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Welcome to Sacha Black's FIRST, slightly odd but, full of awesome sauce newsletter

Excuse me whilst I do a girlie scream for my first ever newsletter and dance about like Ricky Gervais in the Office....


Did I just admit...? Moving on.

Genuinely, thank you for signing up. It really does mean the world to me, not least because I have yet another outlet to waffle in. 

This month we have loads in store, including:

  • 3 MUST enter writing competitions that close this month
  • Problem Corner 101
  • My top writing tool recommendation
  • Inspiration, weird words and my unusual recommendation of the month 
  • And a full round up of all the posts you might of missed in March 
If there's anything else you would like to see in this newsletter drop me a line, it's a work in progress so I'd love your feedback good or bad.

Book Updates

I've been busy editing, I am now 20K words into an edit of my first draft of Keepers. Sadly, like in my posts, rather than kill my babies, I seem to have reproduced wildly in a rampant affair with scrivener. Now some poor sod is going to have to beta read 100,000 words of my drivel rather than 80,000. Oops. My bad.

In other news, I am also in the throes (wait a sec, there's a theme emerging here) of writing a Non-Fiction book. I figured if share enough of the lessons I learn on my website, I could do the same in a novel. So, here's to announcing the fact I am writing a book on creating sphincter tightening villains. It's called:

13 Steps to Evil

Umm, anyone else think I picked a name that sounds like an AA programme for sociopaths? Awkward. 

13 Steps to Evil will, if I can source some kind of mythical writing crack that makes me write faster than warp speed, get published this year. *squeals*

I am also about to paper my entire house with rejection letters - wish me luck, I'm hoping they send grey letter paper to match the sofa!
Competition Time

If you're not entering competitions as a writer, then you should be. Especially the short ones. It's a great muscle flexing activity if nothing else. Each month I will post three competitions closing in the next month to six weeks. I like a little deadline pressure and no one enters them till the last minute anyway.

So April closers:

75 Word Competition - Entry Fee £2, prizes: £40; £20; £15 (Closes 30th April)
750 Word Competition - Entry Fee £5.00 or £3.50 for subscribers, Prizes £200 and runner up £50 - Both published (Closes 14th April)
100 Word and/or 1000 Word Competition (This is my lovely writing tutors comp, so if you enter any, enter these ones!) see link for more details, £2 entry. 1000 word story is themed 'treasure' money prizes for both.

Monthly Round Up

Need a bit of writing inspiration? Try this months Writespiration challenges:

#82 Nostalgia That Hurts
#82.5 Worst Opening & Closing Lines
#83 Black Out
#84 Shits & Giggles Game

For some strange and unusual wonderings to inspire stories, check these posts out:

A Writers' Guide to Science Fiction vs. Reality - Alien Species

Problem Corner 101

I have so many writing problems I could genuinely open my own support group. 

I figured this was a chance to solve some of them, or some of your problems. I love nothing better than adorning my geek glasses and sitting down to research. So if you have any writing woes let me know, otherwise, each month I will selfishly solve my own and share them with you.

Drop me a line (
This month the tool of the month is Grammarly.

I am beyond abysmal at grammar. I have tried LITERALLY everything to improve. But alas, I am still shite! So I resort to editors and apps.

Grammarly is a grammar checking tool. You can use it online or download the app to your computer (which I did). It will check basic grammar and pick up problems and errors in your work, making useful suggestions for you to edit. The gold dust (having ALL your errors corrected) unfortunately, requires a monthly subscription. But for basic proofing I have found it really useful. It picks up all those stupid errors you make like word substitutions, typos you can't see and misplaced commas.
Writespiration of the Month: Shits & Giggles
If you fancy playing a game to get your writing juices flowing then check out this months star writespiration: Shits and Giggles
This article was sent to me by my dear friend Sarah B. It made my week. This word defines the emotional relief gained from swearing. Read the article it's hilarious. But not for the faint of heart.
There was only one weekly wonder this month, so I thought I'd take us back to Big Brother and the Black Knight Satellite 
Last but by no means least, I thought I would set a challenge in the newsletter. If you fancy joining in, then write a story or poem based on this photo in less than 200 words. If you want to send them to me I'll feature my favourite entry next month. If not, then just use it as an exercise.
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