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Chain Reaction 2016, a series of events and actions at nuclear-weapons and nuclear-disarmament related sites around the world, was launched yesterday at the University of Sydney.
A nuclear bomb destroys through an uncontrollable chain reaction of atoms being split in two. Today, we are launching a chain reaction of peace actions by people to counter the threat posed by these instruments of mass destruction.

A range of peace, human rights, disarmament, interfaith and justice organisations have joined together to launch Chain Reaction 2016 and organise actions and events around the world.

Click here for a world map of Chain Reaction 2016 actions and events, and click here for more information on these events.

Is your action or event included?

Chain Reaction 2016 includes a range of creative actions around the world from July 8 until October 2. During this period are a number of significant dates to commemorate:
  • July 8: 20th anniversary of the International Court of Justice historic case on nuclear weapons
  • July 16: 71st anniversary of the first nuclear test at Alamogordo, USA
  • August 6: 71st anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
  • August 9: 71st anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki
  • August 9: International Day for Indigenous Peoples (Indigenous peoples’ lands have been used for nuclear testing, uranium mining and other activities in the nuclear weapons infrastructure)
  • August 12: International Day for Youth (nuclear weapons threaten youth and future generations)
  • August 29: International Day Against Nuclear Tests
  • September 21: International Day for Peace
  • September 26: International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
  • October 2: Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and the International Day of Nonviolence
Please let us know if you are organising an action or event during this period and we can list it on the Chain Reaction website. Contact 
John Hallam (Human Survival Project) and Matt Robson (UNFOLD ZERO) launch Chain Reaction 2016 at the Peoples' Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and Human Civilisation at the University of Sydney.

Peoples' Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and Human Civilisation

Chain Reaction was launched during the International Peoples’ Tribunal on Nuclear Weapons and the Destruction of Human Civilisation in Sydney on July 8, the 20th anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision on nuclear weapons.

"In 1996 the ICJ affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons is generally illegal, and that there is an unconditional obligation to achieve their elimination," said Hon Matt Robson, one of the judges of the International People’s Tribunal and a former New Zealand Minister for Courts and Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control.

"Today in the Peoples’ Tribunal we have heard frightening testimony on the current risks and the catastrophic consequences of nuclear weapons use, as well as international law applicable to this issue. We will make a judgement on the responsibility of world leaders with regard to this situation on August 9, the 71st anniversary of the use of nuclear weapons against the city and people of Nagasaki."
For more information see Chain Reaction 2016 launched at Peoples' Nuclear Abolition Tribunal.
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