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UNFOLD ZERO, World Future Council and the International Peace Bureau invited parliamentarians, peace advocates, tourists and others in Berlin to 'help prevent a nuclear missile from being launched' in front of the German parliament yesterday. 

The Chain Reaction 2016 event featured a 3D painting of a nuclear missile in a silo, with chains wrapped over it to lock it in the ground.

Most people do not realise that these nuclear weapons continue to exist – hidden away in missile silos and in submarines under the ocean’ says artist Joe Hill from 3djoeandmax. ‘This art exposes what is hidden, and brings the public into direct interaction with this stark reality.’

The art installation, which will remain in front of the parliament until October 3, was unveiled as over 1000 peace activists from around the world gathered in Berlin for Disarm for a Climate of Peace, the world congress of the International Peace Bureau, a Nobel Peace Laureate organisation.

See more photos of the action on Flickr or facebook or twitter at #3DnukeBerlin
Tourists in Berlin helping to stop a nuclear missile being launched in front of the German Parliament

Chain Reaction and Gandhi's birthday

Chain Reaction 2016 culminates on October 2, which is Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday and which has been affirmed by the United Nations as the International Day for Nonviolence.

Nuclear weapons are the ultimate form of violence’ says Ela Gandhi, grand-daughter of Mahatma Gandhi and a Co-President of Religions for Peace. ‘Chain Reaction 2016 demonstrates the power of non-violence around the world to oppose the nuclear threat, and to build a world based on respect, cooperation, non-violent conflict resolution based on international law.’
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