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Will You Remember Seeing This? 

Quick! Without looking what was in the picture above? How many colours do you remember? What about objects? Can you describe what you saw? This was a simple exercise in visual memory! There are two different types of visual memory, short-term, and long-term.  Short-term visual memory is the ability to recall something seen within a very short period of time and with little intrusion or distraction.  Long-term visual memory is the ability to recall something seen a long time ago. If there is a dysfunction of visual memory this can lead to difficulty in the classroom when it comes to reading comprehension and test performance. Visual memory is important because when it's dysfunctional, this leads to difficulty recalling the order of letters, symbols, words or pictures. Visual memory plays a key role in the in your child's overall development and the skills they need to be successful in school. 

Academic Visual Memory Skills

Skill in visual memory in school can assist with:

  • Recognition of letters or numbers
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Spelling or remembering sight words
  • Forming a mental image of a word, like seeing a picture of a pumpkin in their head when they see the word "pumpkin".
  • Executive function, ability to follow directions by visualizing the steps in the process
  • Mathematic processes, particularly geometry and algebra

When a child can't read silently and must say every word out loud, this may indicate a visual memory issue as they are attempting to utilize their auditory skills and memory together in order to make up for their dysfunction of visual memory. Visual memory is faster and more efficient than auditory memory. Visual memory skills are important in everyday use as well!

Everyday Visual Memory Skills

Skill in visual memory that can be useful on a daily basis include:

  • Recalling where you put important objects such as car keys
  • Ability to give directions
  • Remembering to do lists/grocery lists
If you want to improve your or your child's visual memory skills, or if you feel that yourself or your child has a visual memory deficit, book your appointment at Halton Vision Therapy Centre, today! Call 905-319-1066.
Fun Fact! We all wish we had this type of memory! Eidetic memory, also known as photographic memory, is the ability to look at something once or only a couple of times and place precise visual information into the visual memory. Eidetic memory is a form of visual memory. Leonardo da Vinci reportedly had an eidetic memory; he could draw a precise portrait of someone having only met them once. 
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Benton Visual Retention Test

The Benton Visual Retention Test referred to as the 'Benton,' is a commonly-used test for visual memory problems in people aged eight and over. It can be used for testing children that are falling behind in school, or for an adult with a recent head injury needing to be tested for visual memory deficits. 

Visualization exercises help children with reading and writing! Our vision therapy program includes exercises in visualization to help with successful completion of the program. 
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