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St. Johannes Lutheran Church
July 7, 2019

  • Dr. Michael Kogan's Bible Study Tuesdays at 6pm 
  • Teacher's Supply Closet Outreach Collection

    See information below
  • New section on member's trips/travels/vacations
  • Our service project for July

God is the source of our nourishment. Our Lord’s invitation to “take and eat . . . take and drink” is a repeated one. In the holy eucharist, in the word read and proclaimed, in the assembly of the people of God, the dominion of God has come near. Rejoice! Your name is written in heaven.

Bereaved: The family and friends of Bill Fenn
Sick and Recovering: John Fowlkes, Howard Walker, Bob Oswald, Marlene Barton, Mary Sweat, Jeff Phillips, George Kornahrens, Elmore Marlow,  Anne Foster, Carol Drowota, Ted Bowers, Donald Foster, Jr., Billy Cornwell, Marilyn Stehmeier, Harry Kluttz, Leslie Carpenter, Pooh Kanapaux,and Ashley Byrd's daughter, Elizabeth and her unborn child.
Heavenly Father, your Holy Spirit, like a wind from heaven, blows away all that is bad. May that holy wind blow away the sadness and the wickedness in our world, and bring calm and peace. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit burns up like fire, to cleanse and renew. May that cleansing fire make us clean on the inside, destroying sin, and changing us for good. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit is like a flame that enlightens human hearts. May that flame lighten our darkness, and guide us in the ways of peace and justice. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit hovered over the world at the beginning of creation. May that hovering Spirit descend on our world today, to mend and to heal, to restore all that is damaged, and bring about the fullness of your new creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Christian Music For Pentecost
Taizé Music For Pentecost

4th Sunday After Pentecost
Worship Assistant: Barbara Pace
Lector: Andy Hogue

Acolyte: Jean Rivas
Communion Assistant: Barbara Williams
Council members of the Month: Susan Crocker and Barbara Williams

Thanks to all who have signed up for altar flower donations.  We currently have openings in August and beyond.  If there are special dates in between where folks want to provide flowers, we can always add pedestal flowers.  Please contact Amy Bifano in the office.

The volunteer position of "Flower Person" is currently available.  If you are interested in handling this job, please let the Pastor know!

Independence Day
Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day of celebration was fun!

We have two flags that stand in our church.  The U.S. flag reminds us of our American way of life and the common values that unite us as one nation under God.  The Christian flag reminds us of our dependence on God, our loyalty to Jesus Christ, and the mission we share together.  The Christian Pledge: "I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands: One Savior, crucfied, risen, and coming again with life and liberty to all who believe." Amen.

Outreach Project for St. Johannes for Month of July

During the month of July we will be collecting school supplies to include: blunt-nose scissors, glue sticks, and 24 pack crayons.  Please place all supplies in the red wagon.  Contact Robbin Mosier (843-813-8355) with questions.
Beginning this week, I would like to share pictures and information about how our members at St. Johannes spend their summer vacations or travels during the year!  Please email some pictures and info to me (,  or if you are in church and have an iphone you can airdrop the pictures directly to me.

Joyce and Tom Pinckney embarked on an adventure to Ireland this summer! Enjoy some of their landscapes, pictures of fabulous meals, and the special moments they shared!

The beautiful "Clarinet and Friends" Concert was held on Saturday, June 29th here at St. Johannes.  Aaron Lipsky, a rising 11th grader from Asheville played the clarinet.  He was accompanied by Alex Watson on the piano.
It was an amazing display of talent that warmed our hearts and refreshed our memories of the beautiful music of Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein,George Gershwin, and many others.  
The Parsonage at
St. Johannes

Call Manager, Barbara Pace, to schedule your wedding, reception, bridal luncheon, dinner party, including week's stay in this beautiful home!

Stay tuned for our planning session for FALL

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