This is where it ends.  

Our experiences, and the experiences of our family can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel that we just can't get off of.   The stories play out, and then play out some more, and people will use the phrase, 'It runs in the family' as a way to cop out of needing to heal the pain that is present within the family system. 

But it doesn't have to stay that way.  

Take it from Barbara**, who experienced so many traumas in her early life that her immune system started shutting down on her at the age of 21.   Diagnosed with chronic fatigue, depression and an auto immune disorder, I met with her last month to see if Ohana Generational Healing was a good fit for her.   

Barbara's family history was packed full of chaotic energies:  murder, extreme abuse, car accidents resulting in death, suicide and addiction.   For her, this was the norm, and she had all but given up on life herself.   

'Chaos should be the surname for our family' she smiled to me.   

'This is where it ends' I explained to her.   

Just because the story has always been 'chaos' doesn't mean that it needs to continue that way.   Just because pain and addiction has always been the way, doesn't mean that it needs to stay that way.  

Every day, every moment, we are given the opportunity to say, 'This is where it ends'.  

And while we can't force change on the people around us, and what their choices are, we are surely able to step away from our own 'old story' and begin healing the pain that we have held onto.   In this, we begin to create a ripple effect that helps the family still with us, and the ancestors that have passed.   We open everyone in our ancestral line to heal the hurts and pains so that we are no longer burdened by them.  

Barbara continues to work with me, bi weekly, and she is seeing results.   She is feeling her depression lifting, she is feeling her pain dissipate, and she is finding herself with more energy than she has had in a long time.  Rather than wanting to sleep all day, she is starting to move about, and get into some amazingly creative energies.   She made a choice to heal her own hurts and in that is giving herself a better way at life.   

Are you ready for it to end?  

Until next time, 


**Names changed to protect privacy**
Congratulations to our newest practitioners!  Robert, Brittany, Wendy and Darlene spent January 12 learning the techniques of Ohana Generational Healing!  
Are you looking to become a practitioner but don't see a class in your area?   Contact us to put together your own class~~ we are looking to go global with this amazing healing modality! 

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