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October thins the veil between us and our ancestors.   Have you felt their calls for healing?  It's been quite a month of ups and downs for us here on Earth, and sometimes, we can get so caught up in what is going on in our own lives, that we forget that we have so many on the other side that are wanting to help us and guide us through to our own personal healing, and the healing of them as a collective.  

This past month has been very interesting in the Ohana Generational Healings that have been happening~~ healing deep wounds of Holocaust survivors (fears of imprisonment); healing deep wounds of sexual abuse and healing fears of the here and now.   

The one common truth that comes up time and time again is that no one truly wants to stay in their wounds.   Everyone is looking for a way out of the pain, the anger, and the frustrations that they are feeling.  Whether it us, or those who have crossed before us, healing and love continues to be the answer that we have been looking for.  

I reached out to Lynn Baribault of Clearing Paths, who is also a trained (level 2) Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner to add a piece for this month's newsletter.  Lynn has a very deep understanding of the Ohana Generational Healing methods and her desires to bring healing to so many others are evident in her work! 


My name is Lynn Baribult and I am an Intuitive Channeler, a Level 2 certified Quantum Crystalline Energy and Ohana Generational Healing practitioner. Ohana, as the name implies means family and this treatment is focused on healing trauma and challenges which continue to arise within generations of the same family line. This can include many patterns, including difficulty moving forward, traumatic events and health issues. I have performed Ohana healing sessions on quite a few individuals who have expressed their thanks and relief at being heard. After my first certification, my hope has always been to expand this healing to other communities, including Native Communities if they feel they would benefit from Ohana treatments.


Having grown up in Canada and being an elementary teacher, I have listened to and taken a keen interest in the Native Peoples stories. I have been moved by the retelling of Residential schools, was heartbroken about the murdered and missing Indigenous women and men and appalled at the statistics of incarcerated Native populations. In recent years, I joined up with friends to send clothes, feminine hygiene products and crocheted baby blankets for new mothers in Northern Ontario, Nunavut and the NWT, and I am hoping to do more. My adult daughters have both spent time in small communities in the NorthWest Territories and brought back their own stories of how close families were and how direct one person’s actions affected the others.


In my book, How to Raise Children with Wisdom and Awareness, I was lucky to channel Native Elders and Spirit Guides, amongst others. A Shoshone Elder known to many as Grandmother (as channeled by Lori Wilson) invited me to write my book. With the wisdom and newly acquired knowledge shared to me through my book, I feel with my soul that Ohana Generational Healing treatments would be a powerful tool to help, not only my family, my clients, various communities but also Native individuals on their path to healing. OGH means family and in my heart, I truly believe that OGH can lend a hand in, not only tempering past and present damages created by our ancestors, but also the damage we have handled in our own lives.


What follows has been channeled for this article :


I am a teacher and a healer. I am ready to open the doors to be of service to all.

As the Great Spirit caresses my soul, yet again trying so relentlessly to reconnect me to my past, to heal it, to soothe my wounds, I realise that who I am now is not who I was and still not who I want to be. What I carry today in my DNA is an amalgamation of so many lives broken to the core. Some of the feelings and sensations do not overtly belong to me but it is hard to see through the haze of my life’s accumulated fears, disappointments and injustices. Heaviness and sluggishness cloud my vision, taints my hopes and sinks its teeth in the joy I sometimes feel regardless of the pain I carry. If I dare turn to the sun and sky, listen to the rustling leaves, the babbling brook, lift my head, put my shoulders back and finally take a first healing breath, I know in my heart of hearts that others will surround me; others will offer assistance, regardless of my conditioning and environment.

I breathe, I am, I trust.

My hope for a better life remains.

I breathe, I am, I trust.

I start healing.

I find the tools and healers who bring forth much needed release of my past, my ancestors' past so that today, I feel somewhat renewed, somewhat lighter so my children and their children can enjoy a future we are all worthy of.

We all deserve to shine our Soul’s Light in this lifetime. So tell us, how we, Ohana Generational Healing practitioners, can help? And how we can be of service?  


Peace Within is Peace Living, by Rowan,

How to Raise Your Children with Wisdom and Awareness.

By Lynn Baribault

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