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In the 05/29/2021 edition:

The Tax That Nobody Voted For, and Everyone Pays

By IWB on May 29, 2021 10:28 am
Photo by Rūdolfs Klintsons From Birch Gold Group Inflation is now on the cusp of spiraling out of control. We’ve been giving this topic a lot of attention because inflation robs you of your wealth,
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CLOs Join The Everything Bubble

By IWB on May 29, 2021 09:57 am

BY JOHN RUBINO The “Everything Bubble” has jumped from hyperbole to literal truth in just a couple of years, as more and more assets enter “crazy expensive/extremely reckless” territory. The latest
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Starvation & Food Shortages Will Be The New Normal Once The Imminent Economic Collapse Hits

By IWB on May 29, 2021 08:14 am

The acute supply shortages we have been seeing since the beginning of the health crisis are actually not something new in the history of the United States. Throughout the past
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The Fed’s Argument That It’s Not Directly Financing Government Debt Finally Fails

By IWB on May 28, 2021 06:50 pm

by David Haggith The most interesting thing about what the Fed is now doing is that it is illegal. The Fed’s argument that it is not monetizing the US debt fails
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Former NBA player Kwame Brown has a message for the black community.

By IWB on May 28, 2021 04:02 pm

That, and the fact that he agrees with Candace Owens, is triggering many… in the black community, including another former NBA player, Stephen Jackson, whom Brown says has been sending
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Dollar Is Going To Collapse, Everything In Bubble Except Gold & Silver

By IWB on May 28, 2021 03:41 pm
Peter Schiff interviewed on USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says all the debt and money printing by the Fed will, ultimately, get down to one thing and that
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Scammers are getting quite good – be careful out there!

By IWB on May 28, 2021 02:36 pm
by kmc307​ The company I work for was the target of a scam that was well-planned. I would not be surprised if this works on some folks – please be
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Stock Market Crash Alert: Don’t Say There Were No Signs

By IWB on May 28, 2021 02:31 pm

don't say there were no signs — Tom Hearden (@followtheh) May 27, 2021 The comeback of a Meme stock: AMC defies gravity as retail investors propel gains to 1,150%.
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Will Gold Shine Under Bidenomics?

By IWB on May 28, 2021 02:17 pm
by Arkadiusz Sieron, PhD Bidenomics is a big departure from sound economics. But when reason sleeps, gold fortunes are born. Biden’s triumph in the presidential election does not just mean that
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France sees the economy double-dip but house prices rise

By IWB on May 28, 2021 01:58 pm
by Shaun Richards A feature of these times is that official statisticians are struggling to give us accurate data about the state of play in our economies. The irony is
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The Fed Veloci(ty)raptors: Money Velocity (M1, M2) Measures Are Still Historically Abysmal (Poor Bang For The Buck)

By IWB on May 28, 2021 01:55 pm

by confoundedinterest17 Yesterday’s GDP report was great with real GDP growing at a 6.4% annualized pace. To get 6.4% annualized GDP growth, The Federal Reserve had to print a massive amount
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