LeaseNet News: 2016 June

LeaseNet News

2016 June

o New Fast Web Routing
o New Data Facilities
o New Web & Online Services

Ron's TechTip: DNS

LeaseNet has been working around the clock to upgrade our network to bring you premium services.

Including new secondary data facilities and new fast routing to key internet resources.

We also now offer web services including
web design, SEO/SEM, and online marketing services. With special deep discounts for LeaseNet customers.

Read on to learn more...

New Fast Routing

We Just Made Major Internet Sites 60X faster.

At LeaseNet we believe in providing superior data connections for our customers.

Recently, we have been upgrading our technology to make sure the most commonly used pages on the web are loading at blazing fast speeds.

We have radically increased data packet speed and minimzed routing for resources like:

-Many many more!

Let's see the numbers!

Average packet times before the upgrade were around 30 ms round trip.

Current packet times after the upgrade are less than 0.5 ms round trip

That is a speed increase factor of 60X.

Let me repeat. 60 times faster loads for Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and more.

Here is a snapshot of just a handful of the sites we have optimized and their real round trip travel times for data packets. These numbers averaged in 25-40ms before.

facebook 0.352ms
linkedin 0.349ms
yahoo 0.347ms
google 0.344ms
twitter 0.347ms
amazon 0.386ms
microsoft 0.345ms
dropbox 0.366ms
netflix 0.353ms
youtube 0.354ms

Free to LeaseNet Customers!

Other carriers might charge for such an impressive increase in services. However, we are not passing the charges on to our customers, we believe strongly that this is a service that simply should be a part of every business internet connection as a default.

Enjoy the new super fast speeds to these services today, as we have already enabled it live for all existing LeaseNet customers.

Refer a Friend

Brag to your friends who own or manage companies about how fast your business internet connection is to these key resources, and make them jealous. Refer them to us, and we will happily make their business internet connections fly at the speed of light too.

New Data Facilities

DataBank Location Online

LeaseNet opens new data facilities in DataBank in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Augmenting our network once again, we have added second data facilities at DataBank in downtown Dallas in parallel with our first data facilities at Equinix in Dallas.

All new hardware and redundant connectivity gives us yet more flexibility and efficiency for our customers.

Located in the major network carrier "meet me" room in DataBank, we are literally just feet away from all the major network players. Which gives us easy access to a wealth of networks and partners with minimal fuss.

Co-location space available for LeaseNet customers.

Do you need to put a server or rack of servers right on the backbone of the internet? We offer space to LeaseNet customers to co-locate your equipment in our data facilities.

New Web Services

Make the web work for you.

Our web team will review your current online presence and suggest how we can put all the tools of the web to work for you.

Ensuring a smooth user experience on all devices from desktop to mobile (responsive web site), and putting all the social media and search engine tools to work for you.

-Web page design, update, and modernization.

-SEO / SEM Search Engine Optimization / Marketing and Organic Ranking.

-Online Marketing Campaigns with Google, Email, Social Media

-much much more.

LeaseNet customers enjoy these services at a substantial discount!

Contact our web team at

Ron's Tech Tip

DNS Nameservers

Use Local Nameservers

As LeaseNet works to optimize routes and speeds to the most common internet resources out there to bring you lightning quick response times on the web, our tech guru, Ron Mara, wants to suggest that you review your nameserver settings.

Using a slow nameserver can quietly but dramatically be slowing down your overall internet performance.

When you go to a web address on the internet, each graphic, video and media content shown on the page needs to be looked up on the internet using something known as a nameserver.

If the web page has 20 graphics on it, this means your computer needs to send 20 requests to the nameserver first and wait for the response, even before it starts to download the web page information. 

If you are using a slow performing nameserver, you can quickly understand how this will become a bottleneck on the network and slow down all surfing experiences.

You might have a super fast connection to the internet, but a slow nameserver will erase a lot of that speed.

If you have the means, we encourage you to run your own nameserver on your network, for the best performance.

This will dramatically increase the speed of web page loads to your device, especially if you have previously been using an external nameserver that is off your network, such as google nameservers.

**We find that a lot of customers use Google Nameservers as a default setting, however these servers can suffer performance issues, and are of course not located on the faster local network. Google Nameserver addresses are or

Optionally, as a LeaseNet customer on a LeaseNet data connection, then you are always welcome to use our nameservers that we provide free as a value added service to our customers.

LeaseNet Nameserver addresses**:

**These will only work for LeaseNet customers.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to drop a question to or give us a call at 214-800-2000
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