All About Winter Break


Winter break starts at 11:59pm est December 18th. At this time, the shop (and the c/o form) will be closed. I hope to add new products to both Ajevie and Lucky #9! Restocks will be coming late January for as many brands as have time/resources to get us in! The website itself will also be edited and tweaked to make it more accessible and to update outdated information.

It is also the time of year when we do financial evaluations and make changes where necessary. Since we have taken on critical, official employees, prices will see a very slight increase in the new year so that they can be compensated as generously as possible! Not to mention the general escalation of prices for materials all around. Normal operations will begin again on January 4th! We are hoping to reopen with our big anniversary event! Further details on that will be released during break. ;)

As an aside - please be patient waiting for packages that have shipped!! We have begun getting a large number of emails asking us to track down packages that have shipped already, some just within the last few days. With unprecedented stress on the system, it is quite common for packages not to be scanned as often as they have been before. So long as you have a scan that says your package has been received by the USPS then it has left our hands and there is nothing we can do to speed it along. If you have a package marked as Delivered that was not, give it 24-48 hours and then contact your local post office. They are the ONLY ones who can tell you what they might have done with it. I, sadly, cannot.

On a final note, it seems that the contact form on the website is not sending everyone’s messages. I am getting the bulk of them, but if you have contacted me and have not gotten a response, please contact me directly as there is a chance that your message was never received. I have reported the issue.

There! Time for me to get back to work! As always, thank you SO MUCH for your love and support! it means the world to me and my team as you make this weird, weird time so much more survivable for us!

💗 & 🍀,

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