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       February 17, 2022       
Posters, Slogans, and Punisher Skulls: A Warning for the Wise
USA Carry

"...It is the penchant of many such firearms enthusiasts who lack any serious training to embrace all sorts of legally detrimental practices, including slogans on posters, clothing, and even on their guns and weaponry...This trend is based entirely on the ignorance of the laws that govern the use of force, and it is the domain of the willfully untrained and ignorant..." 

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Breaking News - Remington Settles Lawsuit with Sandy Hook Families [PLCAA Upset]
Armed Attorneys
What is the Best Gun for Me?
Buckeye Firearms Association

"It is a question every firearms instructor gets asked...They are looking for a simple answer, but unfortunately the question requires a lot more information...As to which gun would be best, I said that depends on many factors. What are they?"

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LOW LIGHT CONCERNS | Part 1 – Lighting Conditions
American Cop

"Low light concerns get an awful lot of attention. A fair amount of that could be because of us fearing the unknown. And the dark is definitely an unknown...

Low light isn’t just a time of day (or night). It is the lighting conditions you find yourself in at the moment.

There are four primary lighting conditions. What they are is far more critical than what they are called..." 

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The Importance of Follow Through
NRA Shooting Illustrated

"I once asked a number of African hunting guides what the most common mistake was that hunters made when hunting dangerous game. Without exception, they said that it was firing the shot and then raising their head to admire their work. The PH’s pointed out that the proper move after firing the shot was to get right back on target and get ready to shoot again. We call this Follow Through.

The same mistake is frequently made by defensive shooters."

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Leg Tourniquets Are Different Than Arm Tourniquets
Mountain Man Medical

"...There are plenty of articles and videos on YouTube showing how to apply a CAT to an arm and demonstrating how fast and easily it can be done....What you don’t see nearly as often is anyone addressing the differences when applying a tourniquet to the legs...

In this article we’ll explore how to correctly apply a tourniquet to the legs, and a few things you’ll need to consider to be effective."

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Happy Valentine's Week! All embroidered apparel & accessories are 40% off! There are no limits to the savings, and no minimum purchase required for checkout. Plus, your order ships for just $7.95!

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Medium-Bore Match-Up: .38 Special vs 9mm
Gun Digest

"At first blush, there doesn't seem much to the .38 Special vs 9mm debate. Dig deeper and you'll find the cartridges both shine, but for much different reasons."

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CCW Printing: Etiquite When Concealing a Handgun

"CCW Printing doesn't matter, except when it does." 

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TxHGA's Extra Shot...

The Growth of Women of Color in Firearms
LTT Striker Control Device (SCD) - VIDEO
Langdon Tactical

Don’t Evacuate into a Parking Lot
Active Response Training
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Save the Date!!

24th Annual Texas Handgun Association Conference

May 13-15, 2022

Y.O. Ranch Hotel & Conference Center
Kerrville, Texas
CMP Affiliated Club
CMP Announcements:

The Midland Shooters Association is holding a CMP Match Pistol on 2/19/22 & 3/26/22 in Midland, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Clay Cherry at

The Bayou Rifles, Inc. & Jr. Div. is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 2/26/22, 3/26/22, & 12/31/22 in Juliff (Near Houston), TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Glenn Edgard at

The Brazos Valley Services Rifle Association is holding an As Issued Military/Carbine Match on 3/5/22 in Lyons, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: William Wehrheim at

The Dallas Pistol Club is holding a CMP Match Pistol on 3/6/22 in Carrollton, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Joshua Wyatt at

The Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club is holding a Match Pistol on 3/13/22, 5/8/22, & 11/13/22 in Terrell, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: John Jebavy at

The Northwest Texas Field & Stream Association is holding a Pistol & Rimfire Pistol Match on 9/24/22 in Wichita Falls, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Roger Kroes at
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