Healing isn't for everyone~ and we aren't meant to be Superman

I remember when I started my healing journey~~ I set out to heal the world.   I wanted to end the pain, the suffering, the poverty, the homelessness, the anger, the fear.... yes, I wanted to conquer it all.   It didn't take long (or maybe it was too long) for me to realize that I couldn't heal everybody.... in fact, all I could do was use each experience of pain and hurt to heal my own pain and hurt, in hopes that it would shed some light on others.  
This past month we have dealt with an unexpected death in the family.  Prior to the death, I got very caught up in the idea of how I would be able to heal this person with Ohana Generational Healing.  I could see the pain and the turmoil that they were in, and thought, I will drop hints, and then offer if they appear to be open to it.  

And then I found out they were on life support.  And that their brain was so badly damaged that it was no longer functioning.  And there was nothing that I could do to save them at this point.   

That hurt.  It confused me.   I wondered why I hadn't given them the opportunity sooner to heal their hurts and pains.  I wondered why I wasn't given more time.  I wondered why I had the Ohana healing modality at all if I couldn't even heal the members in our own family.  

And then I was reminded:

I can only use this as an opportunity to heal my own hurts, and hope that down the line it will shed the light on others.  

In a time when everything seemed to be falling apart, I was able to step into my own 'Superman identity' and finish the Ohana Generational Healing Level 2 manual.  The day that I finished was the day that our family member made their way to the other side.  

We can't save everyone.  We can only save ourselves.   And offer ourselves to anyone who may be willing to receive the healing that we have to offer.   Outside of that, it's all in God's hands, and sometimes we aren't meant to understand the bigger picture.   But I promise, there is always a bigger picture.   

This month, I ask each of you, practitioners, clients, those hoping to become practitioners, or teachers of Ohana Generational Healing, to take the time you need to reflect on your own healing needs.  Look at those who are suffering around you.... allow yourself to see the pain within yourself that is a reflection of their pain, and take the time to heal it... spend time with it, love it, embrace it.   Remember you are not alone on this journey.  Remember to reach out when the pain becomes too much.  

R.I.P Mike

Until next time, 



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