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April 21, 2022
Federal Appropriations: Pro-Gun Language Restored
Buckeye Firearms Association

"...once again, NRA-ILA was successful in working on Capitol Hill to keep anti-gun members of Congress from eliminating pro-gun riders such as the Tiahrt amendment on releasing trace data and the Dickey amendment prohibiting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from advocating for gun control." 

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Are Gun Grabbers or Gun Owners Empathic and Distrustful?
SlowFacts by Rob Morse

"Both sides of the gun debate feel that their position is correct. Both sides agree that horrible people do horrible things. Both sides of the debate want to stop that. That small point of agreement is where progress in the debate usually ends. I think both sides are empathic and distrustful but they are paying attention to very different things. A way to get farther in the debate is to ask a deeper question.

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24th Annual Texas Handgun Association Conference
May 13-15, 2022

Join Instructor Karl Rehn with KR Training
as he teaches two different classes during the conference.
One class covers The State vs Realistic Training Standards
and the other on The Evolution of Firearm Training.

For more information on this training,
as well as other conference details, click HERE.

Reminder...To receive the special hotel rates,
you need to make your hotel reservations
at the Y.O. Ranch Hotel & Conference Center
by noon, on April 30, 2022.
Civilian Gunfighter

"One of the many things that I consistently remember from two decades of training is Mike Pannone’s advice of 'Avoid, Evade, Defend' as priorities of action. Similarly, Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor, refers to this as the 'Avoid, Escape, Confront, Resist' paradigm. A few months ago, I found myself in a position to use this tactic."

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Maximize The Value of Support Hand Only Practice With Brian Hill
Active Self Protection Extra
Managing Violence at the Front Door
USA Carry

"...The simple fact is that violence can visit you even in your home, or the area immediately surrounding it. Most prepared individuals spend at least some time considering a home defense plan, but few consider their course of action for violence that occurs in the front yard, in front of their door, or on the sidewalk in front of their house." 

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Meet this week's Corporate Sponsor...
For more information on becoming a corporate sponsor, click here.
Low Light Class Assessment -- 2022
Sensible Self Defense

"...Some might ask why we should learn and practice low light techniques. I suppose the answer to this question depends upon your personal circumstances and perhaps where you live."

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American Cop

"My partner and I just finished teaching an advanced pistol class. One of our students came over to me, frowning. 'Doc, I feel a lot better about my shooting skills after this class,' he said quietly. 'But I’m still unclear about one thing. Where should I be aiming to put my opponent down?'" 

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Drawing to be held March 15, 2022 in Kerrville, Texas.

$10 per ticket.

Order your ticket(s) HERE!
You need not be present to win.
American Handgunner

"...Earp was involved in several other gunfights as town [marshal], while never being seriously hurt. He has several famous quotes credited to his name which are as pertinent today as the day he first spoke them."

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TxHGA's Extra Shot...

Attorney calls for investigation after Texas police department refuses to return seized guns
Bearing Arms
6 Best Bullpup Shotgun Options For Compact Defense
Gun Digest
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3 Ways To Protect Yourself Without A Firearm - Self Defense Tips [VIDEO]
The Texas Handgun Association is looking for people
that want to serve as members of the Board of Directors.
We encourage you to complete and return the
Directorship Interest Form, which explains the requirements
of a board member and the open board seats.  
CMP Affiliated Club
CMP Announcements:

The Midland Shooters Association is holding a CMP Match Pistol on 4/23/22, 5/28/22, 6/25/22, 7/23/22, 8/27/22, 9/24/22, 10/22/22, & 11/26/22 in Midland, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Clay Cherry at

The Brazos Valley Services Rifle Association is holding an As Issued Military/Carbine Match on 5/7/22, 6/4/22, 7/2/22, 8/6/22, 9/3/22, 10/1/22, 11/5/22, & 12/3/22 in Lyons, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: William Wehrheim at

The Terrell Rifle & Pistol Club is holding a Match Pistol on 5/8/22 & 11/13/22 in Terrell, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: John Jebavy at

The Franklin Mountain Gun Club is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 5/29/22, 6/25/22, 7/31/22, 8/14/22, 10/9/22, 10/30/22, & 12/11/22 in El Paso, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Lawrence Kimpell at

The Northwest Texas Field & Stream Association is holding a Pistol & Rimfire Pistol Match on 9/24/22 in Wichita Falls, TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Roger Kroes at

The Bayou Rifles, Inc. & Jr. Div. is holding a GSMM/Carbine Match on 12/31/22 in Juliff (Near Houston), TX. For more information you may contact the match director: Glenn Edgard at
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