We, the board members, staff, women, men and children of BRAWS, stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown brothers and sisters, and all communities of color and condemn racial injustice. Black lives matter.

We are troubled over the agony that racial inequity creates for our fellow Americans, including our diverse leaders, volunteers, partners, and clients we serve. We also humbly recognize that the violence and discrimination are not new, the cameras and national spotlight are.

We have always served women and girls of every race and creed in schools and shelters, menstrual periods don’t know color. We will continue to serve our community and deliver on our mission but with even more awareness and deliberate efforts to be allies against injustices. BRAWS is exploring opportunities to put these words into action in a thoughtful and systematic way.

Change starts with each one of us. We must do better, we can do better, we commit to doing better. We're ready to listen, learn, and take action.

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