Our family is with us forever, from the moment of conception, until our last breath, they are the living, breathing extent of all that we have been and all that we will be, whether we like it or not.  

A huge theme for many lately has been centered around forgiveness and acceptance of those within our family lines.   More and more people are beginning to realize that with forgiveness and acceptance, they are no longer held captive by the issues they are holding onto in their tissues.  

From the time of our conception, we are heavily influenced by our parents, grandparents, and even more distant relatives.  The way we think, the way we feel, the way we express and the way we are triggered by our life situations is all influenced by these people.  

Sometimes this is a great thing... we are able to feel their love and their understanding, their compassion and their hope for who we are, and will become.  

For others though, this can be difficult, as the relationship has been strained, and traumatic events may have unfolded, creating blockages within.   So how do you forgive that?  How do you let go of the emotions that someone who was supposed to love and protect you, and didn't?  How do you move past the anger or the hurt?  

The first step, I tell my clients, and have had to tell myself on more than one occasion is to accept that the anger and hurt are there in the first place.  Even if it doesn't make sense.  Even if our loved one has passed, and we feel that we should no longer judge them on their behavior.  

True healing does not happen until we allow ourselves the acceptance of our own emotions.   In honouring these parts of yourself, you no longer allow the emotions to have the control over you.  When you push the emotions down, you only give them more space to grow.  

This month I invite you to be truthful with your emotions and the hurts that you are still holding onto.  Don't judge yourself, or allow others to judge where you are at in this moment.   Allow yourself to speak your truth so that you can start to move to a place of forgiveness for what your experience has been.  

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