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2016 October
LeaseNet has been hard at it all summer long to bring you premium business internet service beyond the competition. Including: continuing to optimize internet routing to popular sites, continuing to excel at customer service, bringing SEO and Web Presence management services to more clients, and working to rid our client's networks of troublesome vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Customer Review Reinforces LeaseNet's Approach

New Multi Site Customer Loves Our Customer Service

In a recent install at a very high usage customer site, we had an experience with a customer that helps reinforce our business model which is to deliver beyond expectations on customer service along with a lightning quick and rock solid internet connection.

In a quick summary, this customer was moving away from AT&T because they could not deliver a clean point to point circuit in a cost effective way, and AT&T had also proven to be almost unreachable and even unresponsive to network complaints and issues.

Shortly after a LeaseNet installation and a deployment of network equipment by a third party, they were experiencing some issues, and gave us a call. We showed up in the same afternoon, and identified a small issue with some third party equipment and helped them fix it. It was not even LeaseNet equipment at the crux of the issue, but we are happy to help where we can and further the customer experience whenever possible.

The receptionist of this building who usually had to hear about all the previous AT&T network issues daily was simply amazed at our response and willingness to help and she said

'...If I had called AT&T this morning, I might still be on hold with them, and you have already showed up and fixed the problem... Thank You LeaseNet!...'

This just reinforces that our commitment to customer service is where we excel and bring that extra punch to our already rock solid internet services.

If you have had a wonderful experience with us, we highly encourage you to write a review for us on our Google account by clicking here.

Internet Routing Optimization Continues

More Sites Added

As you might have already learned from previous emails, we have been working to closely peer with popular internet sites and companies to radically reduce packet delivery time to these locations.

This has been one of our top priorities all summer, and we have accomplished a lot.

This effort has reduced packet travel times up to 60 times and more in some cases. from 40ms down to .5ms in many examples.

We believe this is one the finest reasons to use our services, and we deliver this benefit for free, without charging anything extra for it. We feel strongly that it should be a fundamental part of all premium internet services.

Here is an alphabetic list of some the key companies we have peered with to dramatically decrease round trip packet times.

All Blue Solutions Inc.
Allegiance Communications, LLC
Automattic, Inc
BlackBerry Limited
CDNetworks Inc.
Cisco Webex LLC
CloudFlare, Inc.
Dell Marketing USA, L.P.
Dropbox, Inc.
Elauwit, LLC
Equinix, Inc.
Fidelity Communication International Inc.
Gaikai, Inc.
Google Inc.
Hurricane Electric
IP Transit Inc.
JAB Wireless, INC.
Latin IP LLC
LinkedIn Corporation
LiveAir Networks
MCI Communications Services
Netflix Streaming Services Inc.
Network Lubbock, Inc.
Nexicom Inc.
Nextlink Broadband
Northeast Texas Broadband, LLC
Rackspace Hosting
Raytheon Corp
Ritter Communications, Inc.
Southern Light, LLC
Switch Communications, Inc.
Transtelco Inc
Twitch Interactive Inc.
Twitter Inc.
United Internet
VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations
Wave Datacenters
Wikimedia Foundation Inc.


Online Presence, Web Page, & SEO

Discounted Services for Friends of LeaseNet

Just having a web page is not enough anymore.

A company needs a comprehensive online presence with a responsive main webpage (displays on phones, tablets, desktops), business pages on key social media sites, email campaigns,  and the list of requirements continues on and on.

Just having a basic web page is simply not enough to get you the top ranking you deserve on Google. Let our expert Web, SEO, Social Marketing, and Online Presence Management team clean up your digital footprint and put the web to work for you.

Contact us at for more information about our Web / SEO service offering and discouns for LeaseNet clients and friends.

Ron's Tech Tip

National Cyber Awareness System

Ron would like to share this all encompassing resource known as the National Cyber Awareness System.

It provides an overview, links, resources, and news about major cyber security threats being addressed in the global community.

We check it consistently to ensure we are on top of any emerging threats that might impact our customer's network environment.

Of course, we encourage you to do the same. 

If you have any questions on a cyber threat that you think might impact your network environment, please feel free to email us with your concern.
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