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June 23, 2022
Senate Agrees on Gun Control Bill With Enough Votes To Enact Into Law
GunsAmerica Digest

"In a procedural vote on Tuesday, the U.S. Senate agreed to the first major gun control package in nearly 30 years.  

By a vote of 64 to 34, the upper chamber gave the green light to what’s known as the 'Safer Communities Act' (SCA).  

With 14 Republicans backing the SCA, it has enough support to override a filibuster led by pro-gun lawmakers."

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Uvalde Updates
Active Response Training

"Three weeks ago, I wrote an article covering my analysis of the Uvalde school shooting. Since then, we’ve learned some more facts about what happened that day." 

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Comfortable Concealed Carry Explained - PLUS How To Sit With Appendix Carry Holsters 2022
Constitutional Carry’s Impact on CCW Classes
Pew Pew Tactical

"Has Constitutional Carry made it tougher for gun instructors in the U.S.? Are concealed carry businesses tanking? We find out!" 

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Here Are Some Good Snub Nose Revolvers For CCW And Home Defense
Great American Outdoors

"Now there might be some of you who aren’t very big fans of revolvers and that’s okay, ‘to each his own’ I say. Even though you can carry more ammo with a semiautomatic pistol, the one thing a good revolver won’t do, is jam when you fire it.

There’s a reason revolvers have been around as long as they have, they’re reliable." 

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The Basics of Tactical Shotgun Training
NRA Shooting Illustrated

"Getting good tactical shotgun training can overcome most of the limitations of using a shotgun for home defense."

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Best Gun Safes of 2022
Field & Stream

"Whether you own one gun or 30, there’s a safe made to keep your valuable firearms secure from theft and away from idle hands. Here’s how to find the best..."

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Put It Away: Safe Handgun Holstering
Gun Digest

"One of the most common manipulations of a firearm is also one of the most often overlooked, so here’s a rundown on the safest handgun holstering practices."

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TxHGA Standardized LTC Lesson Plan/Workbook (2021 Edition)

The 2021 Edition is based on the changes that occurred during the last legislative session. This workbook covers the Texas "License to Carry" Training Requirements to Legally Carry a Handgun in the State of Texas. [8.5 x 11 and Spiral-Bound.]

Quantity Pricing Available: 50+ copies, $6 each. 10-49 copies, $8 each. 1-9, $12 each.

Order HERE!
TxHGA's Extra Shot...

Concealed Carry For Women Part 2: How to Start Concealed Carrying
The Well Armed Woman How to Buy Ammunition Online (Without Getting Totally Ripped Off)
Outdoor Life
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Gun Rights When You Live With a Felon [VIDEO]
Armed Attorneys
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CMP Announcements:

The Midland Shooters Association is holding a CMP Match Pistol on 6/25/22, 7/23/22, 8/27/22, 9/24/22, 10/22/22, & 11/26/22 in Midland, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Clay Cherry at

The Franklin Mountain Gun Club is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 6/25/22, 7/31/22, 8/14/22, 10/9/22, 10/30/22, & 12/11/22 in El Paso, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Lawrence Kimpell at

The Brazos Valley Services Rifle Association is holding an As Issued Military/Carbine Match on 7/2/22, 8/6/22, 9/3/22, 10/1/22, 11/5/22, & 12/3/22 in Lyons, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: William Wehrheim at

The Northwest Texas Field & Stream Association is holding a Pistol & Rimfire Pistol Match on 9/24/22 in Wichita Falls, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Roger Kroes at

The Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club is holding a Match Pistol on 11/13/22 in Terrell, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: John Jebavy at

The Bayou Rifles, Inc. & Jr. Div. is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 12/31/22 in Juliff (Near Houston), TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Glenn Edgard at
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