February 22, 2018
Background Checks Are Not the Answer to Gun Violence by John R. Lott Jr.
The New York Times

With each mass shooting, calls rise from gun control advocates for tighter rules on firearms. The go-to policy prescription involves background checks. But a measure passed by the House and being considered in the Senate to expand the National Instant Criminal Background Check System would not only fail to fix major flaws in the system but would also probably introduce new ones.

The "What If?" Game: A Cop's Tool for Everyday Situational Awareness
Spotter Up

One of the more recent trends in athletics ranging from high school track and field to profession football is the concept of visualization. Visualization is the concept of processing the mental image of being in a particular place and accomplishing a particular task. This idea has been used in law enforcement for years in a tool called the “What if?” or “What when?” game. 

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RW Training LLC is pleased to be hosting Dave Spaulding for his Adaptive Combat Pistol class at the Orange Gun Club, 725 Liston Rd, Orange, Texas on April 14-15, 2018. This will be a great opportunity to get quality training from a well known and respected full time instructor.    This is the only course Dave has left in Texas for 2018 that still has openings. 

There are only four slots left so act now to reserve your spot.
HOMELAND SECURITY: Measures To Make Your Home Safer
S.W.A.T. Magazine

For most of us, our homes are a sacred place of peace and comfort and hopefully the one setting where we can shut out the stress and madness of the outside world. Home is also where we shelter our families, make memories, and find some level of rest, tranquility and refuge.

But what happens when our sanctuary is viciously attacked by those who would not hesitate to do us great harm for their own malicious motives?

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2 Alamo cannons return home after preservation, giving up a secret (VIDEO)

A pair of historic cannons from the Alamo have undergone extensive preservation and have now returned home, along with a cannonball found inside one of the guns.

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Why So Much Of The 45 ACP Bashing Is Stupid
Bearing Arms

I follow a lot of firearm and firearm-related websites, as part of my job here at Bearing Arms. I’ll admit that I don’t read every post on every website. There’s just too many of them. However, I do occasionally comes across something that I just have to address.

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Kids, Felons, & Storing My Firearms: What's My Liability?
Kids, Felons, & Storing My Firearms: What's My Liability?
Texas Law Shield
Smithsonian: Wild West Had Gun Control (and it Failed Then Too) 

On February 5, Smithsonian magazine published a column to prove gun control existed in the Wild West and inadvertently demonstrated that gun control failed then, in Tombstone, Arizona, as it does now, in Chicago, Illinois.

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Putting a Warhorse Out to Pasture: Browning Discontinues the Hi Power

According to Browning’s website, quietly and without fanfare, the GP35 Hi Power has been discontinued. While it was a landmark in small arms development, carried by both sides in WWII and adopted by over 90 militaries the world over, perhaps the bigger story is the almost complete and total domination of the market by polymer framed, striker fired guns.

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21st TCHA Annual Conference
April 6-8, 2018
Y.O. Ranch Hotel & Conference Center
Kerrville, Texas

TCHA is continuing its effort to offer excellent education opportunities to LTC licensees, LTC instructors, law enforcement personnel and concerned citizens during the Twenty-First Annual Conference. These programs are designed to improve the knowledge and skills of all gun owners. 

Click here for more information.
Listen: Where do criminals get guns? [Podcast]
Futurity (Ways & Means Podcast, Duke University)

While policymakers argue about things like background checks for legal gun purchases, criminals, for the most part, are not getting guns through legal means, according to Philip J. Cook.

Cook, a researcher at Duke University, has been tracking the underground gun market in America for the last 15 years. For one project, his team went to one of the largest jails in the country and asked the inmates one simple question: where do you get your guns?

What Is the Paradox of Self-Defense?

The majority of those who prepare for the worst have no desire to be involved in such activities. Do you really believe I want to be trading shots with some idiot who thinks he should be able to take what he wants from those of us who work for what we have? I do not. Every morning when I put my gun into the holster, I hope I don’t have to use it.

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TCHA Extra Shot...

“What is mindset?”
Grant Cunningham
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Disassembling a Beretta 92FS With One Hand [VIDEO]
Range 365
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Alexander Borrego: An Armed Citizen Protects His Family
America’s 1st Freedom

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