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February edition

SOLACE by Robin Patterson

Security inevitably is found in Solace, 
I value finding that peace of mind.
It brings an escape from the cruel rat race,
A better future they'll help me find!

The staff? Well they're truly great,
But no pushovers will you meet.
Their professionalism I highly rate, 
The world is so bitter but hey are so sweet!

My neighbours? You don't know what you'll find.
Never be judgmental I have found,
The toughest end up being so kind.
Thankfully my friendships do abound.

What has Solace given to me?
A root, a room, friendship and security!
I'm also so grateful for their care,
In truth, I'm so lucky to reside there!
Read more of Robin's poems on our Facebook page

Olivia Unwin from our Musselburgh project has now moved into her own tenancy after a bit of a wait. Last year Olivia visited Borneo with Raleigh International. She recorded an audio blog with us on her return about her journey - she was actually our first ever audio blog! 
She sent us an email and some pictures of her new home Olivia’s hard work, patience and dedication has finally paid off and she is now looking forward to finally getting rabbits!

"Hi guys,
Everything so far is going smoothly.. I've had boiler troubles, my gas stopped working, then I got locked out my flat because the lock was broken, to top it all off the Plummer damaged my new flooring after it being down for less than 2 weeks!
Other than that - I think - I'm coping with adult life. Although it is definitely hard to begin with not having a key worker to help do everything for you haha!
The decor is still a working progress as I still have to wallpaper my bedroom wall but I've attached some photos to show you my progress :-)
Also if you guys have contact with Alan could you let him know the print he gave me has a place on my living room wall."

We wish Olivia (and her rabbits) all the best in her beautiful new home!

2017 sees us fully embrace the outcomes monitoring tool 'Better Futures'. The application was developed by the Housing Support Enabling Unit in partnership with Capita. It was designed to help organisations like us record and monitor the impact of the support we give to individuals. It also lets the individual see their own improvements or areas to work on. To promote the use of this throughout our projects we have asked each project to create a display and a case study which will hopefully put service users at ease about where their detias are recorded. 
Stuart from our Renfrew project very kindly offered to take part and see the benefit of using this system. He said "It helps me see the progress I have made. I feel if I get the chance I can achieve so much."

A Christmas Baby!!! - On Christmas day, I expected to arrive at work and make breakfast for service users before they all went off to their friends and family but things didn’t go quite as I had planned!
I was met by a young person who was waiting on me arriving. We had a chat about her plans for the day and decided we would get breakfast started for everyone. I thought it would be good to make sure they were all awake so started to call the other service users to wish them Merry Christmas, and let them know that we would be starting the cooking. I was surprised when Daniel (Nikita's boyfriend) answered Nikita’s mobile. Sounding agitated, he informed me that Nikita didn’t feel so well and she had been up since 6am with tummy pain. As Nikita was nearly 8 months pregnant, I thought I had better go over to her flat and make sure she was ok. I arrived to find Nikita sitting on the bedroom floor clutching a hot water bottle. Nikita explained she had tummy pain since 6am and that she had taken paracetamol and tried a hot bath but nothing seemed to be helping. I asked her to describe the pain and when she did, I immediately knew she was in labour! Just at that moment, Nikita had (what I explained to her) another contraction! With no time to waste, I asked Daniel to put some items in a bag, and asked Nikita to put on her coat and shoes. I then locked up Nikita’s flat and got her and Daniel into the car. Just at that moment, Nikita had another contraction! I showed her how to breathe through it and blow it away! (from my own experiences 20 years ago!) Reassuring her she would be fine, and checking that Daniel was ok, we headed to the maternity hospital a few miles away.
During our short drive, Nikita had two more contractions and I did worry that her water’s may break in my car! We kept talking all the way, and Nikita was more worried about not getting her Christmas dinner that had been on her mind for the last couple of weeks! 
Arriving at hospital, we were met by nurses who were reassuring to both Nikita and Daniel. After a short while, they took Nikita off to the labour suite.
A few hours later, Hayden Andrew Wilson was born weighing 4lb 7 oz’s!! Nikita did so well and had a natural birth. It was already known that Hayden would be born with his bowel on the outside of his tummy, so he was immediately transferred to the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids in Edinburgh where he was looked after in intensive care and then later had an operation to rectify his bowel. Keeping in contact with Nikita, is was good to know that mum and baby were doing well and lots of support around.

Baby Hayden was discharged from hospital on Monday 16th January 2017 and is doing really well. I was so please to see both of them and of course, hold this wee baby that will be in my mind every Christmas morning! (Clare Bauld, Senior Project Worker)

Nikita pictured with baby Hayden, Daniel and Clare.

We wish this beautiful young family all the best in their new home!

The Renfrew project celebrate their 10th anniversary on friday 17th February. Congratulations on hitting the big 1-0! 
St Mirren FC invited some of our Paisley project to the game on Saturday against Falkirk including one of our young people, 
Kurt Boal (pictured). Unfortunately neither Kurt nor the Paisley Panda brought the team luck but a good day out none the less. Thank you St Mirren FC!
Despite Christina becoming homeless for the first time this year she continued to power through and study hard to complete her current college course at West College Scotland. Christina’s hard work has definitely paid of this week as Christina received her conditional offer go straight into the second year course to study Society, policy and politics at the university of the West of Scotland. Christina was so pleased with this and we had a little party in the project this week to celebrate. Christina inspired a lot of our other service users with her story of where she has come from and what she has been through in life and how hard she has worked to now be offered a place at university. Tonight Christina & I held a workshop in the project to allow other service users to look at different college courses and taster courses, we supported 5 service users to apply for the college courses they were interested in and Christina also spent time going over mock interview questions and answers with the service users at our paisley project.
All staff and service users are extremely proud of Christina and her hard work.  

I am where ever you want me to be Ireland, England, Wales or Scotland.
You can find me and visit me. As I say I am wherever you want me to be.
There is a small row of shops, a tea room, a bakers, a small newsagents and a fish shop
With freshly caught fish, perhaps from the Irish Sea.  As I say I am wherever you want me to be.
Now close your eyes, you can hear albatross, seagulls and the waves crash off a nearby beach.
Open your eyes again and look out the window to the boats in the harbour.
Sometimes there will be rain, maybe even a storm. Tomorrow will always come by the harbour BNB house as you look out the window sitting on a chair. Tomorrow may bring a few clouds after today however the sun will always shine through and the ocean will sparkle like diamonds and there will be a blue sky the rest of the day.

Watch the birds soar in between boats as they try to catch minnows. See the children eating ice cream by the sea with gran and grandad as the sun shines. You can take a walk along the beach or sit on a bench in the sun.
Over the years you can visit me many times.
I will always be here.
Ross Parker (Clydebank)
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