When June comes dancing o'er the death of May, 
With scarlet roses staining her fair feet, 
My soul takes leave of me to sing all day 
A love so fugitive and so complete.

- Claude McKay

Oh, June! The long warm days of summer have come, and those pesky pixies are running amok in your gardens and nearby forests. 

Things have been happening around here, EXTRA HAPPENING! There's been gardening...

I went a little flower happy when a nursery held a sale at the local Canadian Tire over the long weekend! Fuschias, pansies, clematises, some teeny-tiny thyme. 

The berries are all doing well too, which makes me much excite! The raspberry cluster is enormous! The blackberries are doing well for their first full summer on the land. One of the currant bushes is not doing so well, but the other's got berries growing now! The gooseberry is happy on its shaded hill, and the blueberries have lots of little green-blue berries just fattening up on the branch! They haven't even been planted yet, but I'm thinking they may go in large pots so that I can ensure an acidic soil for them. And the strawberries are doing wonderfully in lots of
brightsun in the garden along the side of the garage.
And what about tea?
Well, May is usually my busy "get all the outside gardening overhauled for the summer" month. It's been non-stop here, I say! Non-stop!

I debuted the Hogwarts House Blends, and that was about all I could do with the beautiful outside world calling all my attention! 
But fret you not! I have some fantastic plans for some.... 

You probably guessed it...

Iced teas!

They'll all be released at once, and you'll be the first to hear about it! I've got some yummy plans for fruity drinks to keep you cool in the hot weather over the summer! I've been sipping on a tart berry blend so far... are you jealous? ;)
So happy June to you, and keep on the lookout in your inbox for when I announce the iced teas!

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