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Is Your Child Struggling with Back to School?

School has officially started! You've gathered their school supplies, readied their backpacks, and have packed their lunches. Do you know the one thing that your child could be missing that is most important to help them succeed?  An efficient visual system!


Pop quiz: What percentage of everything learned in the classroom comes through visual pathways?  85%!

Yearly eye exams are wonderful and are effective in catching vision issues. However, only focusing on acuities doesn't provide the full picture. Just because your child may have 20/20 vision, doesn't mean that their visual system is in prime form! A Vision Therapy Assessment will allow the doctors to assess how the eyes are working together as a team and how the eyes work at close distances while doing desk and computer work. So much of what your child learns is done 20 inches away from their eyes! That's why it's essential to make sure that their visual system is firing on all cylinders. 

Lots of visual skills go into reading, writing, and learning!  Excellent eye teaming, the ability to smoothly track the eyes across the printed page, and the ability to change focus quickly are just to name a few. 

Will poor visual skills really affect my child in school? 
The short answer is YES.

Teaming, tracking, and focusing issues can lead to symptoms that include but are not limited to:
Difficulty reading – skipping words or lines, substituting words
Low reading comprehension
Messy handwriting
Poor concentration 

Additional symptoms can include:
Double vision
Anxiety or angry outbursts or feelings of low self-esteem

Without the basic visual tools, a student may struggle academically.  Homework can be a battle that leaves both the child and parents exhausted!
Children can also be labeled with ADD/ADHD/ASD because of poor visual skills that mimic these challenges. The children are intelligent, but poor visual skills can hold them back from their true potential.  

If your child is has been struggling with school and is not reaching their true potential, vision therapy may be the answer!

Call our office today at 905-319-1066 to schedule visual development training for your child and make this the best school year yet!   
Convergence is the coordinated movement and focus of our two eyes inward. Close work requires us to focus both of our eyes inward on close objects, including books, papers, computer screens, and smart phones. Convergence skills are learned and developed during your child's early years.
Did you know that our neuro-optometrists recommend meditation as a key tool in success? Check out this doctor recommended app called Brainwave 35! 
Did you know that Convergence Insufficiency can make text look double when trying to read? Some people with CI experience a halo effect instead of double vision. 
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