Happy New Year CaM fans! :)
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Hey everyone!  Welcome to 2017, we hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season, here's what we've been up to in the past few months...

Cancer sucks, but beating it's PAWSOME!

Marmalade - 2 Years Cancer Free!
2 years cancer free! WOO-HOO :)
I'm very happy to report that our ginger furkid has been cancer free for over 2 years now! … If you didn't know Marmalade was diagnosed with Lymphoma in late 2014, underwent a dozen chemo treatments and he's been in remission since. As you can see from the video he's always been a very feisty kitten/cat and today you would never know he had ever been sick, we hope it stays that way for many more years to come.
Cancer Clues in Cats #PetCancerAwarenessMonth
How to detect early signs of illness...

3 Kittens Rescued...

Last year we helped trap these feral kittens before the freezing weather arrived... Earl Grey (grey & white) Bigelow (Ginger) and Jasmine (Calico) went to a foster home and were then returned to Helping Paws Animal Shelter in woodstock where they were spayed and neutered. Then after several weeks at the shelter they all found furever homes before Christmas, the purrfect way to end the year :)
All 3 kittens found homes for Christmas! :)
NEW Kittens!
So happy we could help these little cuties :)

Say NO to the Circus!

I'm so happy that Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that they'll be closing in May, bringing an end to 146 years of animal abuse for human entertainment… Well done to everyone who helped give these animals a voice, circuses that force animals to perform belong in the past!

Help Wild Bobcats...

PURRLEASE take a minute to help Big Cat Rescue save more wild bobcats by voting for them here: (USA & Canada residents only)

They have a great rehabilitation program in place and are currently raising funds to construct a new area, so they can care for more orphaned and injured Florida bobcats before they're released back into the wild!

The voting process is a simple two step procedure and you can really make a difference for bobcats with the click of a mouse, THANK YOU :)

*Above are pics of Bellona the bobcat I helped rescue, rehab and release, so great to see her run for freedom once again...
Bellona's rescue and release :)

Dubai Cat Rescue!

Meet Ruby and Misty, two street cats rescued in Dubai back in September 2016, they were spotted under a parked car on a very busy road and were only 4 weeks old. Last year we put the word out that these two cuties needed a home and amazingly someone in Tampa FL turned out to be their purrfect match!

Since being rescued they've been living with Amanda in Dubai, she explained to me how dire the animal welfare situation is over there and that unfortunately she cannot keep them (already at capacity with rescued cats/dogs) so she made it her mission to find them a good home. There's been a few problems along the way, both cats had tummy troubles and then Misty had over $500 in dental work, but FINALLY they have now both been spayed and Amanda will be flying with them from Dubai to Tampa on Feb 13th so they can meet their new family in time for Valentine's Day!

Amanda as really gone out of her way (and out of pocket) to care for Ruby and Misty over the past 5 months, please consider helping with all the bills by donating here:

Thank you and stay tuned for the video :)

Kitty Taxi for Declawed Cat

Dixie was surrendered by her owners to a nearby shelter after she stopped using the litter box and was in danger of being euthanized. When we got word that this sweet girl was in trouble we posted on our social sites and helped set the wheels in motion for her rescue. It turned out that Dixie was declawed on all 4 paws and was being bullied by the other two cats at her previous home (she couldn't use the litter box in peace) on top of all this she had major dental problems and was in constant pain.

Luckily a local rescue group Kenosha Forgotten Friends stepped up and offered to take Dixie and get her the veterinary treatment she so desperately needed. Unfortunately they were 2 hours away from the shelter, so since I was in the middle I volunteered to drive down and pick Dixie up from the shelter and then meet them back at our house so we could transfer her over and they could drive the hour north back to their rescue.

You could tell right away that Dixie was a very sweet cat but she was just in pain and underweight, once at the veterinary hospital it was discovered that her teeth were in terrible shape and she would need major surgery on them. Since being in a loving environment and on pain meds, she's been loving attention and as used the litter box without any accident, I'm sure after dental surgery she will be feeling soooo much better and will find a home in no time :)

*We also donated $500 towards her vet costs from our merch sales, thanks to everyone who purchases our shirts and hoodies!
Purrlease DON'T Declaw Cats!

NEW Valentine's Day Designs...

Love is in the air at this time of year and if you're owned by cats hopefully you'll be getting more and more slow blinks … this new shirt design would make the purrfect present for the cat servant in your life (or for yourself) -- Find this design and more here:

More NEW vids!

How we survived Christmas!
Stay safe!
Stay warm too!
Well that about wraps up the past couple of months here in the Cole and Marmalade household, we hope you enjoyed the newsletter and as always thank you very much fur your support… We hope you have a purrfect Valentine's Day with your cats xo

Chris, Jess, Cole & Marmalade.
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