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Governments and NGOs met at the United Nations in Geneva last week, and will meet again next week, to discuss the why, what and how to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.

The purpose of this UN Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) is to pave the way for negotiations to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.

#LetsTalkNukes is an online platform to inform you of the deliberations and to help you talk to your government about what they should do at the OEWG.

Use the hashtag #LetsTalkNukes to challenge the policies of your country, ask diplomats what they’re going to say on your behalf at the UN, or just express your opinion about nuclear weapons.

UNFOLD ZERO will relay some of these questions to the government representatives at the OEWG, and post their replies on #LetsTalkNukes.

Samples of questions asked from around the world this week

  • Danny Anderson (UK): What will the future of Trident mean for the UK's global role?
  • Fay (Italy): NATO nuclear weapons are NOT “safe, secure, and under positive control”. How do you respond Italy?
  • Johann Kalari (Germany): ‘In Germany there are now renovated 20 nuclear missile war heads … the German Government agreed to this.’ Why?
  • Max Beech (New Zealand): Will New Zealand ask the OEWG to establish a Nuclear Disarmament Summit to abolish nuclear weapons?
  • U.S. Senators Markey, Warren, Franken, Merkley, Murray and Cantwell, (via Joe Cirincione, USA). Can the US administration support nuclear disarmament by reducing the nuclear stockpile by 1/3 and by ending the testing and development of nuclear-capable missiles?
  • Gael Tarlton (USA): Do you know "Who’s the 3rd largest nuclear-armed state in the world?" (the answer may surprise you).
  • PNND (global): Can the OEWG do anything to roll-back the $100 billion spent annually on nuclear weapons?
  • Basel Peace Office (Switzerland). Remember David Lange, and the people of New Zealand, who banned nuclear weapons 30 years ago. Will other countries follow suit?
  • Erica Fein (USA): What do you think of the Iran President’s proposal for a Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula?
Follow the dialogue at #LetsTalkNukes.
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