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St. Johannes Lutheran Church
August 25, 2019

  • Dr. Michael Kogan's Bible Study Tuesdays at 6pm 
  • Tricounty Family Ministries August Collection
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What Did Jesus Reveal About God in Luke 17?

  • Jesus revealed the compassionate heart of God in this story. He initiated this woman’s healing.

  • He demonstrated that God knows everything, the cause and the cure!

  • He revealed some of God purposes for the Sabbath. It was not a day for misery and bondage, but a day for praise and freedom.

  • He revealed that God knows the motives of the heart and is not impressed with external behavior that masks unbelief, jealousy, and hatred. GOD HATES HYPOCRISY.

  • He revealed that God is greater than Satan and has authority over him.

  • Isaiah 58:9b-14 
    Do not trample the sabbath, but feed the hungry

  • Psalm 103:1-8 
    The Lord crowns you with mercy and steadfast love. (Ps. 103:4)

  • Hebrews 12:18-29 
    You have come to the city of the living God and to Jesus

  • Luke 13:10-17 
    Jesus heals a crippled woman on the sabbath and is condemned

Sick and Recovering: Marie Mood, Maude Hickman, John Fowlkes, Howard Walker, Andy Hogue, Diane Hogue, Mary Sweat, Jeff Phillips, George Kornahrens, Elmore Marlow,  Anne Foster, Carol Drowota, Brad Wiedenman, Brett Steinbrecher, Leslie Carpenter, Ann Foster, Ted Bowers, Bob Oswald,  Donald Foster, Jr., Billy Cornwell, Marilyn Stehmeier, Harry Kluttz, Leslie Carpenter, Pooh Kanapaux,and Ashley Byrd's daughter, Elizabeth and her unborn child.
Heavenly Father, your Holy Spirit, like a wind from heaven, blows away all that is bad. May that holy wind blow away the sadness and the wickedness in our world, and bring calm and peace. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit burns up like fire, to cleanse and renew. May that cleansing fire make us clean on the inside, destroying sin, and changing us for good. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit is like a flame that enlightens human hearts. May that flame lighten our darkness, and guide us in the ways of peace and justice. Generous God pour out your love. • Your Holy Spirit hovered over the world at the beginning of creation. May that hovering Spirit descend on our world today, to mend and to heal, to restore all that is damaged, and bring about the fullness of your new creation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Son of God Hillsong Worship
Taizé Music For Pentecost

       9th Sunday After Pentecost

Worship Assistant: Frank Campailla
Lector: Pedro Rivas

Acolyte: Barbara Pace
Council members of the Month:  Kirsten Hughes and Andy Hogue


Thanks to all who have signed up for altar flower donations.  We currently have openings September 22nd and beyond.  Please contact Amy Bifano in the office (843)722-8906 if you would like to donate flowers.

The volunteer position of "Flower Person" is currently available.  If you are interested in handling this job, please let the Parish Administrator know!

Please welcome our two supply pastors:

Pastor Steve Cooper
Pastor Rich Donaghue

"God Blesses Those Who Are Honest" Click for Music
Welcome to
David Ivan Lewis
son of Kyle Lewis and Dana Dawson
Received by Holy Baptism on August 11, 2019 by Pastor Alvin

Pastor Alvin Shrum's Farewell Reception and sermon

Grace, mercy and peace to you through God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit.  Amen.
I’ve been thinking a while about what I want to say today.  It has been not been an easy task.  But with the baptism of little David Lewis, this has made it is somewhat easier.  I say this because… today we are reminded of God’s loving and merciful claim on our lives – through Baptism!
So first… I want to say: “thank you” for your love, faithfulness, prayers, encouragement, and above all, thank you for being the Church of God that lifted high the cross of Jesus Christ… while you HONORED me to be your pastor.
Secondly, I want to remind each of you that Jesus was and still is our supreme leader… and he will be our leader in the months and years that follow.  Keep your eyes of faith on Christ!
So as I leave you, I leave you with Christ…, which is the greatest gift anyone can offer you!  And I say and declare: “The Lord is with you… to lead you, even in times of transition!”
Yet, I know change can be hard.  Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is quite challening.  And today we are thinking about the changes that have occurred… and changes that will continue to occur in the life of the church.  But stay focused on Christ!
For all of you who have spend anytime reading the Holy Gospels, you know that the Hebrew Christians went through huge changes… in their practice of faith and in their leadership.  They had recognized that their entire history as a people had been leading up to the coming of Jesus Christ as their Messiah.  
In fact, the Hebrew Christians were being accused of having rejected the religion and traditions of their fathers… for a new and different religion – led by this man called Jesus Christ.
But change does not have to be the end; change can bring unrealized blessings and a new start!
Having said this, let us always keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, and is now at the right hand of God… to make intercession for you and me… and lead you forward…onward and upward… together.
Since its airing on TV 36 years ago (in February of 1983), the series fi-na-le of the award-winning show M*A*S*H, was entitled: “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen.” 
This show was reflective of the Korean War amid the horrors of war: wounded soldiers, sniper bullets, bombs and doctors and nurses who relied on humor, faith and hearts of compassion to keep sane.  Through their common experience, the members of the 4077th MASH became a close knit family and community.
In the culminating episode: “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen,” the community finally receives some long awaited good news – the war was over and they would soon be returning home to their families and friends! 
And it was a cause for celebration and yet for sad “goodbyes.”  The doctors and nurses and OTHER SOLDIERS… soon realize that “going home” means their current relationships would end as they departed for various destinations in the United States.
But the two short and simple words: “good-bye” carries the heavy weight of finality… and time going forward - will be different.  For some of us, we are experiencing anxiety, pain, sadness and reluctance toward saying the two words that acknowledge the end of a particular relationship and ministry – here at St. Johannes.  Saying “good-bye” is not always easy!
Jesus and the disciples who loved and held Jesus close in their hearts… likely experienced some some of our same emotions.  When Jesus announced that he would be leaving, they knew a huge change was coming as they shared a meal together in the upper room.
I imagine their emotions were like a twisting roller-a-coaster… as Jesus talked about going away.  But Jesus did not let them dwell on their fear and sadness; he assured the disciples that they would not be abandoned; he promised them that the Spirit would abide in and with them.
This promise resides firmly in the words and Sacrament of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.  Jesus does not abandoned us and our Heaven Father has joined us to the death and RESURRECTION of our Jesus Christ and made us members of the BODY OF CHRIST…and we belong to him and HE belongs to us!
As Edward White points out in the book entitled: Saying Goodbye: A Time of Growth for Congregations and Pastors, we read: “Often it is the transitions of life that are the greatest occasions for growth.  We can discover new things about ourselves and about the God who is with us in the transitions.”
My hope is that each of you will discover some amazing things about ourselves and God… in this transitional time.
So hold fast to those “farewell” words and know that life is full of change.  Continue to be a follower of Christ by standing for what is right and honorable; encourage and support one another; seek to do good, and above all, pray and let your life be a thanks-living-thanks-giving LIFE… for the mercy and claim God has on your life.
So I encourage you to do the things God intends for you to do; open your eyes to see change… as painful and difficult as it may seem,…as a new beginning, rather than an ending.
Be reminded every day of God’s wonderful presence in your life and don’t let people drag you down – because God is GREATER!
SO be encouraged with hope as you go forward!  I say this because I have seen your shinny expressions of God’s presence during our worship services; in our fellowship events; in our community activities; in baptisms, weddings, funerals, pastoral visits, and in our Council meetings.
Those shinny expressions of God’s presence have shaped and will continue to shape all of us to be the people God calls us to be.
And these shinny expressions of God’s presence will forever connect us and forever illuminate the separate paths we travel… to do the work of Christ.
So remember, the Lord is with you… to lead you, even in times of transition!”  So I leave and share Jesus Christ… with each one of you.  I remind you of his love and merciful claim on your life which began at the Font in Holy Baptism and with the gift of faith.
You see, this is where we became family - in the Kingdom of God and it is sustained - by God’s love in the Sacrament of Holy Communion! 
But for now, I say: Farewell.  God-speed.  And Amen.
Pastor Alvin Shrum

Outreach Project for St. Johannes for Month of August

We will be collecting supplies for Tricounty Family Ministries in the month of August.  Items in desperate need include:
Deodorant for men and women
Styrofoam plates with three compartments
Canned food with pop tops (i.e.: Vienna Sausage, Ravioli, tuna fish)

Thanks so much for supporting this wonderful ministry!


Check out Robbin Duc Mosier, Diane Duc McDanel, and Chaz Duc's yearly fun trip! It is so special that the brother and two sisters take a trip once a year to spend time together re-bonding their family! This year's trip took them to the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado and then on to Taos, New Mexico to the Rio Grande River Gorge. 

I am continuing to share pictures and information about how our members at St. Johannes spend their summer vacations or travels during the year!  Please email some pictures and info to me (,  or if you are in church and have an iphone you can airdrop the pictures directly to me. Section will close on August 27th. Thank you to all who shared pictures!
The Parsonage at
St. Johannes

Call Manager, Barbara Pace, to schedule your wedding, reception, bridal luncheon, dinner party, including week's stay in this beautiful home!

Stay tuned for our planning session for FALL

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