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September 26 is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. The day provides an opportunity to educate the public, and national leaders, about the benefits of eliminating such weapons, and the social and economic costs of perpetuating them. Please inform us of your action or event. We will post these on the Chain Reaction 2016 map and list of events.

Below are two events and three actions which may be of interest:


United Nations event in Geneva

UNFOLD ZERO is organising a special event to commemorate the day at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on September 27. The event features:

— Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, Co-President of Religions for Peace;
— Chain Reaction 2016 video highlighting nuclear disarmament actions worldwide;
— Presentation of the Astana Vision declaration, a 10-point action plan for nuclear disarmament adopted at the international conference Building a Nuclear Weapon Free World.


United Nations event in New York

The President of the General Assembly will convene a one-day high-level plenary meeting on Monday 26 September 2016 at UN Headquarters in New York to commemorate the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.
Civil society representatives that are interested in attending or speaking at the event should register by September 21, 2016.
#Sep26DontNukeUs, social media action in front of the UN in Geneva.

Take action for the International Day:

Action 1: Gather endorsements for the joint statement of legislators and religious leaders

Launched in Hiroshima on August 6, 2015, the statement A Nuclear Weapon Free World: Our Common Good has already been presented to the President of the UN General Assembly and to the Chair of the UN OEWG. Mayors for Peace, Religions for Peace and PNND will next present it to the incoming UN Secretary General to remind him/her of the primary importance of nuclear disarmament for the United Nations. Click here for a current list of endorsers. The statement is also available in Arabic, French , German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Take action on September 26 by contacting your mayor, local parliamentarian and/or religious leader and invite them to endorse this statement. Send endorsements to
Paul Quiles, Mayor of Cordes-sur-Ciel and former French Minister of Defence,
signing the joint statement

Action 2: Social media #Sep26dontNukeUs

‘Don’t nuke what I/we love’! Take a photo of yourself (perhaps with friends or family) next to something or some place you love and don’t want nuked. It could be your cat, an historic building, your favourite sports team, a concert hall, a beautiful place in nature… Include a sign ‘Don’t nuke [your favourite thing/place]’ in your photo.

Post your photo on social media with #Sep26dontNukeUs and send it also to your government along with the letter/email/tweet you write encouraging them to speak up at the UN (see Action 3 below).

Action 3: Call on your leader to speak up at the UN General Assembly

Send a letter/email/tweet to your President or Prime Minister (copied to your Foreign Minister and UN Ambassador), calling on them to speak up for nuclear abolition at the United Nations. Encourage them to highlight the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons when they speak at the United Nations general debate. You can include hashtag #Sep26dontNukeUs. Click here for a sample letter and list of contacts.

Have a fun and productive International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons! :-)
Yours sincerely
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