October 2016 Bulletin
Version 12 Production: Release 2016.4 Build 18 - Everyone should be on this version. For a complete list of new features please read the Release Notes.
Version 6 Production: Release 2016.1 Build 1 -  We recommend that everyone still using version 6 update to this version and then convert to Version 12.  Click HERE to get the Version 12 conversion instructions.
Tax Filing
For tax year 2016, the filing dates for filing 1099 MISC forms for non-employee compensation is January 31.  This means all vendor 1099s must be done two months earlier than the owner 1099s.  Whether you are filing electronically or by paper you must do one filing for vendors by January 31 and another filing for owners by March 31. A How-To document will be available with the procedure showing how to facilitate filing at separate times.
Helpful Hints

Q. How can we add a paragraph to the work description field in a work order that will provide standard instructions for the vendor.
A. You can add an auto correction to the Spelling Options that will insert a paragraph into a memo field by typing as few as 2 characters. For example: IV – short for in house vendor instructions could autopopulate the work description with “while on site check the smoke detectors, note if there is any evidence of unauthorized pets or unauthorized tenants.” The steps to do the above can be found in Help – search on spellcheck.

Q. We would like the ACH output file to be put in the C:\Users\Public\ACH Export folder. Can we do that?
A. Create a file using Notepad called Landlord12.cfg. In the file enter: ExportFolder=C:\Users\Public|ACH Export. Put the file in the same folder where Landlord12.exe resides.

Q. An owner paid the vendor and wants it to show on his statement. How do we record that?.
A. Do a Journal Voucher with the first line as Cash Contribution and the amount, and the second line as the expense code (e.g. Plumbing) for the same amount.
Q. We have multiple owners of a property that we want to pay by ACH. How do we do that?
A. To distribute the surplus in a property to the various owners of that property according to their share, do the following:
  1. On tab 2 of the property profile mark the checkbox Distribute Surplus Using Owner ACH.
  2.  In the property profile, Advanced Scheduling, mark the Distribute by ACH checkbox. Enter Owner in the Bank Routing Number and Bank Account Number fields.
  3. Set up each owner for ACH distribution in their owner profile, advanced scheduling.
  4. Enter the owner name in the Distribution Check memo field on tab 3 of the owner profile.
Make a Backup Mid-Day
To overwrite this morning’s backup, go to File, Backup Database or Help, About, Daily Backup. There will be a prompt to overwrite.
To save this morning’s backup but create a new one, go to the Backups folder and rename this morning’s backup. Then do another one as above.

As an alternative you can go to Help, About, Support Backup.  That file will be put in the Support folder under RPROMAS with today's date. 
New Service
PROMAS support is now offering bank reconciliation services. A clean, correctly done bank statement reconciliation is one of the prime factors in the ability to pass a state audit with flying colors. It is also the best way to prevent employee theft, fraud or errors.The first step in the process  will be having us do an audit review (see below - $275). Based on the findings we will provide a quote for doing the monthly bank reconciliations.

Request an Audit Review
A service performed by our experienced sup­port staff. We will review your records and analyze your setup. You will receive a full report of our findings and recommendations.
Cost is $275 - based on one posting table.

Entering Handwritten Checks
If you do not want a record in Invoice History:
  • Go to AP, Single check.
    • Enter all the appropriate information.
    • Mark the handwritten checkbox and enter the Check #.
    • Post.
If you want a record in Invoice History:
  • Go to AP, Invoice.
    • Enter the invoice information and Post.
  • Go to AP, Scheduled Payables, Invoice Checks.
    • Restrict the Payee to the vendor and compile.
    • Skip any invoices that are not part of the handwritten check and Post.
    • Set the date and Post.
    • Do not print the check.
  • Go to AP, Check History, Unprinted Checks tab.
    • Edit the check and enter the check #. Save. This will remove it from the Unprinted Checks tab.
TIN Matching
Did you know that if you report an incorrect Name/TIN to the IRS the penalty is $50 for each mismatch?  Using the TIN Matching service offered by the IRS at no cost can help you get rid of any mismatches you have now. See How To pdf document #370 for details on how to register with the IRS and create the submission file in PROMAS.
New Employee Training
On our website, - click on User Access
Support tab, Training – short specific function sessions
Support tab, Webinars – up to one hour general sessions
Support tab, Interactive Help videos – short videos on specific functions
Support tab, Documents – copy of the manual in pdf format
Support tab, How To PDF documents - link to table of contents
Support tab, Training – information on specific upcoming classes
Remote Training – 3 hours by appointment, remote control via internet; $240
On Site training – call for details
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