Version 12 Production: Release 2017.1 Build 6 - This version has the updated 1099 processing functions. The test files that were submitted have been declared good for federal reporting. Cloud users will be automatically updated.
Version 6 Production: Release 2017.1 Build 1 -  The IRS has approved electronic submissions from this version. We recommend that everyone still using version 6 update to this version and then convert to Version 12.  Click HERE to get the Version 12 conversion instructions.

Q. Can I restrict posting transactions for a user? I don’t want the user to be able to post transactions for other than the current year?
A. In System Security, User tab, edit the user. There is a Transaction Posting-Limit to Date field. Choices are: Never allow posting; System day; System month; System year.

Q.How can I email annual owner statements to inactive owners?
Go into their Owner Profile, tab 3 and make Publishing “Send by Email”. Then go to Mailings, Owner Statements. Choose an Override Statement Type for end of year. In the Owner Filter field choose “Inactive Owners”. Click Run, set the date range and click Publish. Go to Internet Publishing and Publish or Email Documents.

Q. Our tenants pay using multiple money orders and multiple checks. The owners are confused when viewing their statements and tend to call quite often. Do you have a solution?
A. One solution is to give them summary style statements but then they don’t see the expense details.  Another solution is to mark the “Summarize Income and Fees” checkbox in the Owner Statement profile. Then you will get summarized rent payments and management fees but detailed expenses.

Q. Is there a report that will list all the tenants who have rented the unit?
A. The Lease History report breaks down the occupants with their Lease Start, Lease End and moveout dates, and list the rent amounts.
Q. We do not want anyone to record a receipt for a tenant who is in the process of being evicted. How can we do that?
A. In the tenant profile, mark the No Payments checkbox. If someone selects the tenant they will receive the message “Payments cannot be accepted from this tenant”.

Q. We record check numbers and money order numbers when doing tenant receipts. Is there a way to search the receipts for that number?
A. In AR, Receipt History, click on Filter. Put a few characters of the check or money order and make the filter active.

Q. How can we send a statement to someone who does not own an interest in the property?
A. The unit must point to a Property profile as its ledger. Enter a new owner. Add the owner to the property with 0 shares and the same statement type as the real owner. If you decide to do this and the unit does not already point to a property, please see the Help on changing a unit from owner to property.
Bank Reconciliation Service
PROMAS support is now offering bank reconciliation services. A clean, correctly done bank statement reconciliation is one of the prime factors in the ability to pass a state audit with flying colors. It is also the best way to prevent employee theft, fraud or errors.The first step in the process  will be having us do an audit review (see below - $275). Based on the findings we will provide a quote for doing the monthly bank reconciliations.

Request an Audit Review
A service performed by our experienced sup­port staff. We will review your records and analyze your setup. You will receive a full report of our findings and recommendations.
Cost is $275 - based on one posting table.

A proper backup plan that includes off site backups is critical. For more information please review the Backup and Restore Guide for Version 12.

Continue PROMAS Central access for inactive owners

When an owner becomes inactive but you want to publish his annual statement next year and allow him to access his owner portal account, go into the owner profile and on tab 3 - Checks and Statements enter a Publish Until date of sometime next year. The owner will be able to access all published documents until that date.
                              Still using Version 6?
Reasons to Move to Version 12
  • Nothing is lost in conversion - all transactions export
  • Cleaner interface with newer operating systems
  • Ability to email owner statements, work orders
  • Auto backup each morning
  • Open multiple windows, easier navigation
  • Customize reports, create reports
  • Consolidate income and fees on owner statements
  • Universal profile search
  • Can reside in the cloud
  • Better interface for on-line tenant payments
  • Fields for tracking management agreements
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