July 2016

Version 12 Production: Release 2016.3 Build 22 - Everyone should be on this version. For a complete list of new features please read the Release Notes.
Version 12 Beta Release: Release 2016.4 Beta 14 - Anyone wanting to take advantage of the Beta features can download this.  See the Release Notes on the download page for details of the new features.
Version 6 Production: Release 2016.1 Build 1 -  We recommend that everyone still using version 6 update to this version and then convert to Version 12.. Version 6 will not be updated for tax filing. Click HERE to get the Version 12 conversion instructions.
Helpful Hints - Split Deposits

What we used to call “split deposits” in V6 is now broken down on the Bank Balance Breakdown report to “Undeposited Receipts” (receipts dated before the report date but deposit dated after the report date) and “Receipts dated after deposit slip” (receipts dated after the deposit slip date where the deposit slip date is before the report date). You can see them by clicking on <Options> and marking the checkbox for Undeposited Receipts.

Example 1 – Undeposited Receipts
  • Report date = 6/30/16
  • Deposit slip date = 7/1/16
  • Receipt date = 6/30/16
Example 2 – Receipts dated after deposit slip
  • Report date = 6/30/16
  • Deposit slip date = 6/30/16
  • Receipt date = 7/1/16
Manage Reports
To have access to the Manage Reports function (so user can modify reports), the User profile in System Security must be set up in one of two ways. In the Options field:
     /admin - with no access group assigned enables report manager and the backup functions
     /reportadmin - enables the report manager
Report Options
Each report group has an Options button in the lower right of the selection screen. It contains a Report tab that lets you choose various settings for reports. The underlined selection is the default.
     Orientation: portrait or landscape
     Paper size: letter or legal
     Layout: Full page, two column, Avery 5160 (3 across labels)
     Margins: automatic, ¼ inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch
     Font Size: normal print, large print, small print
     Highlighting: none, even rows, odd rows, two-tone
     Date Selection: date, date range, date snapshot
     Subtitle: default, report date, report date range, today, none
     Row Filter: none, no empty rows, only empty rows
Once you have clicked on Run, the Settings button at the lower left has a Style tab.
     Paper Type: plain, letterhead
     Theme: modern color, modern gray, classic

Request an Audit Review
A service performed by our experienced sup­port staff. We will review your records and analyze your setup. You will receive a full report of our findings and recommendations.
Cost is $275 - based on one posting table.

New Service
PROMAS support is now offering bank reconciliation services. A clean, correctly done bank statement reconciliation is one of the prime factors in the ability to pass a state audit with flying colors. It is also the best way to prevent employee theft, fraud or errors.The first step in the process will be having us do an audit review (see above - $275). Based on the findings we will provide a quote for doing the monthly bank reconciliations.
File 1099s Electronically
If you file more than 250 1099 records with the IRS you must file electronically. However, the IRS is encouraging everyone to file electronically as it simplifies the process for both parties. When filing electronically you do not have to print and mail Copy A to the IRS.
To file electronically you must submit IRS form 4419 to get assigned a Transmitter Control Code. Here is a LINK to the form.
The steps for creating the electronic file can be found in our Help under “Electronic Filing”.
Deposit Slip Entries
Receipts received and dated this month should be put on a deposit slip dated this month. Putting receipts dated this month and next month on the same deposits slip, while not incorrect, is not recommended because of issues with the 3 way reconciliation required by most real estate commissions.
Check Reader
Process payments more quickly and more accurately with the check reader. Pass the check through the first time, select the tenant and from then on when a check with that info is scanned PROMAS will select the same tenant. Tenants can have multiple checks associated with their account. Cost is $295 per reader.
Inspect Your Data
The recording of the webinar on “How to Inspect Your Database” is available for viewing by clicking HERE. Due to a recording error the very first item covered is not on the video. That item is “Verify Database”, under File, Database Utilities, which verifies the integrity of the database tables. When finished, either a “Database Verified – no errors detected” or an “Errors Detected – click to open log file” message will display. If errors are detected contact the Help Desk for instructions on how to proceed.
Cloud Based
Anyone on a support agreement is eligible to use our hosted cloud service which allows database access using Android and Apple Devices in addition to Windows based devices. There is a monthly cost based on the number of users. Call Sales at 800-397-1499 for details. A major advantage of using our cloud based solution is that you control your database.
What should we backup?
  • Absolutely essential: LL12_Database folder or a backup created in File, Backup Database.
  • Very necessary: Documents folder inside Data folder
  • Makes sense: License folder
  • Easiest to recover from disaster: Working folder (usually RPROMAS folder)
A dashboard button has been added to the Main Menu underneath the Profile Search button. The dashboard includes information pertinent to our partners and other resources. Additional functionality is planned for future releases.

New Work Order Status
There are three new work order statuses added to the current beta version. They are: Deferred, Not Approved, No Action Taken.  They are all treated the same as the status Resolved.
The RentTrack billing information file is found in File, Export Utilities. It will include disputed charges in the “Unpaid Charges” field and the “Balance Due” field unless you use a switch to turn that off.  To turn it off, go to Setup, Processing Defaults, Options tab. Type /RTdispute in the Customized Programming Options and Save.
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