June 21, 2018
Self-defense keychains are illegal in Texas and can cost you
Fox 7 Austin

A keychain is stirring up controversy after many are finding out it's illegal in Texas.

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NSSF, Project ChildSafe Elevate Call for Responsible Gun Storage During National Safety Month
National Shooting Sports Foundation

Project ChildSafe®, the nationwide firearms safety education program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), is urging all gun owners to make responsible firearms storage a priority — and providing the tools to do so — with the launch of its sixth annual “S.A.F.E. Summer” campaign.

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TCHA Challenge Coin ($15.00)

This challenge coin is in solid brass, with shiny gold finish, enamel paint and wave edging, is 1.5" in diameter, 3.5MM thick, and bears the TCHA logo on the front and founding direction of the organization on the back.

How to Reduce Your Risk of Death by Gun Violence
Foundation for Economic Education

These are things one can implement fully and immediately with no permission or agreement from anyone else but are entirely in the control of any individual.

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Ammo company Howell Munitions files for bankruptcy protections

Idaho-based ammunition company Howell Munitions & Technology filed for chapter 11 protections, connecting financial woes to poor management and declining sales since President Trump’s surprise election victory in 2016.

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3 Ways a Police Officer Can Stop You In Texas While Carrying
U.S. & Texas Law Shield

Every day innocent legal gun owners are questioned by police in public. Understand the three types of contact you will have with police, what your rights are during the contacts, and if you have to tell the officers you are carrying a firearm.

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Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense Training: Which Option is Best?
NRA Shooting Illustrated

Since personal-defense techniques have roots stemming from a limitless array of disciplines, I am often asked such questions as “Aside from a firearm, what specific disciplines (Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, etc.,) are best for learning self-defense? Is there a specific school or system that is most conducive to learning empty hands, impact or edged weapons and the like? Straight up, what’s the best self-defense/martial-arts system out there?”

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In Defense of 'Square Range, Static Target' Training -- or 'How the internet is screwing up Millennials’
The Shooting Wire
The internet has changed the playing field by allowing anyone with a computer, video camera and a touch of narcissism to immediately be an expert.

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Survey: Civilian gun ownership up 32 percent since 2006

Gun ownership spiked worldwide over the last decade, according to the most recent Small Arms Survey.

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TCHA Extra Shot...

Five Myths Parents Believe About Protecting Kids From Violence
Lucky Gunner
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Moms Demand FINALLY gets close to an actual shooting.
Gun Free Zone
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Start Shooting Better Episode 9: Hateful 8 [VIDEO]
Lucky Gunner Lounge
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