April 5, 2018
Three Simple Reasons Why an Assault-Weapons Ban Is Bad Policy
National Review

It’s always remarkable to me that assault-weapons bans dominate the gun-control conversation after mass shootings. Yes, I understand that AR-15s or similar weapons have been used in a number of recent attacks, but when we slow down, take a breath, and look at actual gun crime, the logic for banning the kind of weapon that millions of Americans use for entirely lawful purposes (including self-defense) starts to disappear.

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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland Shooting
The Federalist

Soon after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary changed its definition of “assault rifle.”

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The Hidden Advantage of Shooting Revolvers

The Hidden Advantage of Shooting Revolvers

You can call them obsolete if you like, but mastering the double action revolver imparts more benefits than many shooters realize.
Face 10 Years In Prison If You Don’t Surrender Your Bump Stock in 90 Days

When Wayne LaPierre said on CBS’s Face the Nation that the ATF needed to “do its job” with respect to bump stocks, one wonders if he was asking the agency to turn thousands of law-abiding gun owners into outlaws. Because that, my friends, is exactly what is happening.

The Gun Owners of the Parkland Generation - Portfolio
The New Yorker

All but one were born in the decade after Columbine; like the student gun-control advocates activated by the recent massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, most are in their teens. But the children depicted here—hunters, target shooters, competitors in trap and skeet—occupy a parallel realm, where guns signify not danger, alienation, and the threat of death but safety, discipline, and trust.

IN SEARCH OF LIBERTY - Constitution Movie
IC Liberty Films LLC

In Search of Liberty is a dramatic-comedy film to not only entertain, but to educate young & old alike. Take a patriotic journey led by a historical figure to learn the importance of the U.S. Constitution, what it means to American freedom, how it is being challenged today and what can and must be done to protect it.
Practicing Awareness - An Interview with Claude Werner
Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, Inc.

Rarely does life-threatening danger just come “out of the blue.” More often, simple problems escalate into dangers. Approaches by panhandlers and other unknown people may or may not herald violence, so the benefits of observing possible threats and staying out of range cannot be overstated.

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Largest Christian university opens 'sophisticated' gun range for students
Fox News

As schools nationwide debate on how to keep firearms away from campus, Liberty University opened a multimillion-dollar gun range Monday for student activities and hosting competitions.

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Text H.R.5087 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2018
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Another Ohio school board moves to protect its students with armed staff members
Buckeye Firearms Association
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We Don’t Talk About Guns the Way We Talk About the X-Men
Pop Culture Uncovered
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