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In the 03/23/2021 edition:

UK Care home staff to face compulsory Covid vaccination / Foreign holidays illegal from Monday

By IWB on Mar 23, 2021 11:53 am
Care home workers will be required by law to have a Covid-19 jab under a historic legal change agreed by Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock. Leaked details of a paper
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By IWB on Mar 23, 2021 11:29 am
San Diego Law School “Must Immediately Cease Its Investigation” Into Prof. Thomas Smith Over China Criticism, Demands Free Speech Group. In letter to Dean Robert Schapiro, the Foundation for Individual Rights
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By IWB on Mar 23, 2021 11:23 am

President Joe Biden keeps in regular contact with Barack Obama to canvass his opinion on a range of issues, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday. Asked by a
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By IWB on Mar 23, 2021 11:19 am
Video: In the Biden’s administrations latest border crisis move, Joe signed a deal with the Ritz Carlton and several top hotels along the border to house illegals in luxury.
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The Wolf of Wall Street Says You’re Getting Fleeced By The Brokers and Market Makers

By IWB on Mar 23, 2021 09:57 am
by TechHodler The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has some thoughts about the stock market: “It’s the most expensive ‘free trade’ you can have,” says Belfort. “I saw a marketing
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Flaunting Wealth: Are We About To Reach America’s “Let Them Eat Cake” Moment?

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 10:50 pm

by Michael Snyder In the social media era, public displays of wealth have become a way to show the world that you are “somebody”.  Of course our value as human
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Government Agencies Are About To Disclose What They Know About UFOs, And That Will Be A Dramatic Paradigm Shift

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 10:48 pm

by Michael Snyder Do you believe in UFOs?  Decades ago, if you answered yes to such a question many would have considered you to be a nutjob.  But at this
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Generational top … geeeeezzzz

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 08:43 pm
Generational top … geeeeezzzz — GregTheAnalyst (@Analyst_G) March 22, 2021 Totally depressing that children have no ambition to be a Fed Governor or at the very least a Fed
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Understanding the Signs of the Looming Currency Crisis

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 05:14 pm
by: David Morgan The currency crisis is now coming to fruition. The currency du jour, the U.S. dollar, which has held on to its title as the reserve currency of the
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What Are SPACs, and Why Is Everyone Talking About Them Right Now?

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 05:10 pm

by Frank Holmes, CEO, U.S. Global Investors Wall Street thought 2020 was the Year of the SPAC, or special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Turns out, this title was premature. We’re
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By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 05:03 pm
via andrewsullivan: The best data I’ve found for 2020, the salient period for this discussion, are provisional data on complaints and arrests for hate crimes against Asians in New York City,
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Asians Penalized 50 Points On SAT – Black Students Given 230 Bonus Points, Hispanics Given 185 Bonus Points.

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 04:55 pm
by Sundance Don’t let your jaw drop too far, this fundamental change is not just happening in college application processes.  This exact same methodology is also being applied to Credit Scores for
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Biden Is Illegally Holding 1,000 Migrant Kids in Detention Centers. Millions of Undocumented Migrants Set to Receive $4.38 Billion in Coronavirus Cash

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 04:54 pm
Biden Is Illegally Holding 1,000 Migrant Kids In Detention Centers. Leaked Department of Homeland Security figures reveal 823 unaccompanied migrant children being held in border patrol custody for more than
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How the Fed’s Plan to Let Inflation Run Hot Could Turn Out

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 02:39 pm

How the Fed’s plan to let inflation run hot could completely upend the way the market functions The Federal Reserve’s plan to let inflation run hot could shake up decades-long
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More Deadly Consequences of Biden’s Encouraged Migrant Border Crises

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 02:25 pm

Pay close attention to the overdose rates in the near future, as the cost of passage for many sneaking across the border is to be a drug mule for the
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The Fed Has Forced Investors To Take On Excess Risk

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 02:13 pm

by Lance Roberts Since the “Financial Crisis,”  the hope was that inflating asset prices would trickle down into economic growth. Unfortunately, after a decade of monetary interventions and artificially suppressed interest
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The Pros & Cons Of Raising Smaller Livestock

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 02:12 pm

by Samantha Biggers A lot of people who are interested in raising farm animals feel daunted by the task, especially if they don’t have a lot of acreage. But there
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I hate to say, “I told you so.” But yes, “I told you so.”

By IWB on Mar 22, 2021 02:11 pm
By Wayne Root I’m one of the few brave souls in the American media to warn and advise from day one (back in early March 2020) not to ever lockdown
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