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The Power of Joy
The Sleep Conspiracy 
by: Nancy Werteen
I had another one of those nights last week-those nights I get out of bed in the morning and I swear there must be a conspiracy to keep me from getting a good night’s sleep. Remember when you were a little kid? You would close your eyes at bedtime and wake up 10 hours later and it felt like you just blinked your eyes? Yeah..that doesn’t happen anymore.
Here’s how my evening played out. First, there was the dog who felt compelled to bark six inches from my face for no apparent reason after I had been asleep for about 45 minutes. Then there was the flying elbow from my husband’s side of the bed, my daughter’s bad dream and don’t even get me started on the hot flashes.  By 4:30am, I waved the white flag and gave up.
The older I get, the harder it seems to settle back down once I’ve been awakened. It feels like I only have a certain number of times I can drift off at night and once I’ve used them all, I’m done. I remember when I had my first baby. I would call my sister and sob, “I only got about 3 hours of sleep. How am I supposed to function?” My dear sister gave me sound advice. She said, “Don’t count the hours. You were resting. Your body was resting. Just take what you can get.” Sigh.
I still take what I can get but to be honest, I’d like a little more! Tonight’s the night. And if not, I’m taking a nap tomorrow afternoon!!

The Power of Now
The WC News and Events
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As part of the unique experience, you'll be able to choose from 9 stimulating workshops, spend time on your own personal renewal and celebrate the strength of our growing Wisdom Coalition community.

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The Power of Why
You Know What's Good for That?
by: Kim Howie

Sleep is one of my favorite topics to talk about with my clients, my children, and truly anyone who will listen.  Although we all instinctively know that our bodies need sleep, it tends to be one of the first thing we give up when we are pressed for time.

Sleep plays a vital role in our physical health and mental wellbeing.  It provides the necessary down time for our bodies to rejuvenate.  Whenever my children complain about any ailment, whether it's physical or emotional, I always say to them "you know what's good for that?" and they will reply (quite sarcastically) "I know, sleep!"  But it's true!  This is primarily due to the fact that major restorative functions in the body such as tissue repair, muscle growth, and protein synthesis occur almost exclusively during sleep.

Borrowing time from our sleep can negatively affect our health.  According to the National Institute of Health, lack of sleep affects our immune system, brain chemicals, hormones, weight, and aging process.

Studies show that we should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  Quality sleep improves performance, memory, and mood. As a matter of fact, the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Medical school, says that most experts have concluded that getting enough high-quality sleep may be as important to health and well-being as nutrition and exercise.  

Sleep experts say there is ample evidence to prove that when people get the sleep they need, they will not only feel better, but will also increase their odds of living healthier, more productive lives. 


Nuggets of Wisdom
From:  Ronee Welch, Sleeptastic Solutions
Nancy Werteen:  Why do think women have such a difficult time sleeping at night?

Ronee Welch:  "Not sleeping well is often a symptom of other things going on in your life."
The Well of Wisdom
Our Well of Wisdom continues to grow with new episodes of our podcast being added each month.  Check out our latest show featuring Ronee Welch from Sleeptastic Solutions where we discuss the important role sleep plays in our overall health and wellbeing.  Click here to access the Well of Wisdom Podcast on iTunes and don't forget to subscribe so that you will be alerted as soon as each new episode is added.
The Who Behind The Wisdom Coalition
The Wisdom Coalition, LLC has been created by Kim Howie, Certified Health Coach, author, and designer of the Pure Energy Program, and Nancy Werteen, television news reporter and anchor with WFMZ-TV-69, currently producing a series called, “Life Lessons” which focuses on health and wellness tips, along with guidance and support from advising partner, Heather Rodale, VP of Community Outreach and a member of the Board of Directors for Rodale Inc., as well as founder of the not-for-profit organization, Healing Through The Arts.

The Wisdom Coalition has an amazing Board of Advisors with diverse skills who provide advice and support.

Our Mission: To create a collaborative community to help women flourish, thrive, and find joy in the journey of life.

Our Basis:  We believe in the power of women supporting other women and the wisdom we all have to teach one another how to find joy in the journey of life.
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