take up to five academic courses taught by local professors holding a Ph.D., professionals in the field as well as professional instructors. Students have the option of adding on a month-long academic internship. The courses are complemented by regular excursions into Rome or other areas of Italy. This study program will assist students in identifying & analyzing major components of food culture, cooking, sociology, history, & architecture in Italy. 

SUMMER 2019 SEMESTER CRITICAL STUDIES ON FOOD IN ITALY. This 5-week full-immersion experience allows students to gain up to 9 credits studying in the beautiful city of Rome. The courses offer unique opportunities that include a 3-day excursion to the south of Italy, visits to farms and food businesses, meeting with food producers, and tastings. Students have the opportunity to participate in a 4-week summer academic internship and research experience after the summer program.

All opportunities are open to students from all majors. Scholars, researchers & professionals interested in food studies, food systems, sustainability & related field are also encouraged to inquire. Write to to receive application materials.


SDGS FOR ALL STUDENTS INITIATIVE LAUNCHED. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly for the "Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." They cover issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment, and social justice. SDGs FOR ALL STUDENTS is an initiative launched by Gustolab International in May 2018 to foster dialogue among students, academics, educators, and researchers on the importance of learning about sustainability. We do this through our courses, academic internships, events & communication campaigns.
2018 ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP AND RESEARCH. Our summer 2018 session was a great success! Students hailing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), American University of Beirut, University of Louisville, Walsh University & National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan attended. We appreciate our local partners for giving our students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian organizational culture: Linaria/Mediterranea, OSA Architettura e Paessaggio, Romeo & Giulietta, ICE cRome, Direttoo, Semi Di Libertà Onlus, & Il Miele Buono. Watch the highlights in this short video.
SUMMER 2018 SEMESTER IN JAPAN CONCLUDED. Modeled after our popular program in Rome, the Critical Studies on Food Systems & Sustainability Summer 2018 program in Japan gave students the opportunity to explore the food cultures and systems of contemporary Japan through interdisciplinary, and multisensory learning experiences in the city of Osaka “the food capital of Japan”. It was hosted by Osaka Shoin Women’s University, one of the first liberal arts women’s colleges established in Osaka and now running the nation’s first food studies program since 2015. Thanks to Professors Aiko Tanaka, Greg de St. Maurice, Shingo Hamada, and all the local partners that made it a great success. Interested in talking to us about programs in Asia?  Contact us at


University Programs
Hobart and William Smith (HWS) Colleges
  • Fall 2017 Creativity, diversity & Rome as a food sustainable system.
  • Spring 2018 History of Art, Photography & Sustainable Food Systems.
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
  • Fall 2017 Sustainability & Food Systems
  • Spring 2018 Food and Culture & Food and Media
  • Summer 2018 Critical Studies on Food & Wine
  • Summer 2018 Academic Internship & Research
University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst)
  • Summer 2018 Critical Studies on Food in Italy
GLi Open Programs
  • Summer 2018 Critical Studies on Food in Italy
  • Summer 2018 in Japan Food Systems & Sustainability
  • Summer 2018 Academic Internship & Research
Custom Programs
  • Spring Break 2018 UIUC for Honors students Food Cultures in Rome
  • Spring Break 2018 UIUC for Business students Food Marketing & Business
  • Summer 2018 Auburn University Mediterranean Diet in Rome & Sicily
  • Summer 2018 University of Maryland Food Writing
Stay tuned for updates about our 2018-2019 academic year!


7th International Conference on Food Studies in Rome (October 2017). The International Conference on Food Studies provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of agricultural, environmental, nutritional, social, economic, and cultural perspectives on food. The 2017 edition was hosted by Gustolab International in collaboration with Roma Tre.  The Special Focus theme was Food Systems - Design & Innovation.
SDGS for all Majors in Rome (May 2018). We brought together students & professors from various departments &  universities for an interactive event 'SDGs For All Majors' with the aim to promote dialogue regarding the SDGs & sustainability among different disciplines. The results will be summarized in a publication that we will share with our networks later this year. The event was part of the Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile, European Sustainable Development Week & CEREALIA La Festa dei Cereali programmes.
Design thinking workshop in Urbana, Illinois (March 2018). Our director led the workshop 'A Design Thinking Approach to Food Insecurity' at the Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH) Leaders Forum and 14th Annual Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) summit  “Unlocking the Power of PUSH”
Academic Internship Symposium in Rome (July 2018). Students presented their work & research on New food business & product development; Sustainable Architecture; Culinary arts; Local food system & community engagement; Food Science & Gelato; Data analysis for a food delivery start-up; Brewery; Apiculture: Food Waste & circular food economies. Thanks to our partners!


1st International Conference on Food Design and Food Studies: Experiencing Food, Designing Dialogues in Lisbon, Portugal (October 2017). Our director gave a keynote lecture entitled 'Food System Design: new critical and creative mindsets for food experts'. The central focus of the conference was Food & interdisciplinary research. Browse the publication or visit the conference website.

Quinto Encuentro Latinoamericano de Food Design in Buenos Aires, Argentina (October 2017). Our director presented on 'Food design: making sustainable behavior easy' at the conference organized by Red Latinoamericana de Food Design. Browse the publication.
8th International Forum on Food & Nutrition of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation in Milan, Italy (December 2017).
The conference covered issues such as the Food Sustainability Index, Climate Change & Migration, Food & Migration and how to change our Food systems. Gustolab International staff with UIUC students Abigail Hageman and Vincenzo Gudino, and Walsh University student Annie Shvach attended the Forum and participated in the Youth Partnerships for the SDGs workshop as delegates of UFWH. 

Italian delegation in Tel Aviv, Israel (May 2018). Thanks to the invitation of Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we were part of the Italian delegation for a three-day round of events
that highlighted Israeli innovation in the food and agriculture industries and included FoodTech FastTrack Tel Aviv by Startupbootcamp FoodTech; FoodTech IL 2018 and Agritech 2018.

Hack Waste Rome (May 2018). Gustolab International was a local partner in this hackathon focused on finding solutions against food waste. Our students were divided into small teams and worked alongside local startups and businesses to present new ideas. Our staff also had the opportunity to introduce our activities to the local network. See interview.

The Agroecological Prospect: The Politics of Integrating Values, Food, and Farming conference in Madison, Wisconsin (June 2018).  Gustolab International organized the roundtable ‘Studying, Teaching and Doing Research on Food Studies Abroad’ at the conference. Additionally, our director presented at the ‘Design and Food Studies: Teaching, Thinking, Doing’ roundtable. The conference was held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems and jointly hosted by the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society and the Association for the Study of Food and Society. Browse the program.


In July 2017, Gustolab International signed the PRESIDENTS UNITED TO SOLVE HUNGER (PUSH) commitment. PUSH is a consortium of universities from around the world that have the collective mission to end hunger and poverty, both locally and globally.
INTRECCI is a hospitality institute ideated by Dominga, Enrica & Marta Cotarella, from their strong family know-how in the enology field & their experience with the Falesco winery. The aim of Intrecci is to educate new professionals with front-of-the-house skills to revolutionize the world of food & wine service.
RISE AGAINST HUNGER (formerly Stop Hunger Now) is driven by the vision of a world without hunger in our lifetime. With program locations in 20 U.S. cities and five international affiliates, Rise Against Hunger coordinates the packaging and distribution of nutrient-rich meals to 37 countries worldwide, providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, meeting immediate nutritional needs today, and empowering strong, resilient communities tomorrow. 
LINARIA Is a nonprofit association based in Italy created with the aim of promoting a new culture of urban sustainable gardens. Experimentation, recycle, self-construction & sharing are the keywords of Linaria’s innovative approach to contemporary urban landscape. Linaria believes in botanical, social & cultural diversity as an important value to be defended and as a resource for the enrichment of city life.


United Nationals (UN) Youth of Helsinki (November 2017). We were happy to host a group of students representing UN Youth of Helsinki, an NGO that aims to actively promote the values of the United Nations. The purpose of their trip was to visit organizations that are specialized in questions related to food production and environmental sustainability.

National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (June 2017). We were happy to welcome a visit from Dr. Heng-an Su, Director, Graduate Institute of Food Culture and Innovation, National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan.

Are you traveling to Rome or Italy soon? Do need resources for your research or would you like to explore partnerships? Do you want to send your students to Rome? Get in touch with us at


“Gustolab was truly such an amazingly unique program than from what I have heard about other summer abroad programs. I loved how intensive and hands on the classes were, taking us out into the city to experience the culture firsthand. All of our food visits and field trips were not the typical tourist attractions and they gave us an opportunity to really see the true culture of Italy as opposed to the Americanized touristy perspectives. My favorite trip was absolutely down to Cilento. I have never seen such a beautiful place in my life and every visit was just so interesting and valuable for my learning. As I have reflected on my experience with Gustolab, I realized how much I have learned in terms of Italian culture and food and it has expanded my interest in different sides of nutrition that I never would have imagined. Food truly is the basis of so many aspects of culture and should be addressed in every major’s curriculum. As a nutrition major, I really don’t learn a lot about the sustainability side of food, it’s really just the science behind our body’s functions and how food impacts our health. In nutrition class, our professor touched upon an important idea pertaining to obesity that I had never thought about which really has changed the way I think about nutrition; basically, those who are obese or carrying extra unhealthy weight are technically contributing to food waste just simply by overeating in excess. We have learned about obesity in great depth and the detrimental factors it has on our personal health/wellbeing, but we never learn how the epidemic also hugely impacts our food systems and environment as a whole. Simple philosophies like this one were introduced throughout the entire trip and they have really shifted my perspectives on the topic of nutrition and allowed me to gain valuable knowledge on the importance of food system and sustainability.” Samantha H., UMass Amherst student, Critical Studies on Food Systems and Sustainability Summer 2018 program Alumni
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