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Spun is closed on Easter Sunday
Coming to Fiber Expo next weekend?
In spite of recent, distressing setbacks in Michigan's COVID numbers, we are happy to see one sign of things inching back to normalcy with Fiber Expo returning next weekend, April 10 and 11, at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds in Saline. The event takes place in a well-ventilated space, and all mandated COVID precautions will be followed. If you're traveling to the area for Fiber Expo and plan to include a visit to Spun, please keep in mind that we are continuing to limit capacity in the store to 10 guests at a time. We have been keeping our windows open at the shop over the past year, we have our space clearly marked to enable distancing, and we require the use of effective face coverings (no mesh masks, no face shields without masks) at all times within our shop. Please bear in mind that if you just need to pick something up and know what you want, we do offer free curbside pickup, either through our website or for orders taken over the phone. In years past, Fiber Expo would often bring us more than 10 guests at a time, so if you want to ensure yourself a space, please consider taking advantage of one of our half-hour shopping appointments available on Sunday, April 11, from 9-11am. We will maintain our 10-guest limit during these appointments, and you can reserve a spot (specifying the number of people in your party) by emailing
Project of the Week!
Designed by Martina Behm and knit by Anne in
Six & Seven Fibers Sunflower (in Spun's custom colorway, Huron!)
Well, the lovely Anne can't say enough about this project and has already cast on another! Martina Behm’s Brickless is a long, graceful, asymmetrical triangle, with simple but effective patterning that evokes a skyline of tall houses. We’ve kitted it up in soft, worsted weight Sunflower (100% merino), a non-superwash hand-dye that shows off its colors with a muted elegance. Each kit includes 3 skeins of Six and Seven Fibers Sunflower in your choice of color (including our custom color, Huron!) and the pattern for Martina Behm’s Brickless, which will make one shawl approximately 14" deep with a 72" wingspan. 
Shop Brickless kits here.
Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowls
Crafted in Highland, MI by Andrew Scott
Each of these yarn bowls, handmade in Michigan by Andrew Scott, is a unique and stunning piece of art, signed and dated by Mr. Scott, with the wood varieties noted on the base. This week brings us new beauties from Mr. Scott: a segmented Box Elder, Ash, and Resin (left), a single-variety Box Elder (center), and a layered Cherry, Elm, and resin (right). These go quickly so act fast (we actually had four in this week, but one went out the door before we could send this newsletter!). 
Shop Andrew Scott Wooden Yarn Bowls here. 
also just in from Mr. Scott . . .
Wooden Shawl Pins
Tucked into the delivery of yarn bowls was a new selection of Mr. Scott's pins. Each is unique, with the variety of both ring and pin noted on the accompanying tag. If you order online, you may give us some guidance regarding color in the comments field at checkout, or let us choose something beautiful for you!
Shop Wooden Shawl Pins here.
Spun Spotlight 
Meet former Spunster and eternal design genius Alex Tinsley
Back in 2015, Alex Tinsley was on a list of designers that we wanted to represent in our soon-to-open shop: her designs are clever and accessible, showcasing her ever-evident wit and creativity. Then, to our happy surprise, Alex dropped us a line when we actively started looking for for staff members. We hadn't yet met in person when, at that year's fall Fiber Expo (see the theme?), we noticed Alex browsing yarn one booth over. It is possible that our overly enthusiastic "Hey!" caught her off guard at that first meeting, but she politely pretended to know who we were and what was going on ("Oh, um, hey!"), but we all connected the various necessary dots soon enough. Alex is funny, creative, thoughtful, generous, and awfully smart. She's launched a bunch of new ventures since leaving Spun. Her latest is her most ambitious: an online-for-now and soon-to-be brick-and-mortar fabric shop in Ypsi. We caught up to find out more. 

What kind(s) of knitting are your favorites?
Hats have always been my favorite--they're quick and don't take much yarn (I'm a single-skein hoarder), but you can apply just about any technique to them. Plus, I prefer knitting in the round, and I always have cold ears. This last year, with all the stress and confusion and resulting brain fog, I've been finding that the only thing I want to knit is 1x1 ribbed beanies using fingering weight singles held double. I swear it makes the perfect hat and I've probably cranked out a dozen by now.

What is your knitting background?
I learned, as I learn many things, primarily out of spite--my 10th-grade boyfriend dumped me for a girl who knew how to knit, which he thought was pretty cool--and I (completely missing the point) was like, "Whatever, anyone can do that." So I taught myself out of a Melanie Falick book for kids. Joke's on me, I fell in love with it and made a decade-long career out of it, haha.

My approach to designing has usually been "What can I make with this pretty yarn I found?", sometimes mixed with "What technique do I feel like exploring today?" Occasionally I have a particular end product in mind and I shop specifically for it, but more often than not, the yarn comes first.

What advice would you give to someone who is just learning how to knit?
Fully expect your first few projects to be janky--it's part of the process and it doesn't mean you're not doing well! Choose materials that feel good in your hands. And once you've knit a bit, sit down and look super closely at your knitting. Follow an individual strand and see where it goes. That will help you learn to read your knitting, which will in turn help you with EVERYTHING.

We first met you as a knitwear designer but you actually design all sorts of stuff. Do tell!
I'm like one of those eccentric old ladies that collects stray cats, except it's hobbies. In the last decade I've knit, crocheted, woven, spun, drum-carded, embroidered, sewn, dyed, painted, drawn, macramed, and the list of things I'd *like* to learn to do is twice as long. Recently I've been devoting most of my time to illustration and product design--enamel pins, tee shirts, etc.--for my business Wild Hunt. I've also recently gotten into quilting (with the so-far-online-only-but-hopefully-not-forever shop to match), and am really trying to resist buying a rug-tufting gun (my stimulus just hit today, uh oh).

What is a knitting tool you just couldn't live without?
I've used many, many needles over the years and I'll struggle through with just about anything, but by far my favorite is Knitter's Pride Dreamz. The wood is quiet and smooth, the tips are just the right amount of pointy, the cords are ideal, and I appreciate the color-coding.

Anything else you'd like to share?
Some other places to find me and my designs, if you're so inclined:
  • Pins, tees, merch, and some knitting patterns (trying to get the rest up soon!) here.
  • If you're a sewist as well as a knitter, this is my new shop.
  • All my patterns are on Ravelry: OR you can find me on Instagram as @wildhuntdesign or @ypsilantidrygoods!
Coming soon!
Now taking pre-orders
The most recent issue of the beautiful and inspiring Nordic periodical Laine features 11 stunningly photographed and illustrated knitting patterns from designers including Stella Ackroyd, Christelle Bagea, George Cullen, Jonna Hietala, Gudrun Johnston, Marianne Munier, Paula Pereira, Eri Shimizu, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, and Stephen West. Also inclluded are an interview with Diane Ivey of Lady Dye yarns; articles about the knitting app Knitrino, the Yarningham yarn festival, and knitting and cognitive skills; an editorial by regular columnist Jeanette Sloan; seasonal recipes; and more.  Please note that issues of Laine do not include a digital download code.   
Expected release date May 7.
Pre-order your copy
Spun Online Tutorials
How to do an I-cord bind off
Thanks to a conversation with Spun regular Jason at our Thursday-evening Zoom, Annri decided to delve into the wonders of the I-cord bind-off! If you have a tool or technique you're interested in learning more about, please send a note to
Click here to see all our videos and subscribe to our channel!
New in the shop!
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky
This classic 3-ply brings spring, smoothness, and strength to all your knitting and crocheting. Nature Spun Chunky is a perfect choice for all garments and accessories. Make something lasting! 
US 10.5/K (6.50 mm) • 3.25 stitches/inch • 155 yards • Bulky
100 percent US-sourced yarn
Shop Brown Sheep Nature Spun Chunky here.
Knit a Little
24 Seamless Patterns for Children's Sweaters & Hats
by Marie Greene
Marie Greene is back with a fresh new direction for her signature seamless style in this collection of 24 new patterns for kids! With 12 sweaters (sizes 0-10) and 12 matching beanies (preemie to adult), Knit a Little reimagines some of Marie’s most popular designs on a small scale. This beautifully illustrated book offers quick-to-knit, gender-neutral patterns in a range of yarn weights. You’ll find cardigans and pullovers with colorwork, cables, simple texture, and more--versatile designs that will become wearable favorites in no time, all featuring Marie’s clear instructions and helpful tips.
Pick up your copy here.
New colors from Primrose!
Homestead Sport and Worsted
Mid-Day Rambler, Dreams, Lullaby, and Rebel Beat join our extensive collection of this hand-dyed two-ply from Pennsylvania. It's spun at a local mill from 100 percent US wool and is perfect for colorwork, alone or in combination with another sport- or worsted-weight yarn, its gradually shifting marls effortlessly elevating your work.
Rose Sport 
Welcome, Mid-Day Rambler, Dreams, Lullaby, and Rebel Beat! Rose Sport is a pretty and nicely twisted hand-dyed superwash in Primrose's signature unique colorways. Enjoy!
See all the new colorways and our full selection of Primrose yarn here.
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