Trauma isn't the end of the sentence, it's only the beginning. 

I have spent a lot of July reading up on trauma, it's effects, and how to move forward, as I work on Ohana Generational Healing Level 2.  And one thing, that I know for certain, is that trauma does not need to be the end of the sentence.   

So often we get stuck in what the old story has been, and we continue to re-iterate the experience(s) that we have had, that we are unable to move past the idea of what the trauma has presented.  

However, a shift is occurring, within us, and around us. 

More and more, we are beginning to realize that we are able to transcend our traumatic experiences and use them as a stepping stone to step fully into our impact that we can create in this world.  The world is ready for this change, now more than ever..... are you ready?

When we make a choice to bring healing to our experiences, we make a choice to transcend through our trauma and create a new pathway.   Our DNA regenerates itself entirely every 2 months, which means that we are constantly able to shift our traumatic experiences into something that will add value into our lives and create the pathways that we are wanting to walk down.  

All around the globe, it's becoming more evident that the desire and need to heal others of the traumatic events that they have experienced is becoming a greater and greater need.   Doctors are beginning to understand the impact that the trauma can bring to children and their guardians; teachers are realizing that learning problems are often linked to high traumatic events in child's life; and scientists are seeing more and more evidence that trauma is negatively impacting the health (both mental and physical) of their lab rats; their study cases and even down to the DNA level. 

Now we aren't doctors or scientists.   Some of us are teachers.  

We are healers.  

It is up to us now to bring healing in a way that works on the energetic imprints of the body.   It is up to us to step into our own healing(s) and allow our lights to shine on the darkness that so many have experienced.   

Thank you for joining in on this journey of creating a new world for all of us to live.  I dream of the day that my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, and my great great grandchildren are no longer impacted by the traumas that I, my children, and my ancestors have experienced.  

I think to myself, 'What a wonderful world'. 

Until next time, 



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