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Happy Fall everyone! It has come once again, my favorite time of year. There is a crispness to the air and the leaves look so lovely. Grab a glass of apple cider and sit by the fire pit. Pack in the last bits of outside we can get before the chill of winter comes rolling in. 

SARG wants to thank all of you for supporting us through this pandemic and we hope you are all staying safe and healthy. We saw some of you at our annual yard sale! We have had such wonderful success with this year's sale we have been able to extend it for a few more days. The first weekend in November (5th, 6th, & 7th) we will be open from 9-1. We will also be open in December at least for 1 day maybe 2. (keep an eye out for that information to be published soon.) This will be the end until next year. Lots of hard working people have helped with this event and truly it has been a giant undertaking. We can't thank everyone enough.

Upcoming we are taking Halloween pictures on October 17th and Holiday pictures on November 14th at the Oak Ridge Florist for a donation. Bring the family (all members including the 4 legged ones) and get some wonderful pictures made. The digital pictures will be emailed to you in time for sending out holiday cards.

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you about the 2 new volunteers helping me with this newsletter. Marsha Sega and Val Alexander stepped up when I asked for help!! I truly couldn't make this newsletter happen without the 2 of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I hope to see all of you soon and put this pandemic behind us. In the meantime stay healthy and enjoy the fall season. 
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All of these donations came in from May 1 - September 30, 2020
Donations in Memory of:
Barbara Campbell
            Connie Battle
Wayne Clark
            Connie Battle
Laurie Galvin
            Michael Galvin
Michael Gibson
            William and Mary Gibson     
Charlotte Keyes
            Mark and Martha Logan
Ed Kress – a friend to some special feline friends
            Susan Ekkebus
            Sally Gadola
            Maggie Robinson
Edith Peixoto
            Janice and Thomas Bowen
David Pickering
            Connie Battle 
David Wright
            Val Alexander
            Laura Anderson
            Ron and Shirley Auble
            Sharon and John Bates
            Marilyn and Richard Brady
            Patty Cox
            Darla Fritts
            The Love and Laughter Circle of Concord Methodist Church
            Sally and Curtis Ward
            Al and Dianna Ziemak                      

Donations in Honor of:
Janette Rowe in honor of Tim Waller’s birthday

Tim Waller in honor of Janette Rowe’s birthday

Hannah Kilpatrick in honor of Theodore Kilpatrick

Val Alexander in honor of Tina Matta for her  wonderful yarn donation

Laura Anderson in honor of Ann Combs

Ron and Shirley Auble in honor of Pat and Judy Scherger for a special favor to our family

Lauren Biloski as a Thank You to the Houndry for always taking care of Buster Brown and honoring his napping schedule

Ruth Collier in honor of Jan Baker and Jen Robinson.  Thank you for fostering the three kitty brothers, Caramel, Cinnamon, and Coffee (now Butters, Cameron, and Ivan) and for helping me adopt them.  We are so happy together.

 Natural Pet Supply of Johnson City in honor of Wendy Gibson, an employee   
Amy Petelka in honor of Tina Matta for her gift of handmade masks

Maggie Robinson in honor of Shirley Auble

St Mary’s School in honor of Marsha Sega for her retirement after 33 years of teaching at St. Mary’s        
Bobby Argo
Paula Bailey
Connie Battle
Mary L. Campbell
Wendy and Raymond Capelouto
Jeannette Chance
Bryan Cook
Melinda and Alan Davis
Theresa Frank
Rachel Kirk
Linda and Thomas Lakso
Linda Leichty and Michael Churchich
Vicky Marrow
Vicki Whiting
Dr Tse Wei Wang

Monthly Donations:
Cindy Biscay
Deborah and Tom Colwell
Lorenz Kertz
Sharon Poore
Susan Reed
Stephanie Ryan
Roz Smith

Donations in Memory of Pets:
Val Alexander in memory of Katie, a spunky little Boston Terrier who was a SARG Permanent Foster until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge last March

Colin Anderson in memory of Middie, Granddog of Dr. John Stuhl

Laura Anderson in memory of Gracie, much loved and greatly missed, who was the first of many Chihuahuas in Rick and Pat O’Connor’s family

Shirley and Ron Auble in memory of Cody, special canine companion of Al and Diane Ziemak

Lauren Biloski in memory of Thor, the beloved Lab of Nate Bunch

William and Barbara Grimmell in memory of Tucker, Betty and Charles Campbell’s handsome Golden Retriever

Carol P. Harold in memory of Brisbee Staton, a special kitty of Linda and Kevin Staton 

Mark and Martha Logan in memory of Chewy, the sweet and happy special dog of Holly and Harold Henry

Bob Lyon in memory of Katie Bug, loving Miniature Schnauzer of Cleston and Emily Jones

Rita Mumford in memory of Wally Cat, beloved pet of Sue West and Les Clevenger

Marsha Sega in memory of Wrigley, beloved dog of Jonathan and Abby Egert

Karen Sprouse in memory of a special canine companion adopted from SARG.

Sue West in memory of Wally Cat  who was much loved during his 20 year life

Connie Wray in memory of Katie, much beloved foster of Shirley and Ron Auble

Donations in Honor of pets:
Michelle Appel and Stuart Wasilowski in honor of Cooper, their much beloved SARG rescue

Marilyn and Stephen Gould in honor of Gracie, their adopted SARG dog

 Gerald and Peggy Smith in honor of Sadie Mae, their adopted SARG dog

Gary and Elizabeth Sullivan in honor of Annika, their adopted SARG cat who has become the new Queen of the house

Special Donations:
Mary Bell in lieu of going to auction

Ruth and Brian Cook in lieu of being able to come to the gala this year

Linda Hall in support of the auction

Linda Leichty for permanent foster Chloe’s care

 Jen Robinson for Echo’s care

Rebecca Rupp for Butters, a great kitty that needed help

Brenda Southerland in support of the auction

Pam Tokes to help with vet bills

Amy Petelka - for senior pet food
A special shout out to Mr. John Mullins for the use of his building for our annual yard sale and for allowing us the time to extend into December! We couldn't have this event with out his support. 👏🏼
Rainbow Bridge
Roxy, a beloved SARG dog, adopted by James & Leah Hunter passed over the bridge this summer.
Speck, a very special boy loved by Brian & Ruth Cook will be forever missed. 
Happy,  a stray rescued 13 years ago by Jeff Auble's Family truly lived up to her name has crossed over the rainbow bridge and will be forever missed.
Shadow, a lovely, special  black kitty adopted by Jan & Ron Baker passed over the bridge this summer and holds a special place in the hearts of those who knew her. Shadow was Ron's constant cooking companion and they are now cooking together once more. 

Carter, a SARG dog who found his forever family and hiking partner in Victoria Simmons, crossed the rainbow bridge in August. He will be missed and loved always.

Bailey, Nancy Camp's SARG dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was her great friend & companion for 15 & 1/2 years and will be greatly missed.

Sugar, Vada Oberlin 's sweet girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge. For 16 years, Sugar lived up to her name as she helped many foster dogs pass through her home.  She did it sweetly, but she made sure they knew who was always the Queen of the palace.

Mushu - SARG rescued Mushu from the Oak Ridge Shelter, she was a super sweet kitty who unfortunately passed from FIP. 

Harley & Syd - 2 feral kittens trapped and rescued by Ginger and David Wright passed this summer. The 2 boys came indoors and were loved their whole life through. They will be missed. 

Brisbee - crossed the rainbow bridge this summer. He is the beloved dog of Kevin and Linda Staton and will be missed forever. 
Kitty Adoptions! 
Click to See All Adoptable Kitties!
Adopter News
Here is Carter enjoying his hike with Victoria. They had a wonderful 11 years together and I thank you so much for sharing your memories with the SARG family. You can see from the pictures how much he was loved. 
A note from Kate Theobald:

I wanted to reach out and say hello and that I hope all is well with you. Today marks three years since I "got" Benji - aka his adoptive birthday!

There was no way of anticipating how much this little guy would have meant to me three years ago. He has completely positively changed my life, and he has been absolutely pivotal for me in this crazy, pandemic time. Benji is a constant reminder to pay attention to the little joys in life and not take everything so seriously. 

My job has been completely remote since early March 2020, and we're planning to be remote until May 2021. While I am incredibly grateful for work and the ability to work from home, I can get stir crazy; when that happens, I am thankful to have my little buddy by my side to take on a walk and get some fresh air. 

I hope you're finding small joys in life and are having a good year thus far. Thank you for working with such a wonderful organization like SARG that strives to find all these deserving animals forever homes - you're truly changing people's and animal's lives for the better!
Meet Doodle! What a sweetie pie. Thank you Vicky and Steve for sharing this wonderful photo. 
A note from Faith Marlow:
I just received our adoption packet. Thank you so much for all the info and gifts. 

I think Teddy knew it was all about him! I laid the envelope down in my chair and he hopped up immediately and started smelling the papers. He usually doesn't care what I'm reading. Then he started rolling on the envelope and being all feisty. 

Thank you for everything and for all you do for these beautiful babies. I hope all of Teddy's litter mates have found good homes, too. 

Thanks Faith for the wonderful home you are providing for Teddy! He has found his forever home!
Doggie Adoptions 
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Save the Date!!
Save the Date
  • On Line Face Book Auction - Dates and times to be determined
  • Halloween Pictures - October 17th Oak Ridge Florist 11am-1pm
  • Holiday Pictures - November 14th Oak Ridge Florist 11am-2pm
  • Paws for Life Gala - April 2021 
  • Spay/Neuter Clinics - October 14th, November 11th, and December. 16th
*Check the website calendar for upcoming events*
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