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St. Johannes Lutheran Church
August 11, 2019


  • Reception for Pastor after church in The Parsonage

  • Dr. Michael Kogan's Bible Study Tuesdays at 6pm 
  • Tricounty Family Ministries August Collection
  • See information below

This is Rev. Alvin Shrum's  last Sunday as Pastor of St. Johannes Lutheran Church.  Please join us for his last service and reception after church in the Parsonage.

God sent Pastor Alvin to minister to the desciples of St. Johannes Lutheran Church. It is with a heavy heart that we send you to your new ministry at Franke at Seaside to be their chaplin. Thank you for all the many gifts and blessings you gave to us, and we wish you peace and joy on your new journey!

Chuck Long, Editor

Jesus says, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It is God’s promise from the beginning—to Abraham, to the early church, and to the “little flock” of which we are a part today in assembly. Faith, God’s baptismal gift, trusts the promises of God. Have no fear.

  • Genesis 15:1-6 
    God’s promise of a child for Abram and Sarai

  • Psalm 33:12-22 
    Let your lovingkindness be upon us, as we place our hope in you. (Ps. 33:22)

  • Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16 
    A model for us: Abraham’s faith in a new home given by God

  • Luke 12:32-40 
    God will give you the treasure of the kingdom; sell all that you have

Sick and Recovering: Maude Hickman, John Fowlkes, Howard Walker, Andy Hogue, Diane Hogue, Marlene Barton, Amanda Long Robertson, Jeff Phillips, George Kornahrens, Elmore Marlow,  Anne Foster, Carol Drowota, Brad Wiedenman, Leslie Carpenter, Donald Foster, Jr., Billy Cornwell, Marilyn Stehmeier, Harry Kluttz, Leslie Carpenter, Pooh Kanapaux,and Ashley Byrd's daughter, Elizabeth and her unborn child
Heavenly Father, your Holy Spirit, like a wind from heaven, blows away all that is bad. May that holy wind blow away the sadness and the wickedness in our world, and bring calm and peace. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit burns up like fire, to cleanse and renew. May that cleansing fire make us clean on the inside, destroying sin, and changing us for good. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit is like a flame that enlightens human hearts. May that flame lighten our darkness, and guide us in the ways of peace and justice. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit hovered over the world at the beginning of creation. May that hovering Spirit descend on our world today, to mend and to heal, to restore all that is damaged, and bring about the fullness of your new creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Christian Music For Pentecost
Taizé Music For Pentecost

       9th Sunday After Pentecost

Worship Assistant: Barbara Pace
Lector: Andy Hogue

Acolyte: Jean Rivas
Council members of the Month:  Kirsten Hughes and Andy Hogue

Chuck Long is our interim organist.

Special thanks to Alexis Singleton, Soprano section leader.

Thanks to all who have signed up for altar flower donations.  We currently have openings August 25th and beyond.  Please contact Amy Bifano in the office (843)722-8906 if you would like to donate flowers.

The volunteer position of "Flower Person" is currently available.  If you are interested in handling this job, please let the Pastor know!

Please welcome our

Outreach Project for St. Johannes for Month of July

We will be collecting supplies for Tricounty Family Ministries in the month of August.  Items in desperate need include:
Deodorant for men and women
Styrofoam plates with three compartments
Canned food with pop tops (i.e.: Vienna Sausage, Ravioli, tuna fish)

Thanks so much for supporting this wonderful ministry!

I am continuing to share pictures and information about how our members at St. Johannes spend their summer vacations or travels during the year!  Please email some pictures and info to me (,  or if you are in church and have an iphone you can airdrop the pictures directly to me.
The Parsonage at
St. Johannes

Call Manager, Barbara Pace, to schedule your wedding, reception, bridal luncheon, dinner party, including week's stay in this beautiful home!

Stay tuned for our planning session for FALL

A former SC State Teacher of the Year's husband, Pastor Phillip, wrote these very appropriate words for ALL OF US:

Overcoming negative people - don’t we all need this?  I do! ❤️

Educators and Church Members- we need this message
1. Discouraging delayers.  Seek wise counsel - people that know you and know God. 
2. Fearful doubters. They fear so they try to create doubt for you.   They can’t see past their fears.   Give them grace.  They can’t help it. 
3. Judgmental disapprovers.  They don’t question your abilities.  They question motives.  They question character. They want to keep you in “your place.”  This is the worst kind for me personally.  Ugh!  I don’t want to be like this for anyone.  They withhold their approval.  They are manipulating you and holding their approval over you.  
How to overcome these negative folks -
1. Limit their influence and impact.  Are they part of your squad?  If not, stop giving them this hold over you.  It’s all about your attitude.   You can’t control them.  You CAN control the power you give them.  They are NOT God.  He is so much bigger than them.  Period.   
2. Don’t get distracted.  Focus on your mission.  Don’t lose focus.   You can do this!  Stop arguing about stuff y’all and go forth and act like Jesus. 
3. Rely on God’s promises. Only He never disappoints.

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Assistant editor: Amy Bifano
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