Minutes of Wingham Chamber of Commerce, meeting on 24.8.16
Present: Donna Carrier, Grahame Nash, Kristian Guppy, Kerrie Guppy, Col Butcher, Judy Wills, Steve Wills, Colin Butcher, Kev Ellis, Paula Greenaway, Richard Greenaway, Kim MacDonald, Matt Burnett, Leonie Van Ash
Apologies: Liz Jarvis, Cathy Palmer, Belinda Messer
Minute Taker: Kerrie Guppy
Call for Business without notice (to be added to agenda, time permitting)
Strategic Plan
Minutes of previous meeting:
Moved: Kev Ellis
Seconded: Col Butcher
Business arising from previous minutes
  • Liz and Graham have met and have have developed two membership forms (too messy to put onto one form). “Membership Forms Explanation by Liz Jarvis” was tabled. Action: Liz and Graham to check forms and then send to Kim to design for inclusion on website and update membership pack using info from website.
  • Donna to discuss with Donna Hudson about the “i” signs. Action deferred to next month
  • Kim to discuss opportunities for better signage via grants with Barb at Museum. Action deferred to next month
  • Graham to set time and day for separate Xmas Carnival meeting. Action deferred to next month
  • Two Reports attached
    • Wingham Chamber of Commerce Inc - Statement of Receipts and Payments Year to Date as at 24 August 2016
    • Wingham Chamber of Commerce Inc - 2016-17 Paid Members
  • 9 financials members$600 collected last month so YTD net receipts $800
  • Cash balance $33,896.71
  • Renewals not sent out yet.
    • Action: Liz / Donna to send renewals to be sent out via Mailchimp (80 on membership list)
  • Graham provided Col a list on a spreadsheet that he had located.
    • Action: Col Butcher to contact people on previous membership lists once membership pack and new forms are available. List of businesses in Wingham also available on internet via ABN lookup search with “Wingham”.
  • Sablier Beauty Salon and Bellbird Bed and Breakfast membership forms were received.
    • Graham Nash moved that Sablier Beauty Salon and Bellbird Bed and Breakfast be approved as members of Wingham Chamber of Commerce. Seconded Kev Ellis. All in favour.
No report - all matters will be covered in main meeting context
Correspondence in to be tabled:
  • Donna contacted Midcoast Council re Stronger Communities Fund for beautification. Local groups can apply for $50k each. $15M available in total in Midcoast Council region due 3 councils merging. Donna tabled printout from Council website with further information about the funding. Funds to be spent or committed by 30 June 2019 and all funding acquitted before 31 December 2019.
  • Donna tabled minutes from the Manning Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting that included agreement that $500 be paid per zone. $500 proposed to be paid by Wingham Chamber of Commerce (equivalent to10% per member) towards Manning Valley Chamber of Commerce. Jeremy will send invoice if it is approved.
    • Donna moved that $500 be contributed to MVCC. All were in favour. No objections raised.
  • Donna tabled minutes from Midcoast Council meeting re Midcoast Chamber of Commerce to expand to cover same areas as new council boundaries to replace Manning Valley Business Chamber as regional umbrella organisation. Same structure just change name. Continue with Economic Development Committee to push issue with new Council as it looks like economic development may not continue within Council. Great Lakes branch has already dropped economic development. Action from MVCC minutes was for Jeremy to send letter to each chamber to sign.
    • Action: Graham Nash to confirm that Jeremy is sending letter as per minutes.
  • Discussed that MVCC structure would be that each zone chamber could have a representative on the Committee.
    • Graham Nash moved a motion that the WCC commits to supporting Regional Chamber of Commerce. Seconded: Kev Ellis.
  • Akoostix thanked WCC for support. Invoice paid for WCC sponsorship support.
  • Belinda Not a Cafe sent a letter that not joining WCC as timing not right; but will look at joining next year.
    • Action: Donna to write back to explain wider purpose of community support.
  • Jeremy has provided an email outlining insurance that works out less than previously paid. Executive approved via email that WCC pay the joint insurance policy through MVCC.
  • Events Insurance for Christmas received
    • Graham Nash moved that the events insurance be paid. Seconded: Steve Wills
  • Well Creative invoice for website received.
    • Graham Nash moved pay Well Creative invoice be paid. Seconded: Colin Butcher
  • Received Midcoast Council preliminary permit approval for Christmas Carnival.
  • Certificate of Currency received for events insurance
  • Letter of support requested for exercise station funding application in Central Park by Rotary. Executive approved via email that support for funding application be given to Rotary
  • $2500 grants available for community building partnership grants
  • Myall Lakes Community Awards information received from Steve Bromhead
  • Essential Energy letter received stating that businesses with >160MW hours maybe on incorrect tariffs; maybe customers WCC represent. Larger businesses to be contacted by Essential Energy.
Correspondence Out:
    •       Invitations sent to members via Mailchimp to MVCC breakfast and WIB
Strategic Planning Meeting
All actions raised at Strategic Planning Meeting on 20/7/16 were covered by meeting actions.
RECAP of main messages were:
  • Renew current members first
  • As get info together, big membership drive at Well Creative event
  • Strategic Plan to be looked at again later in the year after the membership drive so that more businesses have input.
  • Kim showed all at the meeting the website design to date on computer, including all the pages within the website. Financial members from 2015-16 to be included on the Members Directory page, until after renewals are sent out for 2016-17. Those that chose not to renew will then be taken off the Members Directory page.
  • Wingham Chronical business page to be used used to promote the new website once launched
  • Google analytics will provide data
    • Kev Ellis moved website be launched once it has been updated. Seconded: Col Butcher
  • Idea is to sell advertising on 7 rotating pages
  • Wingham Computers will continue to host the site
  • Kim is happy to update website if information is sent to Kim; any Mailchimp mailouts will be uploaded; Kim will contact Donna if she has any queries about content to be uploaded.
  • Donna thanked Well Creative for developing the website
    • Action: Kristian to do a drone video over Central Park to put on website and send to Kim to upload
    • Action: Kim to search Google for existing Wingham Youtube videos and upload links to website
Membership Status
Already covered under Treasurer Report
Call for Business without Notice
  • Christmas Carnival - Graham called for volunteers for subcommittee. Steve Wills, Kev Ellis, Colin Butcher volunteered to join. Graham mentioned more help will still be needed on the actual day. Carnival Committee to discuss Isabella businesses being included.
  • AGM to be scheduled for October
  • Waiting to hear if funding for murals has come through.
Meeting Closed: 8.05pm
Next Meeting: Wednesday 28th September 2016


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