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Happy Memorial Day to everyone! SARG hopes you all enjoyed the weekend and took time to remember those that sacrificed so much for our freedom.  Even in our crazy world right now with the virus circulating, we live in an amazing country and I see people helping everyday to make it even better. SARG helps in so many ways; whether it's bringing pet food to those that need some extra help or making sure those pets get the needed spay and neuters, everyone steps up to the plate and pitches in. I have met so many wonderful people through my work with SARG. Kind, loving people. I hope all of you know how much you mean to me. 

In this issue we have so many adoptions and donations it makes my heart swell. I have also included a new section. This section introduces some of the people of SARG - our hard working board members. Everyone knows me. I share something every month about myself so now it's time to shine the spotlight on some of the others. We hope you enjoy the read! Take care and stay healthy. 
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All of these donations came in before April 30th 2020
Donations in Memory of:
Lynette Cary, a true animal lover
         Lyle Cary
Laurie Galvin for the fur critters
          Michael Galvin
Elizabeth Dee Longendorfer
           Dr. Ronald and Lynda Gupton
Ben McGovern
           Sue West

Jan Baker
Catherine Barnes
Cindy Biscay
Roy Cooper and Bonnie Carroll
The Harrison Family Fund
Sonny Jones
Deborah May
David and Linda McGinty
Mignon and Wolf Naegeli
Sibel and Tecimer Opal 
The Robinson Family
Bob and Carol Smallridge
Kim Star
Vicki Whiting
Connie Wray

Monthly Donations:
Cindy Biscay
Deborah and Tom Colwell
Lorenz Kertz
Sharon Poore
Susan Reed
Stephanie Ryan
Pam Sanford
Roz Smith
Vicki Whiting
Donations in Memory of Pets:
Ron and Shirley Auble in memory of Katie, a very special foster dog.

Hannah Kilpatrick in memory of her cat, Odie.

Lisa and Jim LaForest in memory of Trissa, much loved kitty.

Tim Waller in memory of Katie, foster dog of Ron and Shirley Auble.

Sue West in memory of Daisy, beloved pet of Rita Gilbert Mumford.

Donations in Honor:
Janette Rowe in honor of Tim Waller’s birthday

Tim Waller in honor of Janette Rowe’s birthday

Hannah Kilpatrick in honor of Theodore Kilpatrick

Special Donations:
R.J. and Mary Nell Campbell for food for pets.

Sara Mailen for spay/neuter of cats in Clinton.
I also wanted to mention we have many sponsors for our Paws for Life Gala. Usually that is held in the middle of April, but unfortunately it has to be postponed until Aug 14th. But I did not want to wait to start saying thank you to those people and businesses that have so generously donated through sponsorship of this amazing event. When we are closer to the event all of our sponsors will be listed here. Until then you can see all of our sponsors and auction items at the link below.Thank you for your continued support!
Paws for Life Gala
Rainbow Bridge
Cody--Little Cody, the feisty, happy, fluffy doggy companion of Al and Dianna Ziemak, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5/21/2020.  He was an entertaining, quirky little fellow--and followed Al everywhere.  Cody came as a foster, and just didn't want to leave.  He'll be greatly missed. 

Gracie--After a long battle to stay with her people Pat and Rick O'Conner and fellow "little doggies," little Chihuahua Gracie finally said goodbye on 5/18/2020..  She was much loved and is much missed. 

Harley--After an unexpected heart attack, Harley Wright--sweet kitty boy of Ginger and David Wright--crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 5/23/2020.  He was one of the feral colony cats that the Wrights rescued many years ago.  Once they brought him inside, he lived a good life.

Frayda - A sweet and funny rescue greyhound who loved all humans. Frayda crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 13. She is forever missed by her human family Claire & Nick Robbins and her Grandma Alice Feldman.
Kitty Adoptions! 
Click to See All Adoptable Kitties!
Susan Reed - our newest board member
Prior to becoming a board member in 2019, Susan Reed has actively supported SARG fundraising efforts for several years. Her most important SARG contribution she’ll tell you was fostering a little dog that had been abandoned at the animal shelter after birthing a litter. Little dog, aka Trixie, aka Ginger, needed a week for her milk to dry up before she could be spayed and put up for adoption. The Reeds agreed to foster little dog and a SARG friend brought her to the house.
The minute Ginger spotted the couch in the living room she showed us how well she could jump! Over the next week, she stuck close to that couch.  She liked to snuggle, watch TV, and snuggle. The vet thought she might be part Papillion/Sheltie although you can see she was undernourished and without much hair.

The week passed, and after many naps, Ginger was ready for surgery and her new forever home, with the Reeds. She was an active family member keeping anybody and everything out of the yard. She was steadfast at keeping the cats out of the living room. She continuously showed us first-hand her guard dog skills. Only thing was she didn’t understand - she was a dog. She’d stare at her reflection in the door glass and bark at herself.  She loved rides in the truck just so she could sit with her head out the window and bark at those present and non-present. One of her favorite rides took her to the dry cleaners where the nice lady in the window always gave her a treat.  She gained a little weight and her hair filled out.  

She had boundless energy and was always glad to greet you with her doggie rotations. Never much for running after balls or playing tug-of-war, Ginger was content to watch over her kingdom (the yard and house) from one of her many perches. She loved to go for long rides and visit relatives where she behaved rather nicely as long as they had a couch!
Adopter News

In March Betsy, the little beagle got a new family! She has a great yard and  people to play with her. She also has another 4 legged family member - a cat! So far so good. Betsy and the cat are curious, but cautious. I'm betting they will be best buds soon. 

A note from William Hubbard:

Three years ago today we welcomed Bowie into our lives.  We consider it has having come upon a treasure. I am forever grateful to the foster mom and everyone who made this possible for us. 

William, Thank you for such kind words. Speaking as a foster parent, we are truly blessed to have found people such as yourselves to adopt our lovely fur babies. 
Mark thinks Siri is either part cat or broken! I just hope Siri doesn't wake up with a stiff neck!
Beemer is a sweet kitty who went to the Smiths just a couple of weeks ago, but has already endeared himself to all of the other family members! Beemer is the kitty on the left. - His new brother Percy is on the right. 
Doggie Adoptions 
Click to See All Adoptable Doggies!
Save the Date!!
Save the Date
  • Paws for Life Gala - August 14th 2020 
  • Spay/Neuter Clinics - June 16th, July 15th, August 12th, September 16th, October 14th, November 11th, and December. 16th
*Check the website calendar for upcoming events*
Kroger Community Rewards - Support SARG
The Kroger partnership is so wonderful! SARG now has 66 households registered to donate and last quarter Kroger gave back almost $300! Thank you so much for signing up on Kroger's website to be apart of their community rewards program. If you know of anyone that would like to help us out this is one easy way. Just click the link above and sign up. It is as simple as that. You will still get your gas points, Kroger donates to us based on how much you spend. Thanks so much for helping the stray kitties and doggies. 
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