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Vision Therapy is a Gift! 

Vision therapy is a gift that keeps on giving! Vision therapy addresses visual dysfunctions that can hinder the successful completion of everyday tasks, school and work assignments, and the ability to function well under stress. The benefits of vision therapy include:
  1. Improved reading skills and improvement in copying/handwriting ability.
  2. It addresses and helps reading problems such as skipping words, dyslexia, and lack of reading comprehension. 
  3. It provides tools and solutions to specific behavioural problems caused by a visual dysfunction. Vision therapy allows TBI patients to find new ways of coping with stress and helps with delayed visual processing issues.
  4. Improves sports performance by enhancing and strengthens hand-eye coordination, the speed of vision, and peripheral vision reaction time.
  5. Surgery for Strabismus can be avoided with vision therapy. 
  6. Properly devised and administered programs of vision therapy can cause neurological changes that can correct vision problems and improve visual performance.
These are only a few of the benefits of vision therapy, there are many more! Vision therapy training is applicable for everyone and by improving your visual skills, you will ultimately improve your life. Here's all you need to do to give or receive this amazing gift of vision therapy:
  1. Call our office at 905-319-1066 or send us an email at 
  2. Speak to one of our highly trained staff to assist you in booking your assessment. 
  3. Come into the office for your appointment with one of our neuro-optometrists!
It's that easy! Call or email today to give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of Vision Therapy
With all of the hustle and bustle this month, take a time out to rest your eyes, mind, and body. Do this simple meditation to reset yourself. 
Congratulations on graduating from Vision Therapy!
Josee, you did it and we couldn't be more proud of you!
Did you know that there is a Facebook group titled VT Parents Unite? It is a group designed for passionate parents who know the huge benefits that Vision Therapy provides and are passionate about making sure all those who need it, know about it and can access it. We desire to raise the awareness of: the symptoms for proper and timely diagnosis; the benefits of VT in our communities; and the level of knowledge and coverage by insurance companies
VoxxLife Socks and wellness products are now available in our office! Check out the link to our site to find out more about these life-changing products.
Wishing you and your family a Safe and Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas!
Here is an awesome letter from a patient who has graduated from the Vision Therapy program; look at all of the things that he can do! 
In vision therapy, it's important to set goals, remind yourself that you CAN, and stay positive! 
Our office is closed from December 22 to December 26th. We are open regular business hours on December 27th and 28th. We are closed from December 29th to January 2nd. 
May your year be filled with Joy, Peace, and Love.
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