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Newsletter 21
17 December 2019
17 Hakihea 
School Value for Term 4
Dear Parents and Caregivers, 
As we wind up for 2019, The Board of Trustees and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the festive season and a relaxing and safe summer break.

I would like to say congratulations to Mrs Brown who has won a teaching position up at Kaipara College. Whilst we are sad to see her go, we are pleased that she will be remaining in our community of learning and that our students moving onto the college, may in the future be taught by her. I would like to thank Mrs Brown for all her work this year and especially her involvement with the kapa haka. We wish her all the best for the future. 

As a result of Mrs Brown's resignation, Mrs Angela Howard in Room 24  will be joining the Y3/4 team in Room 5 and Mrs Jane Spray currently in Room 18, will be starting the new entrant class in Room 24 at the start of next year. 

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support for our mahi and for the amazing support for our tamariki. Working together does enable us to do this mahi better. 
Merry Christmas and we look forward to 2020.

Kind regards,

Gary Pasfield
Waimauku School

Roll 802
Attendance 90.62%
What's Coming Up 

Last Day of Term - Wednesday 18 December
School finishes at 12pm, buses all run early - M1, Peak and Ararimu at 12pm, M2 and Foster Road at 12:35pm. 

Term One of 2020 begins with Goal Setting Interviews on Monday 3 February and Tuesday 4 February. School opens for instruction on Wednesday 5 February.

School Life

Goal Setting Interviews
Goal setting meetings for teachers/parents/students will be taking place in the first two days of Term One 2020.  The meetings are scheduled times where parents and their children can meet the teacher and set goals for the coming year.  These 20 minute interviews will take place on Monday 3 February and Tuesday 4 February between 9am and 4:20pm.  Regular classes for all students will start on Wednesday 5 February.
Your child will find out who their teacher for next year is on the last day of school.  To make your interview bookings go to:

Back to school stationery is available right now to purchase online through Office Max.  Avoid the rush to the stationery shops and get it delivered. The website to visit is or free phone 0800 724 440. Enter Waimauku School and follow the instructions. Order online between 1-31 December 2019, then choose when you pay and when to deliver; added to that you will receive a free A5 magnetic shopping list and menu planner! Free delivery is offered on orders over $46, conditions apply.  Stationery is not available for purchase at school before March. 


Road Patrol
We really need parent helpers for road patrol next year!  If you are able to help one morning a week from 8:30 - 8:55 please email or call the office.

School Library
All library books need to be returned asap and any fines paid.  If your child would like to borrow books over the holidays they will bring home a Summer Borrowing pass to be filled out.

Pool Key
Keys are still available but you need to be quick and get one before the office closes on Wednesday afternoon.

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Prize Giving Recipients

The Robertson Family Cup for Excellence in Music Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Mia Anderson

The Hillebrand Family Cup for Dedication to Performing Arts Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Harriet Barter

The Ngauruhoe Team Sports Cup for Sportsperson of the Year
Luci Hollister

The Sheena Ashford-Tait Cup for Excellence in Mathematics Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Billie Gillbanks

The Margaret Rogers Cup for Excellence in Literature Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Harriet Barter

The Logan Architects Cup for Excellence in Visual Art Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Mia Anderson

The Alexis Langhorne Cup for Dedication to Kapa Haka
Jesse Webster

The Diane Rawlinson Cup for Dedication to Kapa Haka
Gemma O'Brien

The Manawanui Award for Outstanding Spirit in Kapa Haka
Layla Woodland

The Dangen Family Trophy for Leadership
Harriet Barter

The Baker Family Cup for School Service
Lukas Fairweather

The Pichon Family Endeavour Cup for Effort and Commitment Across the Ngauruhoe Team
Reef Clouston

The Barfoot and Thompson Helensville Cup for Most Improved Student
Ava-Rose Wendelborn

The Barfoot and Thompson Helensville Cup for Best Overall Student
Jesse Webster

Excellence in Kapa Haka
Paolo Scott, Elliot Barnes, Shiloh Phipps, Ruby Whitaker, Luciana Kerlin, Shannara Tamihana, Nina Dabb, Abby Callaghan, Carter Kerlin, Lilja Fridholm, Beau Williams, Shelby Elliot, Yana Mitchell, Isaac Gaites, Natalie Osmond, Amalia Kesha, Tiki Iti Atkinson, Rafi Grocott, Sabina Altorf, Harriet Barter, Lilli Trautvetter Hansen

Excellence in French
Matai Harrison, Rawiri Mercer, Kaiya Jones, Pearse O'Malley, Sophia Holmes, Brody Sherrock, Mia Anderson, Jack Plowman, Amelia Watt, Chloe Crawford, Madi Kensington, Rafi Grocott

Excellence in Senior Music
Sam Anderson, Poppy Jones, Alexandria Skinner, Novah Durham, Madi Kensington, Jack Plowman, Amelia Watt, Ethan Hoy

Room 1
India Macdonald, Mathematics, Reading, Written Language, The Arts and Physical Education
Lilja Fridholm, Mathematics, Reading, Written Language, The Arts and Digital Technology
Cara Gibson, Reading, Written Language, Visual Art and Music
Tom Hall, Reading, Written Language, Mathematics and Science
Rose Rotherham, Mathematics, Reading, Written Language, Visual Art and Inquiry
Layla Rowntree, Reading, Mathematics, Visual Art and Science

Room 2
Mia Tolich, Reading and Visual Art
Samira Gould, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and The Arts
Olive Robinson, Mathematics and Reading
Clay Lincoln, Reading, Mathematics and Physical Education
River Stevens, Mathematics and Inquiry
Jake Duckworth, Reading and Inquiry

Room 3
Jaycie Willis, Reading, Mathematics and Digital Technology
Brodie Hole, Reading, Mathematics and Inquiry
Jacob Aldiss, Mathematics, Reading, Visual Art and Digital Technology
May Ashdown, Writing, Reading and Visual Art
Lachie MacMenigall, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Digital Technology
Brenna MacMenigall, Reading, Writing, Music and Visual Art

Room 4
Alexander Walker, Reading and Mathematics
Yuzu Endo, Mathematics
Eli Hetrick, Reading
Lochlan Noakes, Mathematics
Makai Young, Reading, Mathematics and Inquiry
Sage Abdelnoor, Written Language, Visual Art and Physical Education

Room 5
Zoe Mallet, Reading, Written Language and Integrated Curriculum
Rhianna Henshaw, Reading and Written Language
Ruby Whitaker, Reading, Written Language, Mathematics and Integrated Curriculum
Leo Jones, Reading and Mathematics
Olive Nelson Welch, Reading and Written Language
Maddie Fenwick, Mathematics, Written Language and Visual Art

Room 6
Paolo Scott, Mathematics, Physical Education and Visual Art
Elliot Barnes, Mathematics and Inquiry
Lilah O'Neill, Reading, Te Reo Maori and Inquiry
Rufus Dew, Reading, Te Reo Maori and Mathematics
Jarvis Williams, Reading, Te Reo Maori and Mathematics
Maisie Perkins, Written Language, Reading and Mathematics

Room 7
Indy Ross, Reading, Written Language, Mathematics and Physical Education
Erin Dabb, Reading and Visual Art
Summer-Rose Watson, Reading and Written Language
Archie Roberts, Mathematics, Written Language, Integrated Curriculum and Visual Art
Jack Williamson, Reading, Mathematics and Integrated Technology
Ethan Wilson-Vogler, Reading, Written Language, Science and Digital Technology

Room 8
Griffin Tagliabue, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry
Ella-Rose Hawke, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry
Luca O'Brien, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry
Joshua West, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry
Maia Gavin, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry
Jodi Potter, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Inquiry

Room 9
Jack Plowman, Physical Education, Literacy, Mathematics, Inquiry and Drama
Mia Anderson, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Literacy, Mathematics and Inquiry
Bobby Ming, Mathematics and Digital Literacy
Alexandria Skinner, Literacy, Physical Education and The Arts
Maggie Redman, Mathematics, Literacy and Visual Art
Freddy Komornicki, Mathematics, Digital Literacy and Inquiry

Room 10
Cassidy Bowe, Literacy and Mathematics
Matai Harrison, Literacy and Mathematics
Kaiya Jones, Literacy
Amelia Watt, Literacy and Mathematics
Jesse Webster, Literacy, Mathematics, Te Reo and Visual Art
Isla Taylor, Literacy and Mathematics

Room 11
Poppy Jones, Literacy and Visual Art
Jai Billish, Mathematics and Physical Education
Pearse O'Malley, Reading and Mathematics
Billie Gillbanks, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Inquiry

Room 12
Zac Masterton, Mathematics and Literacy
Luka Kirk, Writing and Visual Art
Emma Nouata, Literacy
Madi Kensington, Literacy
Alistar Ming, Mathematics and Digital Literacy
Ethan Hoy, Mathematics and Digital Literacy

Room 13
Luca Jamieson, Mathematics, Literacy and Inquiry
Luci Hollister, Mathematics, Physical Education and Literacy
Jamie Hunter, Mathematics and Physical Education
Sam Anderson, Mathematics, Literacy and Science
Rebecca Steffens, Mathematics and Literacy
Siarrah Hawke, Literacy

Room 14
Rafi Grocott, Mathematics and Reading
Jordyn Whittaker, English, Mathematics and Science
Oli Lovell, Mathematics and Physical Education
Jeremy Pennington, Mathematics, Writing and Science
Tiki Iti Atkinson, English
Amalia Kesha, English and Mathematics

Room 15
Brenna Wright, English and Mathematics
Alba Dew, Writing, Arts and Technology
Ella Gregory, Arts
Alina Rutherford, Reading
Millie Rotherham, English and Mathematics
Noah Gavin, Technology

Room 16
Sebastien Bardsley, Mathematics, English and Science
Katie Lovell, English
Ben Searle, Mathematics
Emily Warhaft, Mathematics, English and Technology
Zari Lindsay, English
Kai Jenks, Mathematics and Science

Grace Boam, Mathematics and Literacy
Basel Scott, Mathematics, Science, Technology and Physical Education
Holly Mellor, The Arts and Mathematics
Corbyn Bowe, Mathematics
Rubyjade Jones, Reading
Lennox Buckley, Physical Education, Science and Technology

Matthew Alexander, Mathematics
Yana Mitchell, English and Mathematics
Sequoia Thomson, English and The Arts
Ryder Breslin, Mathematics and Reading
Ethan Barter, Science and Technology
Caleb Francis, Mathematics, Science and Technology

Room 18
Commitment to Learning
Ethan Reeve, Reading
Leo Schmidt, All Curriculum Areas
Daniel Tatlock, Writing
Sidney Morgan, Mathematics

Room 19
Commitment to Learning
Harper Ross, All Curriculum Areas
Aria Mann, Reading
Seth Hibbert, Mathematics
Valialofa Manulele, Writing

Room 20
Paige Watt, Reading and Mathematics
Isaac Harrison, Reading and Inquiry
Olive Worrall, Reading and Writing
Amelia Scott-Davidson, All Curriculum Areas

Room 21
Kobe Young, Reading and Mathematics
London Maddox, Reading and Mathematics
Sarina Kesha, Reading and Mathematics
Maisie McGregor, Reading and Writing

Room 22
Lucas Neale, Mathematics
Clover Yahel, Reading
Commitment to Learning
Abigail Thomas, Reading and Writing
Breeze Jameson, All Curriculum Areas

Room 23
Willow Tripe, Reading and Mathematics
Commitment to Learning
Cora Scherberg, Reading and Writing
Gwen Evans, Reading and Mathematics
Maxime Van Dijk, All Curriculum Areas

Room 24
Isla Steward, Reading
Commitment to Learning
Finn Johnson, All Curriculum Areas
Senna Coath-Ridland, All Curriculum Areas
Lexi Baker, Reading

Room 25
Joshua Williamson, Mathematics and Inquiry
Isaac Gibson, Reading and Mathematics
Commitment to Learning
Josie Kerlin, All Curriculum Areas
Ivy Van de Elzen, All Curriculum Areas

Room 26 
Dax Hudson, Mathematics
Commitment to Learning
Luka Lum, Mathematics and Writing
Georgia Alarcon, Writing, Reading and Mathematics
Jordan Rowntree, Writing and Mathematics

Room 27
Zoe Supeck, Reading
Alexis Bollond, Writing
Reggie Roberts, Mathematics
Commitment to Learning
Delilah Blackwell, Reading and Writing

Room 28
Jaxon Ward, Reading and Visual Art
Rose Killip, Reading
Marisa Le Divenah, Mathematics
Phoenix Thomson, Visual Art

Room 29
Ella Ross, Reading and Visual Art
Luka Paulsen, Mathematics
Gemma O'Brien, Mathematics, English and Technology
Natalie Osmond, English, Visual Art and Technology
Orlando Fierro, Mathematics and Technology

Room 30
Ferguson Wright, Mathematics, Reading, Science and Technology
James Perrett, Mathematics and English
Hayley Sutherland, Mathematics
Toby Clelland, Mathematics and English
Bethany Irving, Mathematics and English
Hendrix Darvill, Mathematics, English, Science and Technology

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Citizenship Award Recipients
Our Citizenship awards, presented to those children who have demonstrated care, thoughtfulness, and consideration to others are regarded as the most important awards we give. 

Winner of the Mary Gibson Citizenship Cup
Harriet Barter

Tarawera Team
Room 18 Luke Perrett
Room 19 Saskia Moors
Room 20 Goldie Kirk
Room 21 Niko Wilkie
Room 22 Arlo Haldane
Room 23 Indie Coath-Ridland
Room 24 Grace Walker
Room 25 Saskia Franklin
Room 26 Ayla Mitchell
Room 27 Zoe Taylor
Room 28 Cameron Francis
Ruapehu Team
Room 1 India Macdonald
Room 2 Jake Duckworth
Room 3 Cleo Lindsay
Room 4 Lauren Barron
Room 5 Riley Hall
Room 6 Lilah O'Neill
Room 7 Israel Harris
Room 8 Olivia Nouata
Tongariro Team
Room 26 Eli Corbett
Room 16 Katie Lovell
Room H1 Lennox Buckley
Room H2 Jessica Broughton
Room 29 Jasmin Wilson
Room 30 Sam Elliot
Ngauruhoe Team
Room 9 Mia Anderson
Room 10 Amelia Watt
Room 11 Tom Lovell
Room 12 Harriet Barter
Room 13 Luci Hollister
Room 14 Jessica Newton

House Captain Certificates
Amelia Watt, Waitaheke Watene-Tautari, Benjamin Brookes, Ella Pike, Finn Carpenter, Rishi Raj, Kea Hoskins, Jamie Hunter

Student Council Certificates
Luci Hollister, Harriet Barter, Layla Woodland, Madi Kensington, Luca Jamieson, Rafi Grocott, Henry Fisher, Jack Plowman


Student Achievement
Ribbon Day
Waimauku School sent a team to compete at the Equestrian Intermediate Interschool Ribbon Day at the Papatoetoe Pony Club in Clevedon. Despite a thundery start, hail and pouring rain, a great day was had by all. Special mention for Francesca Bishell, who won Champion in the Open Jumping section. The team placed 7th overall.  Team members: Rebecca Steffens, Francesca Bishell and Monica Richardson.
Waimauku School Basketball did really well in the finals!  U9s Misfits A grade won, U11s A grade Goonies came 2nd, lost by only 1 point and Jaws U14s  A grade came 2nd.

Student Voice
Room 22 have been working on this beautiful four season artwork. 

Community Notices

Thank you to those parents who have nominated our school when purchasing bulk fuel deliveries from Northfuels. For every 100 litres of fuel purchased, 50c is donated to our school, which can go towards sponsorship funds for a sports equipment package or a technology package.  We would appreciate any other parents nominating our school too if they also purchase from Northfuel. For more information, please visit or call 0800 4 THE KIDS  (0800 484 3543). Many thanks for supporting Waimauku School! 

During school hours at Waimauku School; or at Muriwai Studio.  All ages and levels; for fun, for skills and/or for exams.  Qualified (DipMus, DipPerformArts, ExecCertMus, LTCL, AIRMTNZ). 
Experienced and Registered Teacher.

Text Megan Quatermass,
027 644 3707 or email
CREATIVE MATTERS | Art Classes for children aged 6 - 13

TERM 1 2020 at Waimauku School | MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS 3pm - 5pm

Dare to Explore (Kia Maia te Whai) Summer Reading Adventure

Looking for fun, free ways to keep your Children/ tamariki learning and building their reading skills over summer? Sign up for Kia Māia te Whai- Dare to Explore, Auckland Libraries’ summer reading programme for children aged 5-12 years.


Don’t miss out! You can register online from 18 November at and collect your free booklet from any one of the 54 Auckland libraries from December 9th onwards. This is a great activity to do with friends, so encourage your child’s buddies to come along and join the adventure. Fill your children’s summer holidays with exciting challenges and take part in the free activities offered at your local library. There will be parties at the end of the programme to celebrate your success.


Children can join the programme from home, at the library, online, or away on holiday. 

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