May 10, 2018
Lt. Colonel Oliver North Poised to Become NRA President

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) will become President of the National Rifle Association of America within a few weeks...

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5 Ways to Make Conceal Carry More Comfortable
Locked Back

Conceal carry doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, it should be comfortable as it’s something we do all day, every day.

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Spring advanced/instructor level classes at KR Training (near Giddings, Texas)

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Appendix Carry Skills: 1 day course (Spencer Keepers), May 26, $200
Armed Parent Skills: 2 day course (John Johnston & Melody Lauer), June 23-24, $450
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Choosing A Home Defense Gun: Pistol, Rifle Or Shotgun?
USA Carry

There’s obviously a difference between a concealed carry gun, like what you might put in a concealed carry holster, and what makes a good home defense gun. The former needs to balance shootability with portability, but the latter…not so much.

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U.S. & Texas Law Shield

Our new video series covering police interactions launches with former police officer and defensive shooting instructor Austin Davis. He gives you the knowledge and tools you can rely upon while interacting with the police during a traffic stop when you have a firearm in the car.

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‘Practice Makes Perfect?’ Well, Not Exactly…

When it comes to self-defense, practicing regularly is critical. We have all heard the term “muscle memory” as a way to convey the idea that our actions become intuitive. We react without conscious thought.

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Spotter Up

The shooting community is riddled with emotionally charged terms and catch phrases like; tactical, dynamic, operator, tier 1, and the like. But the shooting community is not the only one plagued with misused and misapplied terminology. Dabble a little in the intelligence world and you will hear terms like covert, clandestine or even agent used incorrectly. So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes to combatives and defensive tactics (not the same) the trend of ignorance continues.

Stephen Willeford Appears in NRA Ad
America's 1st Freedom

Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff look unassuming enough that it seems their heroics from last year haven’t changed them. Both were at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, as they were two of three recipients that Anthony Imperato of Henry Repeating Arms recognized at the NRA Foundation Banquet.

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Attempted Mass Shooter Was More Concerned About Conceal Carriers than Police
Locked Back

Criminals prefer soft targets, so they seek out ways to avoid armed victims.

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Bank of America recants, says it will fund assault rifle maker
New York Post

Bank of America is preparing to provide critical financing to Remington Outdoor, which makes assault-type rifles, just weeks after the bank said it would stop financing “military-style” firearms for civilians.

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Springfield Armory Cuts Ties with Dick’s Sporting Goods over Gun Control Lobbying
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National Shooting Sports Foundation Just Expelled Dick’s Sporting Goods Over Gun Control Lobbying
The Federalist
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Why Science and Experience Command That You Buy an 'Assault Rifle'
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