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A new and interesting twist

WntResearch has filed a patent application for the use of FOX-5 as treatment for psoriasis. This is a new and positive twist in the WntResearch investment case as both FOXY-5 and BOX-5 are in development for the treatment of cancer. 

The road to a marketable product is significantly shorter for psoriasis than for cancer. With a market size of approximately USD 8.7 BN it is interesting news - especially for the long term. Hence, we do not value the news to be significant in relation to the current valuation of WntResearch as the main valuedriver is FOXY-5 and the upcoming phase II trials. 

The research regarding the use of BOX-5 within this indication will be conducted by external research collaborations making it possible for WntResearch to follow this potential despite limited financial resources.

We reiterate our expectaions to the share pirce of SEK 20-25 the next 6 months and SEK 25-30 within the next 12 months.
Share price development last 12 months
0-6 MONTHS: SEK 20-25 (+18-48%)
6-12 MONTHS: SEK 25-30 (+48-78%)
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