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Epidemiology is a core science of public health. It bridges what other sciences reveal from animal and laboratory studies with the human experience.
Epidemiologists study where diseases arise and what causes them. We do this with a view to informing strategies to maintain and improve the health and well-being of communities worldwide.
The International Joint Policy Committee of the Societies of Epidemiology (IJPC-SE) was founded in 2006. We are the only group that serves as a counterbalance to ideological and moneyed influence in policies impacting health worldwide through an epidemiology lens.

As a global network, we provide epidemiologists with a forum to discuss policy concerns related to the use and misuse of epidemiology. We identify the strategies and processes for shared decision-making among our 22 national and international member organizations across 6 continents. We inform rational, effective, and cost-conscious policies. We provide a unified voice in the world of epidemiology to protect public health.
Think, for example, about the lies and/or disinformation campaigns waged by the tobacco, lead, asbestos, chemical, and fossil fuel industries. Ideological and corporate influences have resulted in terrible damage. The burden of illness and premature death falls on vast numbers of people globally, especially on the most vulnerable.

Our 1st REPORT AND APPEAL TO OUR FOUNDING DONORS was released on November 16, 2017. Highlights from this report reflect on continuing impacts from our 2012 Position Statement on Asbestos. The joint production of a Call for Action on Lead was launched in August 2015. We proudly announced our 2017 published peer-reviewed article on Challenges to the Census. The article confirms that, if the census were undermined, the rational basis for allocating resources would be weakened. An upcoming peer-reviewed article addresses the role of epidemiology in firearm violence prevention. Ongoing topics include “gender equity in the profession,” “conflict-of-interest and disclosure,” “climate change,” “e‑Cigarettes,” and “big data.” Under WHAT’S NEW? on our website, we bring to attention exposés of deceit and suppression of evidence that harm public health.
The center column on the homepage of our website showcases eight powerful endorsements of our mission, some from professionals with years of public health research and service experience, as well as renowned public interest advocates, including a world-famous Welsh actor. Read their motivational words of support!
We need your solidarity to secure our future activities. We are striving to counter ever-growing ideological and moneyed influence in research and attempts to bias policies that impact health. The world needs a group of professionals who keep a watchful eye on the use and misuse of its science. The IJPC-SE is it.

Some entities invest astronomical amounts to influence laws, policies and regulations to support their business interests. Morality and truth seem furthest from their minds when they make business decisions set on maximizing profits. That is why a counterweight is needed when it comes to matters of health in a post-truth/fake news era.

We need your help to continue promoting valid research as a counterweight to junk science, which derails truth, manufactures doubt, and misleads the public and policy-makers.

Our goal is to protect YOUR health, the health of COMMUNITIES, and the health of FUTURE GENERATIONS. Health at work, at home, and in communities is what we strive for.
In anticipation of a good year in 2018 ...
We promote integrity, equity and evidence in policies impacting health.

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