Generosity Report July 2019
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Shelter Animals Rescue Group

Generosity Report

   It's almost Labor Day. Summer is nearing the end. I hope you have had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Sometimes maybe a little too warm, but I'll take it over the snow of winter so I don't complain much about summer. However, Autumn is right around the corner and everyone loves the colors of Autumn. Here in East TN there is a warm glow to the air that just can't be beat. It's the best time to be out and about.

I hope you are able to make it to one of our SARG events this fall. Our annual yard sale will be in October this year. If you have any items you would like to donate please contact us and we can arrange for either pick up or drop off. 

SARG will also be taking holiday pictures again this year. This is a great time to bring the family (furry family are welcome as well) and get your yearly photos taken. You will receive all of your digital pictures for a donation. 

A big thank you to all of you for your never-ending support of SARG! We couldn't do it without you. 
Click to Contact SARG for Yard Sale Info
All of these donations have come in to SARG by June 30th  2019. Thank you everyone who supports our work. We hope you enjoy reading the stories this month.
In Memory of:
Margene Lyon – “She made a major impact on everyone she met”
     Gladys Arthur
     Charles Ashley
     Chloe Ashley
     Kenneth and Sharon Bivens
     Alexa Blackmon
     Beverly M. Cantrell
     Raymond and Kathy Dawson
     Janice Frost
     Judy and Frank Genella
     Carol Hetzel
     Madge Jackson
     Larry M. Jordan
     Steve Lewis
     Kathryn King
     William McCulley, Jr.
     Jane McCullough
     The McKinny’s and Kathy & Terry Thomas
     George and Jenny Paynter
     Steve and Lindy Pyatt
     Randy and Bobbie Price
     Jan D. and J. P. Ruyl
     Mildred and James Scott
     Glen Weight
     Dana Willaford
     Margaret Willard and Jason Lewis
     Kathy and David Wilson
     Diane and Alan Wise
     Carole Yust
George and Elsie McKeethan 
     Connie Battle  
Donations In Memory of Pets:

Mark and Martha Logan in memory of Annie, loved and treasured dog of Butch and Sara Clements
Monthly Donations:

Cindy Biscay
Cathy Deel
Sharon Poore
Roz Smith
Vicki Whiting

Rainbow Bridge
Maggie Mae—The Wright Family - Ginger, David & Stephanie - are mourning the loss of their sweet cat Maggie (Mags) She was one of the first of the feral rescued by the Wrights. 

Delilah—A beloved former SARG kitty adopted by the Fredericks. She is much missed by her family. 

Texas—a wonderful dog of Jessie Hill lost his battle with cancer. Texas will be forever missed.

Gracie - Marsha and Gary Sega lost their sweet kitty. She is deeply missed. Gracie was a foster kitty who stated she didn't plan to leave - Gary concurred, so she stayed.
Pet Loss Support Group

UT hosts a gathering to help heal our hearts due to the loss of a beloved pet. Please contact them at 865-755-8839 or click the link for more information. 
UT-Pet Loss Support Group
News from Adoptors
Today is August 17th!  It was 13 years ago today that I met you in Atlanta to adopt Scout! I am forever grateful to you and SARG for this little girl. I couldn't love her more. She owns me!  Remember this pic? It's one that Val took, and SARG posted on Petfinder.  Thank you!  Tim Waller

Tim everyone at SARG couldn't be happier to see Scout go to such a loving home as yours. Thank you so much for your never ending support of SARG! 
Dundee is loving his forever home. That sweet face says "I promise the toilet paper just fell right off that roll. It was the strangest thing ever!"
Looking for a Cat? Part 2 
Bringing Your New Kitten Home
  1. Start your kitten off in a smaller, quiet, safe place with a litter box, food and water. 
  2. Let the kitten decide when to explore the home. Follow him around while they are getting used to their new surroundings. Offer to play with toys and frequently take them back to the litter box and let them explore out from there again. It’s important they know where the litter is.
  3. Cats are curious and kittens even more so. Make sure all dangerous chemicals and products are put away. Just like with a toddler, you should kitten proof your space.
  4. Lots of cat toys are a must. Kittens like to play and if they don’t have toys, they will find them – shoelaces, feet, ankles, plastic cords, electrical cords. 
  5. Make sure you have enough litter boxes. One for each cat at least. (I put one in the kid’s room that the cat will spend the night with and one in a central place in the house)
    1. You can use Nature’s Miracle in the litter box if you are worried about a smell. But cleaning them daily will stop any smell. Just like a dirty diaper – get it out of the house after removing it and the smell goes out with the trash.
  6. Scratching posts(horizontal and vertical) are a must. Cats naturally scratch and you don’t want your furniture all scratched up. 
  7. Spray catnip– works wonders for teaching cats where is a good place to scratch. Spray it on the cat tree.
  8. Accidents –Most cats have no problem with knowing how to use the litter box.  However, accidents happen. To minimize any accidents, make sure the litter box is cleaned out daily.  Most cats detest using an already-used litter box.  Use Nature’s Miracle for cleanup and to remove any odor from the accident. 
  9. Training a kitten is not hard. Use a spray bottle of water set on mist to spray at the cat when they are doing something inappropriate and say “NO.” It may take a while but it’s worth it.  Also treat the kitty when they do something right. When people come to the door encourage the cat to greet them by giving treats at the door. 
  10. Kittens will sleep 16 or so hours a day. If you want those to be at nighttime, then they need a lot of stimulation and exercise during the day. 
  11. Kittens play with all moving objects- including hands, feet, ankles etc. Two ways to keep scratches to humans to a minimum: 
    1. Get 2 kittens – they play together, learning how not to scratch when they play.
    2. Have lots of interactive toys such as fishing pole-type toys & laser pointers.  These keep some distance between you and the kitten during play. Be prepared to play a lot!
  12. If no one is home during the day, the kitten has spent much of that time sleeping. When people get home, it is now kitten play time. (See 11a above – get 2 kittens)
Toxic Plants: Lilies, Aloe VeraAzalea & Rhododendron, Baby’s BreathChrysanthemum, Daffodils,Ivy, Morning Glory, Poinsettia, Tomato Plant, Tulips. 
 (And we do mean TOXIC.  If the cat ingests any part of the plant, he may die.  The worst is probably the lily.  People with cats DO NOT have indoor lilies.)
Phenix - A supper cute kitty with lots of cuddles. She would be the perfect addition to any home. She was the runt of the litter, but as her name says she is rising from the ashes. Her purr is so loud you can hear her across the room. It's her way of saying she is happy to be rescued. She is waiting to find her forever home.
Sedona is a biscuit maker! Better than anyone in the south! She loves to spoon at night and make biscuits everywhere. This cute little tuxedo kitty is waiting to find her forever home. 
Ways to help SARG

Do you shop at Kroger? Link your card to SARG and we will get a donation every time you shop! SARG has 60 families (up from 53 -Thank you those that signed up!) that are signed up to donate through Kroger. On a quarterly basis SARG gets a check for about $350 dollars! Just think how much more we could get if 75 families were signed up! The program doesn't take away from your fuel points; it's only just an added bonus Kroger gives to SARG. Just click on the link below to sign up.  You can search for SARG by name or use our number
WI599. Thank you!
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Is Amazon a place you shop? SARG is part of the Amazon smile program and they will also donate to SARG every time you shop with Amazon. Click here to enroll!
Amazon Smile
You can also donate directly to SARG through Paypal. Just click on the link below! Then click on the box that says Donate. Thanks so much! 
Donate Now! Thank you!!
Save the Date
  • Oak Ridge PetSmart adoption events- Third Saturdays every month 10-1
  • Spay and Neuter Clinics - Aug 15th, Sept 12
  • Mast General Adoption Events - Aug. 10th and Nov. 2nd. 10am-2pm
  • Yard Sale - Tentative dates Oct. 10th, 11th, 12th and 24th, 25th, 26th
  • Paws for Life Gala - April 17th, 2020 5pm - Yes, we already have a date for next year!!
*Check the website calendar for upcoming events*
SARG Calendar of Events
Contact US
We can always use the following items:

Office supplies & Stamps
Scoopable kitty litter
Flea and Tick medication for fosters
Gift cards to pet supply stores
Cleaning Supplies
Plastic Ziploc Bags
New dog and cat toys
Certificates for grooming
People who can make crafting hand made items 

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