September 2016 Bulletin
Version 12 Production: Release 2016.4 Build 18 - Everyone should be on this version. For a complete list of new features please read the Release Notes.
Version 6 Production: Release 2016.1 Build 1 -  We recommend that everyone still using version 6 update to this version and then convert to Version 12.  Click HERE to get the Version 12 conversion instructions.
Rent Changes
Tab 3 of the Tenant Profile contains the Rent Changes.  Line items consisting of the Effective Date and new amount can be entered. When rents are charged in <<AR, Scheduled Receivables, Rent>> any rent change with an Effective Date on or before the Scheduled Through date will be charged at the new amount and the tenant profile will be updated.

In Setup, Database Settings, General tab there is a Rent Changes checkbox which, when marked, will update the profile with next month’s new amount as this month’s rents are charged.
When looking at a tenant profile, the default is that the Lease amount is what the rent is now. If the checkbox is marked, the Lease amount is what the tenant will be charged on the Next Scheduled date.
Tax Filing
For tax year 2016, the filing dates for filing 1099 MISC forms for non-employee compensation is January 31.  This means all vendor 1099s must be done two months earlier than the owner 1099s.  Whether you are filing electronically or by paper you must do one filing for vendors by January 31 and another filing for owners by March 31. We are working on a way to facilitate filing at separate times.
Helpful Hints

Q. When we run the Rental Analysis we would like to exclude units that are currently listed for sale. They all are assigned to the category of “Sale Listing”.
A. When you run the report, choose the “Sale Listing” in the Limit to Category field and mark the Exclude Category checkbox.

Q. Can we print a check to someone without entering an address (i.e. just the name)?
A. Do a single check. Enter the payee name in the One Time field. On tab 2 in the Payee Address field, mark the Foreign Address checkbox and put a period in each field.

Q. When completing a work order, what is the best way to charge the tenant for the cost?
A. On the work order screen, click the yellow file folder button next to the tenant. Then click the Charge Tenant button. The tenant and unit information is populated. Enter the charge code and amount.

Q. Can we change the NSF label on tenant statements when a check bounces? We would prefer it to be “Returned”.
A. In Setup, Database Settings on the Accounting tab, put Returned in the NSF field.
Automatic Backups
The essential database files are backed up every day when the first person logs on.  They are placed in the Backups folder st the same level as the database folder. The backup that is done is based on the settings in Setup, Database Settings, General tab.
There are 3 choices: Daily Rotation (default); Daily Dated; Never. For more details see the Help.
Ideally this folder should be backed up using an automatic cloud backup service.  It could also be copied to a CD, DVD, external hard drive, etc on a daily basis.  The backups can be used to restore your data if the need arises. If your hard drive crashes or becomes damaged you will lose every backup on that hard drive. 
New Service
PROMAS support is now offering bank reconciliation services. A clean, correctly done bank statement reconciliation is one of the prime factors in the ability to pass a state audit with flying colors. It is also the best way to prevent employee theft, fraud or errors.The first step in the process  will be having us do an audit review (see below - $275). Based on the findings we will provide a quote for doing the monthly bank reconciliations.

Request an Audit Review
A service performed by our experienced sup­port staff. We will review your records and analyze your setup. You will receive a full report of our findings and recommendations.
Cost is $275 - based on one posting table.

Double Click Shortcuts
There are a number of places in the program where you can double click in the field or on a label to have the program enter information automatically.
Invoice # -  today’s date
Work Order label – work order # in Invoice # field
Memo field – Invoice # in memo field
Invoice Line Items (multi-line invoice)
Bill to label - previous line item Bill to
Bill Code label - previous line item Bill Code
Amount label - previous line item amount

Tenant Receipt:
Tenant label - same tenant as previous receipt
Payment label – “MO #” in memo field
Memo field – “Check #” in memo field
Memo label – Related Tenant name in memo field (if tenant is the Responsible tenant)
Comment label – month and year of oldest charge in memo field
Ledger Receipt:
Memo field – “Check #” in memo field
Work Order:
Long Description – in Site ID (after unit is selected in Site field)
Authorized By: initials of user
Single Check:
Invoice # - today’s date
Transfer Check:
Reference – today’s date
Memo – info in Reference field
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